Oh-Hey there!

So glad you're here! Here's a little more about me and why productivity + organization for busy Mamas is my mission!

There was a time when I worked like a rock-star and was on top of everything from a clean house and sparkling car to a stellar wardrobe and color-coded filing system for work.


And then we had kids.


Going into survival mode meant all that hard work spent staying organized and 'together' went right out the window.

Can you relate?

After having a near-breakdown because I couldn't find our insurance card one day, I knew I'd let things get too far out of control. My husband was out of town so much that he didn't want to take ownership of any of the mess we were surrounded with:

Piles of paper everywhere--bills, recipes, homework...

8 million toys

And clutter....OH the clutter!!

So I sat down and had a crying session and a heart-to-heart with myself.




And for heaven's sake, LEARN HOW TO SAY 'NO' SOMETIMES!

And that was the best self-care I'd had in a very long time.

I'm not perfect, but I'd love for you to join me on my journey to become the Productivity + Organization Guru for working moms! ?

Drop me a line right here! 

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