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We’d all like to be better gardeners. But where do you get the best information on how to turn your garden from out-of-control nightmare to prim perfection? It turns out that there are a lot of resources out there for the budding gardener (sorry, couldn’t resist), but which are the best?


Some blogs are clearly better than others, but each is trying to fill a niche, so there probably isn’t a “best” one out there. With that said, there are a lot to choose from so here are some of the best gardening blogs on the internet.


best gardening blogs


Veg Plotting


Veg Plotting was founded by Michelle Chapman back in 2007 so that she could tell people stories about her garden outside her home in Chippenham. She began the blog after leaving work because of full time caring responsibilities. Rather than just focus on that, she decided that she wanted some responsibility, and so began her own gardening blog. To start with, Veg Plotting took up 10 minutes a day, but over time, the site’s popularity grew, and Chapman found herself dedicating more time to it.


People in her community wanted to know all sorts of things, including how to make great vegetable patches and how to decorate their gardens for Christmas. As demand grew, Chapman says that the site had real potential and decided to dedicate herself to it. Although computers weren’t here strong suit, she persevered and created a blog, complete with easy navigation and a quick menu. Chapman says that the blog is still a work in progress. She doesn’t like to plan her life out in advance, but she’s certainly looking for ways to take her publications to the next level.


Two Thirsty Gardeners


Craft beers are all the rage right now, with the industry growing at a healthy clip. But even before the craze began, Nich and Rich, the guys behind Two Thirsty Gardeners, were sharing their advice on how to grow the best apples for cider. In the early days, that’s all they focused on. They wanted people to know how to coax their apple trees into producing more fruit and at a higher quality, and they shared their secrets for turning it into great cider. But as the years wore on, they realized that they couldn’t just focus on cider alone, and so now they offer advice for growing other kinds of plants that will eventually be used to make alcoholic drinks.


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If you’re interested in making your own beer or other kinds of drink, Two Thirsty Gardeners is for you. They’ll take you through a step-by-step process for creating your own craft beers and ciders in a way that no other blog really does.


The Middle-Sized Garden


Do you sometimes feel that gardening blogs are talking to people who are nothing like you? People with loads of time on their hands and large gardens? Well, The Middle-Sized Garden is the blog for you. Set up by Alexandra Campbell, a journalist, the site aims to provide regular gardeners with practical tips to help them make the most of what they’ve got. This blog isn’t aimed at the gardening staff at Kew, but rather at people who live with regular plots.


Sometimes it can be tricky to figure out which products to choose. But thanks to the site’s myriad reviews, you’ll always be able to find information on fertilizer or garden tools. The blog also puts enormous effort into helping gardeners generate new and exciting ideas for their garden, whether it’s updated seating, creating no-dig borders, and choosing the right garden trees. The site also features interviews with landscaping experts and professional gardeners to provide in-depth advice beyond that which you would find in standard blog content. Campbell accepts that, at root, she’s a journalist, and so she goes out of her way to find people who have been tending to gardens all their lives so that they can give expert advice to you.


Growing Family


We all know what it’s like to have a hobby and a family at the same time. Spoiler alert: the hobby almost always loses. Usually, it’s because you don’t have either the time or the energy to pursue it, once all of the day’s other responsibilities are taken care of.


Enter Growing Family, a gardening blog designed for busy parents. Begun by mother and writer, Cat Hughes, the site not only provides you with time-saving tips but also inspires you to get the whole family involved in gardening efforts. You’ll find blogs on everything from how to grow fabulous asparagus to ways of getting your kids involved in the gardening process. Along the way, the writing keeps its light, upbeat style, making it an easy, enjoyable and informative read.


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Vertical Veg


We all know that growing food locally is good for the planet. But the creator of Vertical Veg, Mark Ridsdill, wants to take this concept to the next level. He’s not satisfied with farmers selling their produce at the local market – he wants individual consumers, like you, to grow vegetables in their backyard.


Begun in 2010, the blog is a kind of encyclopedia of all things grow-your-own. Ridsdill puts enormous effort into providing the best advice to people who may know nothing about how to successfully cultivate edible plants. There is all sorts of information on the site, including how to make the plants you grow last longer once harvested. He also points out the benefits of picking food fresh, rather than eating it after it has sat on a supermarket shelf for a few days.


Still not sure how to create the perfect vegetable garden after reading the blogs? Have no fear. Ridsdill also runs workshops and has even created online courses to provide skills to a new generation of gardeners.


The Patient Gardener


For many, the joy of gardening comes from beauty. Horticultural societies feed of this demand for aesthetic perfection, hosting flower shows designed to celebrate the beauty of nature. If that’s your interest, then you’ll love The Patient Gardener, a site set up by Helen Johnstone to showcase the most beautiful gardens the world has to offer.


Yes, there are a lot of posts about flowers. But Johnstone also takes her readers on a whistlestop tour of the world’s best gardens from San Francisco to Mumbai. For photography lovers, the site is second to none, with some of the best camera work in the gardening world on show. Every month, Johnstone publishes her “End of Month View” showing how her garden is progressing through the seasons. Some months are quieter than others, but she always has a story to tell. Her advice is down to Earth and practical even if her presentation is excellent.


The Frustrated Gardener


Nature doesn’t like to do what you tell it to do. You can try over and over again to get your flowers to bloom, but if conditions aren’t right, you’ll be disappointed. The Frustrated Gardener feels your pain. It was set up by Dan Cooper who was himself frustrated with his garden for being too small. Instead of giving up, Cooper decided to do what he could with the space he had and began blogging about his progress.


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Over time, the blog evolved into what it is today. Cooper shares stories about what he learned from his grandparents, and tells tales about how plants have always been his passion. Even when he was a baby, he became fascinated by how plants grew and loved experimenting with cuttings and seeds. His grandfather was a head gardener at a large country estate and taught Cooper how to grow grapes and asparagus, two notoriously tricky crops to master.


The Blackberry Garden


The Blackberry Garden began in 2011 when Alison Levey, the site’s owner, decided that she had had enough of boring gardens after moving to a new location. Levey, who had always had an interest in photography, decided that she wanted to put her talent to good use, and began building a portfolio of photos around her beautiful gardening creations.


Perhaps one of the best aspects of her blog is her book reviews. In these, she provides in-depth advice to newbie and experienced gardeners alike, providing them with all the information they need to decide on whether to buy. She also does product reviews in her own inimitable way on dozens of different gardening tools and accessories. There are reviews on everything from Bosch cordless secateurs to Marigold seeds, from lawn mowers to hanging pots. In short, if there’s a garden product out there you want, there’s a good chance you can find more information at The Blackberry Garden.


Finally, if you’re interested in tree following, then Levey’s site provides you with one of the most in-depth examples on any blog. She meticulously chronicles the growth of a quince tree from sapling onwards, showing you what happens each step of the way with helpful commentary. As always, the photography is exemplary, allowing you to see how the tree changes throughout the seasons. The comments section is always buzzing.


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