Stella Nadene Book Journal


Hey, there Book Lover!


Ready to capture all your literary adventures in a personal way?


Then check out the Stella Nadene Book Journal!



Stella Nadene Book Journals are a convenient 6″ x 9″ format with a soft matte-finish.

They’re a no-brainer perfect addition to your book reading adventures,

and a great way to encourage your child to read more!


The Stella Nadene Book Journal was created with the book lover in mind

 and is great for kids or adults!


{Keep scrolling to check out the interior features!}








Ready to record each magical world you’ve experienced in a way only you can?

Find them on Amazon right here:

Blue + Green   OR    Pink + Yellow



The pages of this journal are at a 60# paper weight, meaning they don’t do particularly well with gel pens or markers.

I’ve found colored pencils, regular pencils, and colored ballpoint pens to be the perfect writing tools.

The colored pens I use, love, and recommend are the Papermate Inkjoy Pens. They come in a variety of brilliant colors and write beautifully without showing terrible bleed-through on the back side of the journal pages.

The color pencils I particularly love, use, and recommend are the KOH-I-NOOR Woodless Colour Pencils.

Even if the tip breaks, you can still write and color because it’s not set in wood.

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