5 Kitchen Gadgets that Make Cooking a Dream

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Cooking is the kind of activity that can be both therapeutic and stressful. There is nothing worse than cooking when you are absolutely ravenous or super short on time with cranky hungry kids. But there’s also nothing better than spending an afternoon cooking leisurely for family and friends with a home swathed in the aroma of your culinary creations.


Cooking is integral to life–it’s literally what keeps us going; But sometimes it can feel all too much. The key, then, is to create a kitchen that works with you to save time, bring joy and create delicious meals–whether that means an a redesign of the whole room, or just some new additions to  make our cooking life easier. And in our modern world, that means gadgets. Here are 5 of the best kitchen gadgets to make your time in the kitchen a dream.


best kitchen gadgets


The Induction Cooktop


This option came especially helpful for us because we don’t have a gas line to our house. But we wanted the control that a gas range offers. Induction was the answer for us.

Unlike other cooktops, the induction cooktop uses magnetism to produce heat. A copper coil creates an alternating electrical current and the resulting magnetic field is what heats your pan. But really what you need to know is that this flat glass surface is easy to clean and works perfectly as a normal surface when it isn’t on. All you need to do is get the right induction cookware and you’re away.


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A Blender


If you like to make your own soups, pasta sauces or just want to chop things fast, a blender is all you need. You can get all kinds of awesome settings and fittings that will do the everything from whip up the perfect cake batter to finely chop an onion without the tears. Just make sure that you keep the blades nice and sharp and your cooking experience just got a whole lot easier.

Many like the more expensive options like a Vitamix if you’re serious making tons of smoothies or juices. We went with the less expensive Ninja option and I’m so glad we did! It has other features available like a food processor bowl and spiralizers, plus the blades stay super sharp!


A Pasta Maker


Cooking for the family can be stressful but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy making something slowly and taking an afternoon to bond together. A pasta maker might be a bit niche but once you have made your own, the stuff you get in the supermarket just won’t taste the same. There are also pasta attachments available for the KitchenAid mixer if you don’t want to buy an entire pasta maker separately. You can add all kinds of flavors to your pasta to make your meals more fun and all you need to do is let the pasta dry to preserve it.


A Juicer/ Smoothie Maker


Juicers are often regarded as part of the useless clutter that you get in most family kitchens; but before you throw it out, a juicer can actually be a brilliant way to increase your daily nutrition needs. Making a smoothie is as easy as throwing some frozen fruit and plain frozen yogurt in and blending for a minute. Healthier than a pop tart and in pretty much the same time! Juicing vegetables is also a great way to get a concentrated shot of vitamins.


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A Coffee Maker


Your morning coffee should be akin to a breath of fresh air but with all the faff of filter coffee, you might be put off. A coffee maker gives you everything you need with the push of a button and many now come with all the features baristas need to create the ultimate coffee. Now you can enjoy everything from a cappuccino to a flat white in the comfort of your own kitchen.

We don’t drink specialty stuff, so I especially enjoy the 2 in 1 options for basic coffee like the Cuisinart or even the Hamilton Beach model offers. It gives the option of using K-cups or making an entire pot (whether it’s 2 or 12 cups) in one easy appliance that’s only barely bigger than a coffee pot and definitely smaller than a Keurig.


With just a few of these best kitchen gadgets, cooking will get so much easier and you might even start to enjoy being in the kitchen all the time, not just when you’ve got time.

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