Oh-Hey there!

So glad you're here! Here's a little more about me and why self-care for busy Mamas is my mission!

There was a time when I worked like a rock-star and did multiple daily things to keep myself in top shape. Things like working out, taking phenomenal care of my hair and skin, and wearing perfectly fitted and coordinated outfits. Looking fantastic, feeling great.


Then there was a time when I started having babies, and life felt so complicated and overbearing that every second I was awake was dedicated to keeping everyone happy. And fed. And nourished. And entertained. And satisfied.


Except me.


Then there was a time when I felt like I was at rock bottom, and finally had an epiphany:


I needed help.


It wasn’t fair that I was taking on everything in our household by myself. It wasn’t fair that I couldn’t leave the house without wanting to jump off a cliff because of how awful at least one of my kids behaved. And it wasn’t fair that I was taking the emotional burden of all this on by myself. And it certainly wasn’t fair that I hadn’t even had a damn hair cut in 8 months while my husband was regularly working out and getting his visit to the salon every 2 weeks with regular shopping trips for ‘work clothes’.


My version of ‘doing something for myself’ was literally putting on mascara for the day.


And from that act of doing that tiny insignificant thing—putting on mascara—I knew that things were wrong.


Things had to change.


If I was going to be anything besides a nanny covered in spit-up, a cook, a chauffeur, and a personal assistant to my husband, I was going to have to stand up for myself, and demand self-care.


And not just to my husband; But also to myself.


I learned that being organized, and learning how to manage my time was crucial in how overwhelmed I was, and how high or low my anxiety level was.


I learned my habits dictated what my mental capacity was for the day.


I learned that a good sit down with my husband about what it meant to be a real partner and how we should be nourishing each other was the best damn thing for our marriage and our level of support for each other.


I learned the quality time spent with my kids just doing little silly things and laughing together made this parenting thing a million times easier and more fulfilling.


And I learned that making my health—fitness, eating well, and sleep—a priority only made things better x1000.


Putting on mascara was just the beginning. And it’s now my pseudonym for my daily self-care.



The super specifics are that I’m a wife of 17 years, a mama to 4, and a certified health + wellness coach. I’m currently working on my Master’s in Human Nutrition and will sit for the national certification board exam when my degree is complete.

We live in the Houston area (out in the country), and have a dog and 2 cats.

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