styling arranging bedroom for better sleep

7 Tips for Styling Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

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7 ways to get the most out of your bedroom arrangement for better sleep.

Guest post by Lisa Smalls.


As a busy mom, you must take time out for yourself for self-care, in between multitasking with children and partner and being the facilitator of the household. You wear so many hats, but what is your mascara for the day? Consider taking active measures to improve your sleep life as part of your daily self-care.

Ask yourself if you are you sleeping well enough and if you feel rested in the morning. Before you are able to fully take care of your family, you have take care of yourself. Good sleep makes you functional, alert, energetic, and emotionally regulated, all of which you need to continue being a great mom. Use the following seven quick and easy tips to style your bedroom arrangement for better sleep.


styling arranging bedroom for better sleep


Clear the Clutter


Research shows that clutter in your bedroom, like stacks of paper, clothes on the floor, and extra unnecessary decor on countertops, leads to increased stress levels. Strive for a minimalist aesthetic when it comes to your bedroom, where the focus is sleep only. It should not be designed as a place of activity but of rest. Physical clutter overloads the senses, making it hard to sleep.


Invest in Your Sleeping Structure


Since we spend one third of our lives in bed, why not splurge and invest in a sleeping structure that promotes serenity and physical wellbeing? Plus, if you have a partner, he or she will appreciate the upgrade as well! Consider your mattress as a performance tool and not just a piece of furniture, where there are a variety of options. Do your homework and understand based on your body and sleep preferences which mattress is right for you. Pick out calming, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing new bedding that helps set the tone of your new stylized bedroom environment!


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Choose a New Wall Color


Consider a soft, soothing new paint color for your room that has a cool tone, such as light shades of blue. Yellow and green are the two next best choices. Avoid intense colors like reds, purples, browns, and oranges. You want cool colors that calm and soothe, rather than warm tones that energize and stimulate. See how color psychology correlates with emotions.


Keep Your Bedroom Cool


Remember that your body has to reduce its temperature by one to two degrees in order for it to be possible for you to fall asleep. Consider keeping your bedroom the ideal temperature for sleep, which is between 65 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. For additional help with both reducing heat and reducing anxiety, consider a fan, as a fan will offer the white noise affect while circulating the air in your room.


Make Your Bedroom Exclusive to Sleep


Making your bedroom exclusive to sleep may seem impossible to a mother with young children. A space in your house designed only for you where you can come to relax? There are actions you can take though to make your bedroom as exclusive as possible. Pare down your bedroom to the basics of sleep in order to condition your brain to know that when you are in your bedroom, it is time to go to sleep. Move exercise equipment, clocks, phones, tablets, work-related documents, and any other non-sleep related items to other rooms. This is super important for your bedroom arrangement for better sleep.


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Add Foliage


Did you know that the mere presence of plants lower blood pressure and reduce stress? Not only do they have an individual impact on reducing anxiety, but they are also known to reduce indoor air pollution by absorbing household toxins. In turn, reduced indoor air pollution improves sleep quality. So it is a win-win for adding plants to your household, including your bedroom!


Reduce Allergens


As part of improving sleep through reducing indoor air pollution, consider allergens as well, like dust mites. Dust mites can provoke existing allergies and cause a reaction, or they can initiate allergy-like symptom for those without previous allergies. Vacuum your bedroom often, including your mattress, and also wash your pillows and sheets once a week. If you are sensitive to allergies, consider allergen-free bedding and hypoallergenic mattress and pillow covers.

Getting a full night’s rest with young children may seem impossible, but investing in your own sleep is invaluable. Take these active measures to avoid sleep deterrents. Do this for yourself, and it will also benefit your family in the long run.


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What ways do you use to get better sleep? Let me know in the comments below!


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