4 Ways to Boost Afternoon Energy Other than Napping

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I know that when you are exhausted and overwhelmed as a mom, catching 40 winks in during the day can seem like a good idea. After all, what’s better than waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on all the rest of your tasks? A short nap can be a great way to get a micro-rest to finish your day. But there are other awesome self care ideas to get your afternoon energy boost.


boost afternoon energy


Yoga Nidra


Yoga Nidra is a fantastic activity to do if you are feeling tired and in need of some rest but don’t want to give into sleep. Otherwise, known as the sleep of the Gods, Yoga Nidra is primarily a static mediation price that is grounded in ancient Indian tradition.


Primarily, Nidra consists of laying on your back and relaxing while a recording guides you to place your consciousness in various different parts of your body. This is often done quite fast, to give your mind something to focus on while your body relaxes and you can find many meditations at varying lengths to fit into longer or shorter breaks.



Of course, when you first begin, you may occasionally find yourself nodding off! However, if you just remember to set an alarm to wake you up at the end when you first begin this practice, over time you should be able to stay fully conscious through the whole thing. In fact, if the hype is to be believed, just a short session of Yoga Nidra can provide the benefits of a four-hour deep sleep, all without having to nap! Something that makes Yoga Nidra a much more constructive and refreshing use of your self-care time.


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Work out


Working out is another fantastic activity to do in your self-care time as opposed to napping. The reason being that it can help you get more oxygenated blood to move around your body. Something that can assist you in feeling more alert, as well as stimulate the production of endorphins that can provide you with an instant emotional lift.

Of course, if you are tired it can be hard to get motivated to exercise. That is why it can be helpful to enroll in a program such as this Personal Training by UP Fitness course, as having someone to be accountable to can assist you in fighting through the inertia and get your body moving. Something that can not only help you feel better right now but also give you a sense of real achievement during your self-care time too.


Read a book


Reading is such a fantastic activity for self-care time because it allows you to escape into a completely different world to the one that you inhabit in real life. You can choose to visit distant planets, the wild west, or even fantasy locations that never have or never will exist. Through reading, you can also get to meet characters that you would never come across in real life, and if the book is written well, you can even get to see thing from a perspective you would have never considered.



However, to achieve this reading in your self-care time should not be about grabbing a social media post. Instead, put down your electronic device and pick up a real paper book instead. Then not only will you get the benefits of being transported to a completely different world through words, but you also get the advantage of spending some time unplugged as well. Something that is known to help minimize stress, and improve mood. A worthy use of your self-care time, if ever I  there was one!

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Call a friend


Lastly, if you are looking for a better use of or you self-care time than napping, why not use it to call a friend or beloved family member? After all, life can get pretty, and most of us struggle to stay in contact with those that we love that are outside our immediate family group.

Connecting with a friend is an excellent use of self care time.

Of course, speaking with a loved one can give you an emotional boost as well, and make you feel connected to others, and part of a social group. All things that can be pretty tough for moms to manage when they spend most of their time looking after the little ones, and so make it an excellent use of your precious self-care time.


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If you're like me, the early afternoon calls for a nap to get some energy back--except that naps aren't always so practical. Here's 4 self care tips for getting an afternoon energy boost other than napping. #1 is actually my favorite! #selfcare #selfcaretips #selfcaregeneration #selfcaresunday #energy #mom #momlife

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