8 Types of Goals EVERYONE Should Have in Life

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The 8 goal types everyone should have set to map out their life dreams.

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The day I began my quarter-life crisis was way beyond just ugly-crying sobbing alone in our guest bath on the cold tile floor. Realization had set in that not only did I not want to wipe snotty noses of kids that weren’t mine or have heated arguments with their actual parents as an elementary school teacher anymore, but that I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Or how to get there.

My marriage was in just as dire straits. You know that irritated but sympathetic nagging when you witness your friend with her boyfriend and they constantly bicker and you’re silently counting down the days till they’ll just break it off already (like, for everybody’s sanity. And blood pressure. And less awkward parties)? It felt like I was looking in on that on my own marriage.

We had so much debt we were living paycheck to paycheck immediately after ‘I do’. And we had a serious imbalance in time spent with family. His began to feel oddly smothering just a few hours away while I ached for mine halfway across the country.

There had been no life manual on setting yourself up for good financial success, or how to communicate clear expectations in marriage. (Don’t scoff—I’m sure you didn’t know such boring non-fiction existed right inside that elusive Barnes & Noble in your 20’s either.) Plus, Google wasn’t what it is now, my friend.

But I stuck it out. Because I loved him fiercely and truly believed we could figure it all out.

And then TEN short (ha!) years later I learned about creating ‘life goals’ and the need to compartmentalize your life in order to do that.

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Compartmentalizing Your life

As strange as it may sound, the very first foundation you should set when thinking about life goals is breaking them down into categories or compartments. This is where a Life Wheel can come in, because it gives you a really good visual representation of that.

life goals everyone

The thing is, everybody’s life wheel template can look different. The one I have lays out 8 compartments all neatly separated, and each colored its own beautiful shade—kinda like that perfect box of macarons. But you may look at it and think I’m either missing a compartment or can combine some. This is all very personal—so whatever number of compartments you come up with for your life is correct.

But the bottom line is that when we think of our lives in different ‘sectors’, ‘categories’, or ‘compartments’, we can start thinking about how to approach each one individually to make our kick-buttowsky master plan to improve them!

So, you may be thinking, ‘How in the world can I separate these? They all interrelate!’

The A to that is, Yes—they do all interrelate. But only to a degree. So I challenge you to go ahead and compartmentalize away! Because that interrelation will create a sort of snowball effect in other areas so that each time you make things easier in one area, the others it interrelates with won’t be as difficult to improve as when you started.

So here are the 7 8 compartments—or life goals—I feel everyone and their mother should have.

1. Health Goals:

I start with this one because you can’t take care of others if you’re not taken care of first, right? Ask any mother who’s sick with the husband or partner nowhere in sight.

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Your health should be a priority so that you’re in optimal mental, emotional, and physical condition to live the life you deserve, and that your family deserves!

So whether this is losing weight, getting your cholesterol to a certain number, or getting in exercise every week, I promise you that you will feel a thousand times better once you implement a plan based on goals for your health.

I definitely recommend seeing the doc for some blood work to make sure everything’s where it should be. This will help pinpoint any issues that need to be addressed that you may not have known about. For example, finding out that you have metabolic syndrome makes any goal of losing weight have a whole new motivational factor.

Basic recommendations for every day:

1-Get good and enough sleep,

2-Eat clean and cut the sugar,

3-Get in some movement every single day

4-Manage your stress levels like your life depends on it. (It does.)

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2. Career Goals:

According to Forbes, 87% of workers are either not engaged or actively disengaged in their jobs. The list of reasons is far and many. But bottom line is that you’re very likely to be in that 87%. Even if you happen to be in the 13% of happy employees, are you really satisfied to do what you’re doing for the rest of your career?

Are you interested in a different field? Do you need more training or a higher education? Or even just a different degree of study? Maybe you want to climb the ladder where you’re at. Or own your own business doing what you’re already doing. Whatever you would rather be doing is where you need to start with setting these types of life goals.

You’re the only person that can answer these questions to get to the root of where you want to head.

So ask yourself: If I had so much money I could never spend it all, what would I want to do every day? Your answer should give you an inkling of what kind of career will make it a pleasure to go to work every day.

3. Romance or Relationship Goals:

Your relationship with your significant other can grow warily stale over the years, especially after having kids. It’s always in your best interest (as long as there’s no abuse or infidelity going on) to nurture the relationship.

This person has vowed to spend the rest of their life with you, and you with them. Why wouldn’t you want it to be epic??!

Not only that—but this person should be your rock, your support. If you expect them to be your rock and nurture like you need, you also have to nurture as well. It’s a two-way street, marriage.

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4. Family + Friends Goals:

Now I realize that you normally don’t control who you meet and where, but you can decide who you actually keep in your life as a friend or acquaintance. This plays into the goal factor in that, you will find a time when you become so incredibly busy that you don’t have the capacity to deal with one-sided friendships and/or constant drama from that one extended family member that always seems to have a crisis going on.

It’s emotionally draining if you’re the go-to support for cousin Tammy. I realize that sounds a little selfish, but sometimes you have to pare people out of your life for your own sanity. But also so that you have the capacity to spend time with your kids and husband. Those people, and yourself, will always be your first priority.

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Whether this includes time spent with your kids, or time spent with your parents/grandparents that are getting up there in age, or even more time spent with your sister who used to be your very best friend, your family deserves attention and time spent with them, too.

The relationships that you’ve valued over the years should be evident by your actions toward that person/those people, including your friends. Female friendships have been shown to lower stress levels crazy amounts because of the support women lend to each other.

Let them know how much you care about them. Do this by writing them into your goals to commit to time spent with them! Everyone should have time with families and friends.

And the second part of this goal should including parenting. As a parent for 19 years now, I can tell you that some of our biggest arguments have come in regards to parenting. In this crazy-busy tech-driven world we live in, sometimes we forget to stop and be present with those little babies we brought into this world.

We’re responsible for teaching them nearly everything, and how to be a great parent is one of those responsibilities.

Take time with them. Praise them. Give them boundaries. Make connections. You don’t have a long time to do this, so take advantage while the time is here.

5. Financial Types of Goals Everyone Should Have:

Seriously, you need to have a financial plan in place, and you need to clean up your messes before you’re in a Code Black (Red?) situation. Find any one of the financial gurus online that you can, create a plan, and work through it.

By using tools and road maps from one of these financial gurus, we’ve gotten out of a mountain of credit card debt, pared-down our student loans, own both of our vehicles, have our savings accounts in place, our IRA is on track, and we’re on the road to paying off our home. Which means that we have the funds to do home projects we’ve been waiting on, go on really cool vacations, and send our kids to whatever after-school lessons or camps they want.

Financial goals can absolutely be some of the toughest types of goals in life to accomplish. But the lessons learned along the way are for life (and should be instilled in your kids early on!)

Having finances in order can open the door to a clarity of your mind that is truly liberating! Even if you’re on a tight budget to accomplish those goals, having boundaries can help give you something to control when the rest of your life may feel totally out of control.

6. Physical Environment Goals:

Physical environment goals deal with the place you spend most of your time, whether that includes your lovely abode, your office/desk space at work, or even the gym.

Studies show that our physical environment can affect productivity + quality of life tremendously.

Few people are actually in their ‘dream home’. There’s always something that people want improved upon on their home to make things more ‘livable’, or ‘pretty’, or ‘functional’. Any of these 3 things can reduce your stress levels.

If you don’t have a lot of control over your office environment at work, do the little things that you can. Maybe you’re in a cubicle and can only change stuff there. Start small and see how it makes you feel. Then go from there. (For example, bringing in a plant, or covering the standard cubicle tacky grey with a fun fabric print and then loading it with pics from your family or inspirational quotes.)

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On the home front, figure out what would make you and your family happy. Write these home goals into your big master plan. Even if it’s something as simple as organizing the pantry.

7. Spiritual Goals:

I grew up in the South—meaning: Southern Baptist church. Lots of things being frowned upon that are fun. Like cussing, or dancing, or having a drink. All things I very much like to do. Once I started studying religion, and had a very enlightening conversation with a friend that studied this at the college level, I realized that one set religion does not a spiritual being make.

My husband grew up in a non-denominational church, so he didn’t understand the whole ‘singing hymns out of a hymn book with only a piano playing’ type of music. I wasn’t used to it being like a rock concert. But I really freaking liked it. So now we’re raising our kids in a non-denominational church and loving it.

I also now realize you can believe in God but have a different name for him. And you can worship in ways other than sitting in a church pew every Sunday. And—gasp!—you can also be close to God by learning about energies in the universe.

My point is that you grow, and learn about yourself, and the universe, and the whole world around you when you set goals for your spirituality. Maybe it’s a retreat, maybe it’s committing to serving meals with the church once a month, and maybe it’s just writing in a Gratitude Journal every night.

Everyone’s spiritual journey will be different. But your innermost soul is nourished when you take the time for it.

 8. Leisure Goals:

What do you like to do in your free time? You know…assuming you have tiny amounts as a busy mom. (Yes, I realize that sounds like a giant oxymoron. But go with me here…) Do you like taking family vacations? Girls-only trips? Or is it learning a new skill like painting or doing a fun outing to learn rock climbing?

Gather your and your family goals to help each other.

Time off is a HUGE stress management tool. But it also helps build relationships with those people you share these experiences with.

This list can sound like a huge undertaking, no doubt. But working with your life in segments, and seeking improvement by first creating goals will set you up for some serious success and fulfillment, which some call ‘life design’. Once you’ve categorized your life in this way, the next step would be creating annual personal goals for yourself so that you have a real-life roadmap to making those things happen. And how exciting is the prospect of designing the life you love??! ?

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And let me know how your goals are going in the comments below!

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