4 Ways to Get Your Fitness Goals BACK ON TRACK

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4 Easy Ways to Reassess and Get Your Fitness Goals Back On Track


Woo-hoo, people!! It’s spring soon, and time to take your fitness outdoors!! Enjoy the birds singing! Enjoy the warm sunshine breaking through the harrowing gray days of winter…the intoxicating smells of those cherry-blossoms and honeysuckle swirling in the easy breeze! Wait–you fell off the fitness wagon ALREADY??! Hey, it’s not a big deal. Seriously. Getting your fitness goals back on track isn’t really THAT difficult.


if the plan doesn't work, change the plan, not the goal


What *IS* a big deal is *WHY* your fitness goals have already crumbled.




Here’s a list of the top reasons listed on various sites:

  • Setting unrealistic goals
  • Failing to establish short-term goals
  • Comparing oneself to other people
  • Negative thinking
  • Having an inadequate total game plan
  • Scheduling/priority issues
  • Failing to be informed
  • Not identifying obstacles
  • Unable to break bad habits
  • Actions not aligned with goals
  • Not tracking progress
  • You’re lying to yourself
  • You’re majoring in the minors
  • You have no intensity
  • too much, too fast. Failure To Start Slowly!
  • Poor Eating Habits!
  • You race through your reps.
  • You only do one type of exercise.
  • You’re constantly training at the same intensity or repeating the same steady state cardio workouts.
  • You’ve been trying to “spot reduce.”
  • You’re inactive outside of the gym.
  • No Accountability or Consequences to Quitting
  • Un-enjoyable Workouts


While some (or all) of these may be true for you, the first thing you need to address is the underlying emotions and reasoning for why you set the goals you did. Study after study has shown that goals set with no emotional attachment provide very small results, if any, as opposed to goals that are emotionally driven.

1.Start with WHY you want this goal.


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The WHY is absolutely the first thing you need to ask yourself to get your fitness goals back on track. Do you need to get in shape for your health? My sister was just told that she has unbelievably high blood pressure, and is borderline diabetic. (She’s an attorney and has known for years that her stress level is out of control.) But she feels like she can’t do anything about the work situation at this point because financially–the job pays REALLY well. So she decided to make working out about the things she CAN control. She can use it as a de-stressing tool, and she can use it as a mechanism to help bring her blood-pressure down, and hopefully help get her out of the diabetic range.


Do you want to get in shape for an event? Or because you’re officially done having kids and feel like it’s finally your time to get your body back to where you wanted it before those little monsters sucked the life out of you? (I’m kidding. A little.)


Really get to the root of the matter from your emotions and your heart. Make a vision board if that will help! Whatever reason you want this, make something (whether the vision board or a big sign) and put it where you’re reminded EVERY DAY. What’s your ‘WHY’?


2. Take a hard look at your obstacles and how to get around them.


Here’s where the ‘life lessons’ thing comes into play. You know, the one that says that you need to look at ‘failures’ as lessons. You’ve already started your fitness goals. What obstacles caused you to get off track? Which ones could you also see ahead? {Read this post about getting around or through your obstacles.}


Mine usually falter because I have horrible allergies and will end up with a sinus infection, or even a cold, and am so exhausted from crappy sleep that I can’t make myself work out. So my obstacle is a health issue that can probably be prevented: if I use the neti pot regularly I can prevent that sinus infection, AND if I take my vitamin D + C and start something like zycam or elderberry syrup at the FIRST sign of a cold, and take it CONSISTENTLY–I can knock it out and stay on track.

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Instead of looking at this as ‘you’ve quit on your goals’, look at it as your EVALUATION period. See, all effective goal setting needs an evaluation date set to see what’s worked, what hasn’t, and what deadlines you need to change based on how things have gone so far.

Turn that outlook of ‘failure’ into: This is my evaluation to continue in a more effective path. *Make a list of your obstacles and work out a way to get around those next time.


3. Make an ‘elephant plan’: A solid fitness goals plan that’s clear, and broken down into steps.


Surely you’ve heard by now of SMART Goal Setting, which I tout because it gives the framework for an action plan. Get a FREE SMART Goals workbook when you sign up for the Newsletter! Click the image below!


Having a plan and bite-sized steps to get there makes the whole idea of the goal a lot more realistic. Especially when you’ve started and faltered on your goal and think that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. YOU CAN CHEW–I PROMISE!! Just one bite at a time!! {As in: how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!} —->{Which is why I call it an ‘elephant plan’.}

An example is starting out doing HIIT workouts. To begin with, just do one round of 4 exercises. Then each week add either another exercise, or 2 rounds of the 4. Then maybe you start adding more strength training in. And the next week you can then add targeted exercises to whatever body part you want to improve the most.

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It’s all about starting out small, and working your way up. If you start out trying to do an entire P90X workout when you haven’t been fit for a while, you will most definitely fail. And not be able to walk or squat for 2 weeks. (And by ‘squat’ I mean sit on the pot.) ?


Use the SMART goals method to create bite-sized steps to get to your goal. Then set a date to start and DO IT for yourself!!


4. Make yourself accountable.


Schedule in weekly/monthly/quarterly check in times either with yourself, a friend, or a coach. This serves two purposes: 1-It schedules in a deadline for you to reevaluate, and 2-It keeps you motivated not to let yourself, and this other person, down.

And when I say ‘schedule it in’, I mean, actually go to  your calendar and put it in there as if it’s a doctor’s appointment, or a meeting. You do nothing else during this time period except check in and reevaluate!

Another way to stay accountable is to use a fitness tracker like a Fitbit.

Whatever the method of accountability, get serious about your goals, and you will see results!


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Have your fitness goals been derailed? Let me know in the comments + what you did to get them back on track!


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