BASIC GOALS Every MOTHER Should Have + FREE Worksheet

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As Mother’s Day approaches, and us mothers get to reflect upon all that we’re grateful for as (hopefully) those spawn shower us with presents and love, we really and truly need to also reflect upon what we’d like to accomplish in the remaining half of the year that we have. Sure, I’d like to emphasize the ‘me time’ that mothers so desperately need and deserve, but those goals really should also encompass anything that you’ve been dragging your feet on, or have been mulling over for a while and just haven’t found the motivation to get going on.

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Here are some thoughts to gnaw on while you conjure up your goals that should be set for the remainder of the year.

How about you do something for yourself and set some EFFECTIVE goals just for YOU!!

Moms typically think of themselves last since they’re normally the primary caretaker of the kids. And house. And…well, everything in between. Running yourself ragged is doing nobody any favors! Being rundown mentally and physically makes you grumpy, which translates to being super unpleasant to the kids and significant other. Then they take on the same energy, and then everybody’s miserable. You do so incredibly much for your family–take some time to keep yourself in tip-top shape, too! (Weekly pedi, monthly massage, a day out of the house with no kids, a movie by yourself, etc.)


Moms have so much going on at all times that it’s easy to get overrun and overwhelmed. Then you can’t find that permission slip, or forget your kids’ dentist appointments, or can’t find the stupid checkbook when it’s time to pay bills. (Ahem, guilty of all of those at one point.)

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Ask yourself these questions:

     1. What things are out of control?

     2. What would be the optimal solution to get them back under control?

     3. What systems or tools can I use to get it under control and maintain that control?

Then DO IT. You actually have to implement the system to make it work! 

Whether you realize it or not, it’s so important to just spend some downtime with your family. Kids need to have fun interactions with their parents just as much as they need boundaries and discipline. You can’t go nonstop without having some downtime, and not have consequences. And you need to be the one to say, ‘STOP IT. We all deserve this.’ And make it happen.

I challenge you to make it happen and report back at this difference in attitude from everyone!! 


Challenge Accepted? Awesome! Tell me how it’s going!!

Go HERE to download the FREE Worksheet on your ‘Mom’ Goals + get access to other FREE goal setting resources! 

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