cucumber mint gin cooler healthy cocktail recipes

Sparkly Cucumber Mint Gin Cooler

Cucumber mint gin cooler healthy cocktail recipe.   A couple years ago I decided that I needed more hydration through the day. But my problem is that I don't really like drinking plain water. Maybe it's the minerals that are in it. Maybe it's the fact that...

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healthy cocktail recipes

Cucumber Basil Green Daiquiri

I think I really fell in love with rum when we were in Jamaica a few years ago. But the good kind--which they're exceptionally good at! This cucumber basil daiquiri has the sweetness we all crave in an indulgent girly-cocktail plus it's made with zero...

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mint chocolate chip smoothie

Choco-Minty Leprechaun Green Smoothie

The chocolate mint green smoothie you've been dreaming of to satisfy that ice cream addiction in a more healthy way!   Calling all mint chocolate-chip ice cream lovers! Guess what--I have a super minty-cocoa-dream for you in the form of a healthy smoothie! This smoothie combines healthy greens...

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