4 Starter Tips for Better Quality Sleep

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4 ways to start out getting more and better quality sleep every night for better health.

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We could all do with a little more and better quality sleep, right? We all seem to be so busy with our working schedules these days that we need to get up before the dawn and end up leaving the office just before the sun starts to set again. That doesn’t leave us much free time to do the things we enjoy, such as taking part in hobbies and spending time with loved ones, so there is no wonder that our sleep takes a hit. As a result, more and more of us are getting a lot less sleep than we should. As we all know, this isn’t great for our overall health.


So, how do you get better quality sleep and start to get more of it? Well, for starters, you need to focus on the things that might be preventing you getting a good quality of sleep or making it harder for you to drop off at night. Once you have fixed these issues, then you will find you get more hours of zzzs each night.


4 starter tips to start now for better quality sleep

Cut Down On Caffeine


I’m sure that you love your first cup of coffee in the day, especially from somewhere like taylor-st.com. We all love the fact that it wakes us up and each following cup helps us keep going at work. However, all of that caffeine won’t be so welcome once you get home at night as it could keep you up for a few hours. Ideally, you shouldn’t drink coffee or any other caffeinated drinks after 4 PM. That gives your body time to get rid of it from its system. It’s also a good idea to stick to a maximum of three cups each day.


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Don’t Nap


As well as trying to cut back on caffeinated drinks, you should also think about cutting back on any naps that you normally take during the day. In fact, it will be worth trying to cut out your naps completely. After all, any sleep that you have during the day is sleep that you won’t have in the evening. If you do need to nap then you should try and do so in the morning. That way, your body and mind have plenty of time to get tired again ready for bedtime.


Upgrade Your Bedroom


Maybe it’s your bedroom that is holding you back from getting better quality sleep? If you have had your mattress for over ten years, now is the time to head to montgomerys.com to see about getting a new one. Mattresses get lumpy over the years which can be a problem for sleep. Plus, it’s worth hanging blackout blinds to block out any excess light from outside that could be keeping you awake.


Eat For Better Quality Sleep


Did you know that there are also some foods that can help you fall asleep a lot easier? For instance, turkey and milk contain a hormone that can reduce your mind’s alertness and help you unwind. Honey, chamomile, and almonds are also really useful sleep foods.

Besides that, eating a healthy diet can reduce or eliminate heartburn that keeps us from also getting better quality sleep.


Sometimes just a single tweak can improve your sleep dramatically, so try these tips and see how you feel!


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Better quality sleep is so important for our bodies-especially Moms that have wacked out sleep schedules anyway! Here's how to get better quality sleep + download the Sleep Log to track your sleep! #sleep #selfcare #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #momlife


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Better quality sleep is so important for our bodies-especially Moms that have wacked out sleep schedules anyway! Here's how to get better quality sleep + download the Sleep Log to track your sleep! #sleep #selfcare #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #momlife

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