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First of all, I love the ocean. (Obvs, right?) But what really connects me to it is the metaphor that it holds for life.

It’s symbolic of the cyclical nature of everything: the tides, the storms, the calm waters…

In holding that dear, I’ve done my best to portray that essence in this site. So please forgive any cheesy puns. I can’t help it.

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Between my background of being an elementary school teacher, an insurance claims adjuster, certified health coach, a mom, and now a blogger,

I’ve learned a few key lessons:

(1) Multi-tasking isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be,

(2) It always pays to be kind, and

(3) You can’t know where you’re going without a road-map.

Using those three main life lessons has brought me to the point I am today. I research the hell out of everything that I do, (and may or may not neglect every household chore there is in the process…) and I LOVE sharing those lessons with you! (Hence the teacher and health coach gigs.) But now that I’ve been writing, I’m entering a whole new world for myself. And even though it’s a brand new world for me, I’m still able to employ those crazy epiphany life lessons I mentioned above–and share them with anyone who can also use the help! I mean, is there anything more satisfying than checking off that incredible checklist to get that bad-ass goal complete you’ve wrung your soul out going after??! (I mean, besides eating cookie dough when the kids are out of sight?)

*I’m a spelling Nazi (which makes it super frustrating to read my kids’ school newsletters.)

(And also made me crazy when Webster decided to include ‘ain’t’ in the dictionary. And I’m from the south, for God’s sake!)

*I was obsessed with cars in the early 90’s (which made it really cool to be a car insurance claims adjuster.)

*I’m still a sucker for 90’s alternative music (who else remembers The Presidents of the United States of America?)

*I have ADD. (Self-dignosed. Nobody needs a doc for that, right?)

I live with my hubby and three youngest kids (and a silver lab, two cats, and a hamster) outside of Houston, Texas (go, Texans!)

in a small town with about four acres. Despite my deathly fear of snakes, we love living out here in such a serene and mostly quiet setting by the lake!

I could go on for hours about the train wreck that was my life in college, and after, that eventually led me to figure out that a structured goal setting process was my only hope of accomplishing anything real and meaningful. But instead, I’ll just end with this: It took me having repeated nervous breakdowns to realize I had to push back the crippling (and super unreasonable) fears I had lodged in my head. These were keeping me from really finding myself, and figuring out what I wanted for myself and my family. And now that I’m obsessed with planners, productivity, and goal setting, I’m finally finding my way.  And I hope you’ll see my point in the posts I put out, and the products I crank out, and be able to chart your own course in these choppy waters called Motherhood!


I’m also the founder of BKindBBrave– A site and blog dedicated to opening new dialogues about bullying.

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