A Million Things (or so) to Be Happy About

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You know, sometimes when things get super chaotic, I find myself in this crazy ball of stress where I’m snapping at the kids and husband, and sometimes even the dog. And I’m just wound up so tight I can’t get out of my own way. You know those times where everything seems to pile up on itself? It feels like climbing Mt. Everest to really get out of the tailspin and get some clarity. To even think about being grateful. Or to just be happy.

In my search for daily happiness, I’ve found several really helpful things to do on the daily that I want to share with you, and also want you to try them out!


a million things to be happy about every day


I’ve tried the mindfulness approach (which is sort of like mini-meditation), and this definitely helps! I’ve also begun a Gratitude Journal, and that just seems to frustrate me sometimes. You know how when you sit down to write something and all of a sudden not a single thought is in your head? Like the Spongebob episode where he was supposed to write a paper and couldn’t think of a single thing to write except his name. Yep, totally me.

It ends up being almost more stressful. Cause then I’m like, “WTH?? Now I’m a terrible person because I can’t think of a single thing I’m supposed to be grateful for except the ole fallback ‘my health and family’!”

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Do you do mini-meditations throughout the day? Even if you’re not thinking about things to be grateful for, it’s a great time to catch a breather and re-center yourself for clarity. Set yourself a time on your phone right now to just stop, breathe, and be mindful of the situation.

A little boost to be happy


But a really surprising thing happened on one of our trips during the summer. I came across this little book in a gift shop while we were in Massachusetts. (The state is irrelevant, you can get the book anywhere.) It’s called 14,000 things to be happy about. And it’s seriously the coolest thing when it comes to being ‘stuck’ when you’re supposed to be feeling grateful.

This book has made such a big difference in my attitude about gratefulness.


book with keyboard and black and white striped pen be happy


Get an idea of what’s in this little gem by clicking through and click the ‘Preview’ option! Seriously such fun and fantastic little things!!


What does gratefulness and happiness entail?


It seems like a no-brainer, but when we think of being grateful, many times we feel like we have to come up with the big things. And then when we can only come up with like, 3, we’re dumbfounded. Like, I know I’m blessed. I know I have a good life. So why am I not coming up with anything else??

What this book does is help take that question away. Because it turns out that being grateful and learning to be happy have SO much to do with the LITTLE THINGS.

The little things matter soooo much.

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book with keyboard and black and white striped pen be happy


Here are some examples from the book:

a comfort station

the perfect baked potato

quiet free hours to sit by a fire

onion-skin paper

See where this is going? They’re all such little things. But they’re awesome, and they make us happy!


Think of 5 of your own little things right now! Me first: 1-When the 5YO sticks her head out her classroom as I’m leaving at am drop-off to yell, “Love you, Mom!!”; 2-The first day of freshly painted nails; 3-The super quiet first thing in the morning before kids are up; 4-The snuggly softness of my bed when I settle in to binge a show; 5-memory foam in shoes. Ok, now it’s your turn! 🤩


The little things


So think about just the little things during your day. Did somebody make the coffee ‘just right’ this morning? Did you discover a new breakfast item you actually really love on the menu? Maybe you found a dope pair of pants way back in your closet you thought you’d forgotten about.

Stop a few times during your day and just think about those little things you appreciate and that give you a little squirt of happiness. Hold on to those things. Write about those things later in your Gratitude Journal!


Looking for a fantastic daily gratitude journal with prompts? Moms--check this out--My Gratitude Journal is set up for 12 months, with each month having an inspirational quote, and prompts for the weeks in that month! #gratitude #dailygratitude #gratitudejournal


gratitude journal sample


And when you’re stuck, grab a book like 14,000 things to be happy about.And swipe a few of their fantastic little one-liners!

If you don’t have a journal, grab one at the store or on Amazon or check out the Gratitude Journal above! The point is to slow down long enough to see and appreciate those little things that so gracefully stack up into the perfect Happy Day sandwich! 😍

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