basic goals for moms

4 BASIC GOALS Every MOM Should Have for Herself

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Basic goals for moms to start taking care of YOU.


If you’ve read my ‘About‘ page, you’ll know that I spent some pretty miserable months wondering why in the world being a mom was so dang hard. Even with only my first being a baby, I had a wake-up call when I was faced with post-partum depression.

Once my second was here, things got even worse. And what made this even more challenging was that I had little support since my husband was traveling so much for work, and we couldn’t afford daycare.

I wish that I’d had some kind of mentoring, or even that Google was what it is today! Because ten years ago, moms standing up for themselves wasn’t really being advertised. And moms demanding time for themselves and help…well, those were things nobody talked about unless you were venting to your best friend.

The truth is that we NEED these things to thrive and have a happy and healthy family.

Here are 4 of the most basic goals that we, as moms, should have for ourselves to get started with that kind of desperately needed self-care.


basic goals for moms

1.Set Some ‘Me-Time’ Goals


Moms typically think of themselves last since they’re normally the primary caretaker of the kids. And house. And…well, everything in between.

Running yourself ragged is doing nobody any favors! Being rundown mentally and physically makes you grumpy, which translates to being super unpleasant to the kids and significant other. Then they take on the same energy, and then everybody’s miserable.

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You do so incredibly much for your family–take some time to keep yourself in tip-top shape, too! (Weekly pedi, monthly massage, a day out of the house with no kids, a movie by yourself, antique shopping, hey–even perusing the aisles of Target alone!, etc.)


2. Get Organized


Whether it’s meal planning, purging your closet, spring cleaning, or organizing that clutter-filled pantry, Moms have so much going on at all times that it’s easy to get overrun and overwhelmed.

Then you can’t find that permission slip, or forget your kids’ dentist appointments, or can’t find the stupid checkbook when it’s time to pay bills. (Ahem, guilty of all of those at one point.)


Ask yourself these questions:


1. What things are out of control?

2. What would be the optimal solution to get them back under control?

3. What systems or tools can I use to get it under control and maintain that control?

Then DO IT. You actually have to implement the system to make it work! Execute, Mama!!


3. Get Serious About Quality Family Time


Whether you realize it or not, it’s so important to just spend some downtime with your family. Kids need to have fun interactions with their parents just as much as they need boundaries and discipline. You can’t go nonstop without having some downtime, and not have consequences. And you need to be the one to say, ‘STOP IT. We all deserve this.’ And make it happen.

A great idea that a lot of families I know like to do is make a bucket list for whatever season it is. Everyone in the family contributes to making one master bucket list. Then you post it, and try to do everything on the list!

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4. Rock the Romance with Your SO


One thing many of us forget about is the fact that our significant other should be the cornerstone of our support system.

I realize that’s difficult when it feels like he’s not on board. But we need to still contribute our half to the equation.

Nurturing that relationship will only do good things for you, your relationship, and your family as a whole. (Remember that your kids are learning how relationships and marriage work by watching you model it every day!)

So how can you ramp things up? Have you been slacking on regular date nights? How about learning something new together? When was the last time you had lunch alone? How could you spice things up?

Really think about where the two of you would like to be and work on getting there with regular time alone.


I challenge you to find the best goal planner for busy moms, detail out your goals, make it happen, and report back at this difference in attitude from everyone!!


Challenge Accepted? Awesome! Tell me how it’s going in the comments below!!

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Feeling like your life never actually has anything to do with you? Or that you don't ever take time to nourish yourself? Full of chaos? Full of self doubt and resentment? Check these basic 4 goals every mom should have for herself. We should be modeling this for our daughters and especially teens, so they can see that families are built on moms taking care of themselves! #selfcare #moms #momlife #momgoals

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