Easiest + Best Low Carb Snack Pairings and Packaged Snacks

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The best low carb snack pairings and packaged snacks to keep you on track every single day!

One of the biggest reasons people quit low carb or keto is because they end up accidentally falling off the wagon when they can’t find an appropriate low carb snack or keto snack. When you forget to pack a snack or lunch, rifling through all the options at a convenience store or even a grocery store can make it super confusing to find the best low carb snacks to pair or even low carb packaged snacks. Low carb snacking and breakfasts are big deals! They’re not nearly as easy to figure out as a full meal. So instead of having to think on it, here are some perfect options, whether you’re looking for low carb snacks or keto snacks! (And keep reading to the end to see what the secret formula to the best low carb snack pairings are!)



Best Low Carb Snack Pairings:


Cottage cheese: +





Cheddar cheese cubes or slices: +

Apple slices




Peanut butter or other nut butter:+


Apple slices

Low carb crackers

Dark chocolate pieces


beef/chicken jerky:+

Cheddar cheese


Low carb fruit


Mozzarella cheese stick:+

Sliced tomato


Prosciutto and basil




Hard-boiled egg:+


Dijon mustard


Hot sauce and blue cheese

Proscuitto and avocado

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Raw veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes)

Spinach salad with ranch or vinaigrette




Baby carrots


Nuts (Almonds/Walnuts/Cashews):+

Raisins (make sure sugar-free!)

Dark chocolate


Best Low Carb Snacks from a Package:


Low carb shake:

When I’m in a pinch, a shake is a Godsend! As long as you have a shaker bottle on hand, you can also easily take these to the office! I highly recommend shake powders made with high-quality ingredients, and the brands I love most are Vega and ToneItUp.


Low carb snack bars:

Think you’re more the ‘throw a bar in my bag’ kinda lady? Check out these bars that are perfect options for low carb snack bars:

Zeno Bar

IQ Bar



dang Bar 



Low carb chips:

I’ll be honest–I have a ‘thing’ for crunchy stuff. Sometimes just normal stuff won’t cut it. When I get those hankerings, these are my go-to’s for getting my crunchy fix, low carb snack style.


Pork crackling/pork rinds

(make sure to read the food labels to ensure no added sugars are in there! And if you’re salt-sensitive, go for plain instead of flavored)



Moon Cheese



Parmesan or Asiago Crisps

Secret Formula to the Best Low Carb Snack Pairings:


Ok, here’s the secret formula to the best low carb snack pairings if you’re stuck somewhere that you didn’t pack something ahead of time. First, find a good protein that either has a fat in it, or can also have fat added. Then, find something to add to it that is low-carb but preferably has fiber. So here’s the equation:

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protein + fat + fiber (low carb) = perfect low carb snack




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