7 Types of Goals EVERYONE Should Have in Life

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The first time in my life that I realized I was totally and completely adrift happened after I was married. It was a shock–I mean like a really friggin big shock! I wasn’t quite into the life-stage in your 30’s where you really start evaluating what you’ve accomplished so far and freak because you’ll be 40 soon and asking yourself what you have to show for it. But it felt like that. I had no clue about goals, or that there are 7 types of goals everyone should have.

I had a degree in education, but wasn’t super interested in teaching. My mom insisted that just having a degree would open other doors for me, so I believed her. But it didn’t open the doors I wanted opened. Long story short, I still floundered around career-wise for a while, and groaned and moaned because we wanted to have a baby, but weren’t getting pregnant, and I was going through the depression of being halfway across the country from my family. Plus we had lots of debt and really didn’t know how to handle it. Or our marriage.

Looking back now, I wish (as hindsight works) that I’d known 7 types goal I should have for myself. I probably wouldn’t have understood what types of personal goals to set really at that point, but even starting out would’ve made me research how to set them up and make a workable plan.


The 7 types of goals everyone should have, plus get a free printable smart goals workbook


What I know now is that your life is basically compartmentalized into segments that each deserve their own attention to really have a balanced life and mental status. (And mine has come into question many times, so I know what I’m talking about here.) Which translates into categories of life goals, really.

So how do you compartmentalize your life? I mean, it’s not like they don’t all interrelate in some way or another, right?

Yes, that is right. But only to a degree. And here’s how you divide it up so that you can figure out where you really stand right now, and where you want to be when it comes to types of goals in life:


1.Health Goals:


I start with this one because you can’t take care of others if you’re not taken care of, right? Ask any mother who’s sick with the husband or partner nowhere in sight. Your health should really take priority so that you’re in optimal mental, emotional, and physical condition to live the life you deserve, and that your family deserves! So whether this is losing weight, getting your cholesterol to a certain number, or getting in exercise every week, I promise you that you will feel a thousand times better once you implement a plan based on goals for your health.

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I definitely recommend seeing the doc for maybe some blood work to make sure everything’s where it should be. This will help pinpoint any issues that need to be addressed that you may not have known about. For example, finding out that you have metabolic syndrome makes any goal of losing weight have a whole other push factor.


2. Career Goals:


According to Forbes, 87% of workers are either not engaged or actively disengaged in their jobs. The list of reasons is far and many. But bottom line is that you’re very likely to be in that 87%. Even if you happen to be in the 13% of happy employees, are you really satisfied to do what you’re doing for the rest of your career? Are you interested in a different field? Do you need more training or a higher education? Or even just a different degree of study? Maybe you want to climb the ladder where you’re at. Or own your own business doing what you’re already doing. Whatever you would rather be doing is where you need to start with setting these types of life goals.

You’re the only person that can answer these questions to get to the root of where you want to head.


3. Relationship Goals:


Now I realize that you normally don’t control who you meet and where, but you can decide who you actually keep in your life as a friend or acquaintance. This plays into the goal factor in that, you will find a time when you become so incredibly busy that you don’t have the capacity to deal with one-sided friendships and/or constant drama from that one person that always seems to have a crisis going on. It’s emotionally draining if you’re the go-to support for this person. I realize that sounds a little selfish, but sometimes you have to pare people out of your life for your own sanity.


On the flip side of that is your relationship with your significant other. (If you’re in that position.) These types of relationships can grow warily stale over the years, especially after having kids. It’s always in your best interest (as long as there’s no abuse or infidelity going on) to nurture the relationship. This person has vowed to spend the rest of their life with you, and you with them. Why wouldn’t you want it to be epic??!

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4. Family types of goals everyone should have:


Whether this includes time spent with your kids, or time spent with your parents/grandparents that are getting up there in age, or even more time spent with your sister who used to be your very best friend, your family deserves attention and time spent with them, too. The relationships that you’ve valued over the years should be evident by your actions toward that person/those people. Let them know how much you care about them. Do this by writing them into your goals to commit to time spent with them! Everyone should have equal time with families.


5. Financial goals:


We’d all love to believe we’re not getting any older, but time stops for no one. (Like the double cliche there?) Seriously, you need to have a financial plan in place, and you need to clean up your messes before you’re in a Code Black situation. Dave Ramsey is one of the best financial gurus I’ve seen that can break anything down to dummy terms where anyone can understand it. (I was a little bit one of those dummies.)

By using his tools and road maps, we’ve gotten out of a mountain of credit card debt, pared down our student loans, own both of our vehicles, have our savings accounts in place, our IRA is on track, and we’re on the road to paying off our home. Which means that we have the funds to do home projects we’ve been waiting on, go on really cool vacations, and send our kids to whatever after school lessons or camps they want.

Financial goals can absolutely be some of the toughest types of goals in life to accomplish. But the lessons learned along the way are for life (and should be instilled in your kids early on!) Having finances in order can open the door to a clarity of your mind that is truly liberating! Even if you’re on a tight budget to accomplish those goals, having boundaries can help give you something to control when the rest of your life may feel totally out of control.


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6. Home goals:


Ok, I know what you’re thinking: ‘What the heck are home goals??’ Home goals basically deal with your lovely abode. Few people are actually in their ‘dream home’. There’s always something that people want improved upon on their home to make things more ‘livable’, or ‘pretty’, or ‘functional’. I’m a big believer that easing tension visually around you in your safe place can make your whole mindset different. 

Figure out what would make you and your family happy. Write these home goals into your big master plan. Even if it’s just organizing the pantries.


7. Personal goals:


And lastly, you should have some personal goals as well, Dude! (#bucketlist) What about sky-diving? Hiking the Grand Canyon? Running a 5K? There are always personal aspirations that somehow get shoved to the back-burner when other things take priority. But you deserve to have personal goals that would make you happy, too! Include those in your master plan. You may even be able to integrate them into your other goals. (Ex: running every day for your health goals = exercise = training for your 5K marathon!)


So WHAT do I do with all this information?


First thing is to put it on a Life Wheel.


A Life Wheel is a chart made of concentric circles, divided into sections. Sort of like slices of a pie. Each slice represents a different aspect of your life. To start, you fill in each ‘slice’, starting in the center, with a color. The amount of filling you do represents the amount of time and energy spent in that area of your life right now. The goal is to get the levels as close to each other as possible. Think of it as trying to get it all level so that the wheel could roll easily without any bumps.

Here’s an example of mine right now. Clearly I have things to work on…..

how to create a life wheel, how to use a life wheel

Don’t continue to flounder around! Get your life in order and balanced! I know you can do it–I’m working hard on it and I have the attention span of a gnat!

Click the image below to download your FREE Life Wheel!

create goals everyone should have in life with a life wheel


Try out the S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting method with a free workbook–click the image below to download!


How to create smart goals everyone should have for your life, weight loss, finances, debt, career. Plus get a free printable workbook


And let me know how your goals are going in the comments below!


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Goal setting for adults isn't just a suggestion--it's something you should def do and def track! Here are tips for 7 types of life goals to set plus a simple free printable to walk you through developing your wishes into goals. #goals #goalgetters #adulting


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