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The Lowdown on How Your Metabolism REALLY Works

The Lowdown on How Your Metabolism REALLY Works

How your metabolism works and how it’s connected to calories and how to increase metabolism (or decrease it–yikes!)


This word “metabolism” is thrown around a lot these days.

I mean, you know that if yours is too slow you’re probably gaining weight and feeling more like a waddling cow than graceful mermaid (or that’s how I always felt anyway.) And you see some skinny girl that could be on a runway stuffing her face with Burger King and think, ‘Oh she has a fast metabolism.’

The truth is, we have a general ‘set’ metabolism, but it can be altered (thank goodness!) I’ll get into that in a minute. First we need to know: what exactly does this all mean?


how to increase metabolism


Well technically “metabolism” is the word to describe all of the biochemical reactions in your body. It’s how you take in nutrients and oxygen and use them to fuel everything you do.

Your body has an incredible ability to grow, heal, and generally stay alive. And without this amazing biochemistry, you would not be possible.

Metabolism includes how the cells in your body:

● Allow activities you can control (e.g. physical activity etc.).
● Allow activities you can’t control (e.g. heart beat, wound healing, processing of nutrients & toxins, etc.).
● Allow storage of excess energy for later.

So when you put all of these processes together into your metabolism you can imagine that these processes can work too quickly, too slowly, or just right.

Which brings us to the “metabolic rate”.


Metabolic rate


This is how fast your metabolism works and is measured in calories (yup, those calories!).

The calories you eat can go to one of three places:
● Work (i.e. exercise and other activity).
● Heat (i.e. from all those biochemical reactions).
● Storage (i.e. extra leftover “unburned” calories stored as fat).

As you can imagine the more calories you burn as work or creating heat the easier it is to lose weight and keep it off because there will be fewer “leftover” calories to store for later.

There are a couple of different ways to measure metabolic rate:

One is the “resting metabolic rate” (RMR) which is how much energy your body uses when you’re not being physically active.

The other is the “total daily energy expenditure” (TDEE) which measures both the resting metabolic rate as well as the energy used for “work” (e.g. exercise) throughout a 24-hour period.


What affects your metabolic rate?


In a nutshell: a lot!

The first thing you may think of is your thyroid. This gland at the front of your throat releases hormones to tell your body to “speed up” your metabolism. Of course, the more thyroid hormone there is the faster things will work and the more calories you’ll burn.

But that’s not the only thing that affects your metabolic rate.

How big you are counts too!

Larger people have higher metabolic rates; but your body composition is crucial!

As you can imagine muscles that actively move and do work need more energy than fat does. So the more lean muscle mass you have the more energy your body will burn and the higher your metabolic rate will be. Even when you’re not working out.

This is exactly why weight training is often recommended as a part of a weight loss program. Because you want muscles to be burning those calories for you.

The thing is, when people lose weight their metabolic rate often slows down which you don’t want to happen. So you definitely want to offset that with more muscle mass.

Aerobic exercise is another instance of how to increase your metabolism or metabolic rate. Your muscles are burning fuel to move so they’re doing “work”.


The type of food you eat also affects your metabolic rate!


Your body actually burns calories to absorb, digest, and metabolize your food. This is called the “thermic effect of food” (TEF).

You can use it to your advantage when you understand how your body metabolizes foods differently.

Fats, for example increase your TEF by 0-3%; carbs increase it by 5-10%, and protein increases it by 15-30%. By trading some of your fat or carbs for lean protein you can slightly increase your metabolic rate.

Another bonus of protein is that your muscles need it to grow. By working them out and feeding them what they need they will help you to lose weight and keep it off.

And don’t forget the mind-body connection. There is plenty of research that shows the influence that things like stress and sleep have on the metabolic rate.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to metabolism and how so many different things can work to increase (or decrease) your metabolic rate.

Serves Serves 4


Lemon Herb-Roasted Chicken Breasts
Save RecipeSave Recipe


  • 2 lemons, sliced
  • 1 tablespoon rosemary
  • 1 tablespoon thyme
  • 2 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
  • 4 chicken breasts (boneless, skinless)
  • dash salt & pepper
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive old


  1. Preheat oven to 425F. Layer ½ of the lemon slices on the bottom of a baking dish. Sprinkle with ½ of the herbs and ½ of the sliced garlic.
  2. Place the chicken breasts on top and sprinkle salt & pepper. Place remaining lemon, herbs and garlic on top of the chicken. Drizzle with olive oil. Cover with a lid or foil.
  3. Bake for 45 minutes until chicken is cooked through. If you want the chicken to be a bit more “roasty” then remove the lid/foil and broil for another few minutes (watching carefully not to burn it).
  4. Serve & enjoy!
  5. Tip: You can add a leftover sliced chicken breast to your salad for lunch the next day!


gluten free
dairy free
egg free
soy free
wheat free
seafood free
treenut free
sesame free
mustard free


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Losing weight for women can feel like an uphill battle, especially after 40 or after having kids! Find out ways how you can boost your metabolism, and how you may even be eating foods that decrease it! #weightloss #loseweightfast #losingweighttips #fitmom #healthfitness #healthyeating

Ways to Get Fit You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

Ways to Get Fit You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

5 Innovative and new ways to get fit that you’ve probably never heard of.

Collaborative post.


Getting fit doesn’t have to be a complete headache. There are plenty of fun activities you can do in order to get fit and work your body hard. It’s all about making sure you’re having fun while getting fit because if you are, you’ll be much less likely to give up and throw in the towel. In order to get fit, you have to stick to it and remain interested in your workout activities. So here are some of the fun new ways to get fit you probably haven’t tried before.


new ways to get fit


Trampoline Workouts


Bouncing up and down on a trampoline can actually be a great way to achieve a strong workout. There are many different ways in which these are used. Some gyms host classes that are driven by music and personal trainers use them for one on one fitness training too.

You should definitely give a try because these trampoline workouts can actually be really enjoyable. They somehow give us a sense of being a kid again. Plus they’re great for building lower body strength, core strength, and are a great cardio workout.


Water Walking


Have you ever seen people spinning around in those big clear balls on the water? They kinda look like hamster balls made for people. Well, that’s water working and it’s actually an incredible workout for your body.

On the water, these balls just keep moving and spinning, meaning you also need to keep moving around in order to stay balanced and upright. They’re incredible workouts for your core and balance.


Karaoke Spin Class


This is a spin class in the conventional sense, except you’re also singing as you ride on your exercise bike. It adds an extra dimension to the fun and it can help to take your mind off the pain and exhaustion you might be feeling as a result of all that cycling.

If you live to spin and you love to sing, it might make sense for you to find a class that combines the two if you’re looking for new ways to get fit.


Rock Climbing Treadmill


You’ve heard of rock climbing and you’ve heard of treadmills, but you might not have heard of a rock climbing treadmill. Well they exist, and you should try one of them out if you like rock climbing. One complaint many people have of traditional rock climbing is that you’re limited to the top of the rock. The treadmill version just keeps going until you’ve worn yourself out.


Antigravity Yoga


If you’ve tried yoga before and you didn’t like it, maybe that was because there was just too much gravity involved. Well, now you can try antigravity yoga and experience what it’s like to do yoga while part of your body is being held in a sling. It allows you to move freely and is a pretty unique experience; it’s not much like conventional yoga.

The benefit is that it’s less hard on your joints and trains you to work in different ways to achieve the same poses.


Getting fit is not always easy, but it’s worth finding ways of getting fit that works for you. That’s why you should consider the unusual options discussed above. Each of these ideas brings something new and fun to the process of getting fit and improving your health, and I totally recommend giving any of these a try if you have one of these options near you!


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If you're getting burnt out trying to get fit, read on! 4 super cool ways to get fit that you've probably never heard of, but definitely should try! #fitness #fitmom #moms #momlife #healthylifestyle

5 Fantastic Tips to Get Healthier as a Couple

5 Fantastic Tips to Get Healthier as a Couple

5 Fantastic ways to include your significant other so that you can get healthier as a couple.

Guest post by Mianna Korben.


Do you tell yourself you’ll start working out on Monday? Or that you’ll have just one more bag of chips before you start eating healthy? If so, we’ve all been there, and we know how difficult it can be to break bad habits. This is why you should not do it alone, but team up with your partner and start sweating together. Whether you’re going to get a joint membership at the gym or start dieting together having someone to support you and go through the same struggle with you, will make the road to a healthier lifestyle much more fun.


healthier as a couple


1.Go on outdoor dates


A five-course meal at a restaurant and a movie later definitely sound nice, but if you have those types of dates too often, your body won’t be very happy. So, think about skipping a few dinner dates, and enjoy the outdoors instead. A picnic at the park can be a great idea. Bring a ball or a Frisbee and stay active while also enjoying healthy food. Prepare fruit salad, bring some berries and Greek yogurt, and maybe some yummy veggies and even nuts to keep your daily fibre intake sufficient. Also, think about going for long walks in the evening, instead of laying in front of a TV with a big bag of chips.


2. Eat healthy


Sometimes, giving up chocolate, your favorite salty snacks, and sugary drinks can be a pain in the neck, but it’s very good for you. However, doing it with someone else will make the process much easier, so start cutting back on those sodas and chocolate bars, and replace them with fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. Do your best to buy whole foods and fresh ingredients whenever you can, because the fresher the food is the more nutritious it is. Grapes, avocados, apples, and vegetables like carrots and cucumbers are a much better choice than any greasy snack or processed food. Cooking together can also be a great idea. It’ll allow you to spend more time together, and experiment in the kitchen while improving your cooking skills and preparing healthy food.


3. Workout together


They say that the couple that sweats together, stays together, so put on those running shoes and start breaking some sweat. One of the activities that will be great for your body and your health is riding a bicycle. Whether you decide to ride it around the city, or maybe go a bit extreme and go mountain biking, as long as you’re together, you’ll have a lot of fun. If you need a sturdy and reliable bike, Bicycles Online offers a variety of great bicycles that will provide you with an amazing ride on every road. If a gym is your go-to option, think about having a joint membership and save a lot of money aside from taking care of your fitness. Working out at home is another good idea, so consider having weekend training, or even take some time every evening to do a bit of cardio, stretching or even a more intense workout if you have enough space.


4. Work on breaking bad habits together


If one or maybe both of you smoke, or maybe have some other bad habit, breaking it together as a couple will be a much better option than facing the problem alone. Therefore, talk about the issue that’s bothering you, and start working on it together. Analyze the problem, and let them know that you’re willing to go through it all with your partner because you care deeply about them. Remember to always stay positive, and include as much physical activity, healthy habits, and communication into the process, to make it as efficient as possible.  


5. Communicate openly


Keeping your mind healthy is as important as keeping your body fit and healthy. That’s why you should always speak your mind, but also listen to what your partner has to say. Don’t keep your emotions bottled up, because it can have negative effects on your mental and emotional health. Express yourself and try to work on all the problems together.

Sleeping problems, eating disorders, and depression are just some of the health issues you may end up with unless you speak openly with your partner about anything that’s been bothering you. So, meditating and doing yoga together will be a good way to spend time together and keep your mind calm as well. This will all increase your self-confidence and your energy levels, making you both look and feel better.


Final thoughts


Working on your physical, mental and emotional health is much easier if you’re not doing it alone. Breaking bad habits can be tedious, but if you’ have your partner to support you, everything will be much easier. Therefore, start your healthy lifestyle together with your partner, because a couple that takes care for their health together, stays together.


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Looking for ways to get healthy as a couple? Here are 5! Number 3 was a game-changer for us! #healthy #cleaneating #healthylifestyle #moms #momlife #marriagegoals

How Busy Moms Find Time To Stay Fighting Fit

How Busy Moms Find Time To Stay Fighting Fit

How busy moms stay fit with these 4 strategies.

Guest post by Jennifer Kitson.

Around eight in 10 adults say that women face significant pressure to be an involved parent, which is interesting considering that in this day and age, women make up nearly half the U.S. workforce. This pressure, combined with tough work hours, can sometimes cause us to neglect a vital component of family happiness: our own health and wellbeing.

Add to this the fact that one in four moms are raising their children on their own and it becomes easy to see how so-called ‘luxuries’ which are actually necessities (like getting enough exercise every day) can plummet to the bottom of the priority list. If one thing is clear when it comes to exercise, it is that perfectionism has little place in a busy lifestyle. That is, if you can only get in three days for a run, spin lesson, or visit to the gym, grab it!

Even if you can’t get away for an exercise session every day, regular exercise will help you physically, mentally, and even spiritually. There are many ways that you can make the most of the little time you have to stay fit and fabulous. Here’s how busy moms stay fit.

how busy moms stay fit

What are the barriers to regular exercise?


A study at Kansas State University has found that moms and dads face identical barriers to exercise. These include family responsibilities, guilt, lack of support, lack of time, and scheduling.

Clearly, you have to be realistic if you are to find actual time for physical fitness. For instance, have you really asked the people in your family or friends to lend a hand? Is there any way you can exchange favors with a trusted neighbor so that you can fit in at least a couple of good workouts a week? Can you talk with your boss or work flexible times, working a bit later on some days so you can ‘escape’ during your lunch hour to exercise on slower days?

It is simply impossible to comply with too many obligations. This means you need to think creatively and physically make more time by relying on the help of others and seeking support at work.

Dropping the superhero pressure


In her book Motherhood is a B#tch! 10 Steps to Regaining Your Sanity, Sexiness, and Inner Diva, entrepreneur Lyss Stern notes that it is easy to hit rock bottom when you are a busy parent who stops making time for yourself. She notes that “We all need to let go of whatever that perfect image is in our heads and be content and happy with who we are.”

This may mean foregoing the long cook-off to sneak out and do a Spin class or saying no to an extracurricular activity for your kids if they are already in little league, dance class, and swimming, so that you can take time off once or twice a week to get in shape.

Enriching our own lives makes it easier to bring our best, most ‘present’ self to our kids – which can be hard to do if we feel like we are giving everyone else too much of ourselves.

Finding the right workout


Both aerobic and strength workouts are prescribed for better fitness and strength. The way you go about achieving your daily recommended exercise, however, is subject to a lot of flexibility. You don’t need a full gym membership to achieve your targets. A basic weights set (including free weights and a bar for chest presses for instance) will suffice and can easily be stored at home.

If you have a gap between when you finish work and the kids get home, use it for a short but intense strength workout. There are many exercises you can do without a gym membership and even without weights. For instance, arm circles, tricep dips, and push-ups can be performed just about everywhere, even at the office. For the legs, simple lunges and calf raises can be practiced with books or light weights, as can box jumps or single leg hip raises.

In 15 to 20 minutes you can work up quite a sweat, so don’t knock the benefits of a home workout. To meet your aerobic workout targets, go for a brisk walk or run, complete a Zumba or other aerobic workout at home, or run up and down flights of steps during your lunch break at work.

Making time for stress relief


Stress is a killer, not only in the way that it affects our heart and other organ health, but in its ability to wrest from our motivation to stay fit and active. If you have a very high-stress job or you are undergoing a tough time in your personal life, taking a proactive approach is key.

Even if you have 10 minutes in your car or during your commute to work, download a breathing app. Controlled breathing has immediate benefits on stress and anxiety; for instance, it immediately drops your heart rate, which is great if you are feeling a bit of panic as you rush to work.

The Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week. If you’re strapped for time, opt for a high-intensity training session like CrossFit, many exercises from which you can perform at home or outdoors. Ensure you also complete twice-weekly strength training sessions, investing a small amount of money in weights for home use.

Finally, take a realistic approach to exercise, rewarding yourself for what you have accomplished rather than chastising yourself if you fail to meet your weekly exercise targets. Every bit counts, especially when time is precious.


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How To Maintain A Fitness Routine Without Burning Yourself Out

How To Maintain A Fitness Routine Without Burning Yourself Out

Guest post written by Mianna Korben.


Being a mom may be one of the most challenging things in life. This is especially true for the modern mum. After all, you have to balance your work and family life while still maintaining your physique. Many women give up on some of these goals along the way or reach the point of burning out of trying to have it all. It doesn’t have to come down to only these two options, though. Believe it or not, there are some ways to be the perfect mum without burning out.


maintain a fitness routine


1. Take it slow


You may be pumped up and motivated to get started, but you need to remember to pace yourself. Going hard will just make you want to go home. You’ll use up all your energy and efforts at once, leaving you tired, sore, and unmotivated. Let’s not mention how that won’t give you any results, either. Ease into your workout routine.

Start with a few basic workouts twice a week. Gradually increase the intensity as you get to know what your body can handle. It’s much more important to stay on track and maintain your routine rather than to give it your all and tire yourself out.


2. Stick to a schedule


Since there’s a lot to do on day to day basis, schedules can be a lifesaver. Pencil in your weekly workouts and stick to that schedule. It’ll be much easier to find the energy to devote yourself to the workout when you’ve already scheduled the time for it. Writing it down doesn’t leave room for the excuse “I don’t have enough time.”

What’s more, if the other members of your household know you’ve got a scheduled workout, it’ll be much easier to complete it. They won’t bother you or ask for your help with anything because they’ll know this is the time you take for yourself and your fitness goals.


3. Update your soundtrack


The essential part of any workout is a good soundtrack. Choosing your music must be a regular thing before starting your workouts. When you have something upbeat and energetic in the background, you can help but move to the beat. Music can help you move forward and cross your limits without tiring you out and burning yourself out.

That being said, you can’t just come up with one playlist and stick to it forever. It will lose its effects after a while because you’ll get used to it. Always strive to have a new and fresh workout playlist that’ll bring the best out of you and maximize your sessions.


4. Find a workout buddy


Working out with a friend can be the ideal solution to maintaining your fitness routine. You’ll have someone with the same goal in mind by your side. This will make the experience more fun as you’ll feel like you have someone to share everything with. The failure, the success, the varied workout routines- you’ll never have to go through it all alone.

What’s more, working out with a friend will mean you always have their support. It’ll be much easier to stay on track when you’ve always got someone to keep pushing you forward. Don’t forget to be the same kind of support for your friend, though. Finally, just think of all the fun workout routines you can come up with together.


5. Don’t be afraid to reach out for some help


Since it’s sometimes impossible for us to optimize our fitness routine ourselves, it’s okay to reach out for help. Your body probably won’t be able to handle all the stress of daily life plus a quality workout, which is why adding some supplements to your diet can help. Of course, they shouldn’t be your only muscle fuel but should work hand in hand with your eating habits.

A good idea is to create workout smoothies. This way, you’ll be ingesting protein through dairy, and vitamins through the fruits and veggies. Then you can add a spoonful of creatine to make the ultimate workout fuel. It will increase your performance, elevate muscle volume, and even improve your cognition. All the while, you won’t reach the burnout point while getting optimal results.


6. Get enough sleep


Sleeping is the key to reaching your fitness goals. Since your body is under a lot of pressure daily, what with your work, child, and exercise, it’s important to let it heal. The time when our bodies heal most is during sleep. That’s why you should strive for a full eight hours, or make time for a nap. If you don’t get enough sleep, that can have real consequences for your workout routine.

You won’t be able to keep up the pace and soon you’ll be too tired an unmotivated to try. In order to stay on track, you really need to know when it’s time for a break. Working out regularly will help you know your body’s limit and help you realize when to rest. Sleeping adequately will also be a huge contribution to not burning yourself out.


Being at the top of your game doesn’t need to be impossible. You can still have time to work out and improve your look despite being a devoted mother and employee. Keep your goals in mind and you’ll never lack the motivation to achieve them. Soon you’ll make all the other moms wonder how you manage to look so good while still being present in your child’s life.


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Having trouble staying on track with your fitness routine? It's easy to get burned out--check out these 5 ways to maintain without the overwhelming burnout. My #1 advice is #4. #fitness #healthy #healthylifestyle #momlife #lifewithkids

How to Break Through Frustrating Weight Loss Plateaus

How to Break Through Frustrating Weight Loss Plateaus

You know how when you really get going on a health binge, and you’re staying motivated and feeling freaking fantastic, even though it’s a lot of work (so much), but good work + change. And then you step on the scale and are totally deflated? Cause your weight hasn’t had to common courtesy to budge one ounce. Honestly, nearly every mom I’ve ever talked with about weight loss has her own personal frustrating story about the dreaded weight loss plateaus. But TBH-it usually goes along with having kids.

One of the things that sends so many women into a spiral of binge eating and negative emotions is the disappointment of trying so hard to lead a healthy lifestyle. Eating all of the right things, and doing lots of activity, only to find that the scales have not moved a single point. Weight loss plateaus are so frustrating for us Moms, because when we do take the time to focus on ourselves, but don’t see the benefits, it can feel like it’s not worth it.


How to get over a weight loss plateau plus free fitness planner


For emotional eaters, especially, this lack of progress is often enough to send us running right back to the chocolates, cookies, and chips. This is such a bummer when we’ve put in so much effort. Because weight loss plateaus are pretty common and not necessarily representative of the whole picture.

But the thing is, just because the scales have not moved doesn’t mean that no progress has been made. Inches may have been lost, muscle built, and health improved. But if those scales don’t move, trust me, I know it can be totally devastating!

It’s always a good idea to weigh only once a week and to look at the downward trend over weeks and months, rather than days so that you don’t fall prey to this kind of thinking that will set you back and make the problem much larger. That being said, if you have hit a true weight loss plateaus and it’s causing you to feel demoralized there are several tricks to try to break through and see some movement again.


1.Cut Down on the Carbs


There’s nothing wrong with having good complex carbs in your diet, whether you’re trying to lose weight or not – they can be very healthy. However, if you aren’t seeing much movement on the scales, it may be time to cut these a bit.

Replacing some of the carbs you’ve been eating with more leafy greens or other brightly colored veggies is a sure-fire way to get things moving in the right direction again. They’re lower in calories but full of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function optimally, and they’ll fill you up just as well if you eat enough of them.


Make a list of all the veggies you love and like, and add them to your grocery list. Cook them during your regular meals, then when you sit down to eat, only get 1/2 the carbs (grains or potatoes) you normally would and replace that other 1/2 with your extra servings of veggies. The bonus is that nearly every diet plan (if you’re following one) gives the green light to veggies. *Just be cautious of adding oils or butter if you’re counting calories.


2. Eat Plenty of Protein


If you’ve hit a weight loss plateau look at your protein intake. If you aren’t eating at least 30 percent of your calories in protein, up that amount. An adequate amount of protein in your diet can increase your metabolism so that you’re burning as much as 30 percent more calories than when you eat fat or carbs.

It also helps you to build more muscle (providing you’re doing strength training, of course) and since muscle burns calories too, it’s win-win for you.


Count your macros for a few days and see what your ratios are (carbs/protein/fat). Try bumping up the protein–which may mean cutting calories elsewhere if you’re calorie-counting. Quick ways to add more protein are plant-based protein powders you can make a quick shake with for breakfast or snacks. I use the Tone It Up brand, and it’s so good!


3. Try SAFE Fat Burners


There are lots of things, preferably natural, including green tea,  caffeine, and even supplements like garcinia cambogia that can help your body to burn fat more efficiently.

If you’re struggling with the numbers you see on the scales, adding them into your diet and exercise regime may be helpful. But if you go down the supplement route, you should always speak with your doctor first to ensure that it’s safe for you to take them.


Research supplements for quality and to make sure they don’t interfere with any conditions you have or meds you take, and then talk to your doctor before starting the supplements!



4. Up the Intensity


Increasing the intensity that you exercise is a usually awesome way to get yourself over weight loss plateaus. If you exercise at the same intensity for a long time, your body gets used to the effort you’re putting in and it doesn’t work as hard as it could or should eventually.

By running faster and further or cutting down your exercise time significantly but working out at maximum capacity, you can fire it up again and make your body burn those calories like there’s no tomorrow. 

HIIT is a fantastic way to do that as well. You’re using maximum effort in a smaller amount of time. But it kickstarts what could be stalling in your metabolism.


Are you currently doing strength training? If not, add it in 2x/week and see if that helps. If you already do, bump up your weights! And in either scenario, add HIIT!


5. Measure and Write it Down


Often, especially after we have been watching our intake for a while, we can slip into bad habits and start eating more calories than is ideal for the results we want. We don’t necessarily start eating junk food again, but our portions may get a bit bigger, or we may add a little more oil to the pan than is ideal.

One thing that can help to reign this in is both measuring everything we eat and writing down all of the things that pass our lips. You don’t have to do this forever – a week or two should be enough to get you back on track-  but it can be a very effective tool.

A great way to do this is with the Health + Fitness Planner for the Health-Motivated Mom. It helps you set goals for yourself, evaluate your current health and size, and then record your progress. Check it out by clicking the image below!


fitness planner plus healthy salad and workout shoes


The Bottom Line


Keep in mind that the scales are not always accurate when it comes to how well you’re doing on your journey to weight loss and better health. And you should definitely measure yourself regularly to check for inch losses. But if you aren’t seeing any losses on the scales, there are lots of simple things you can do to get over the weight loss plateau and keep moving forward. So don’t give up just yet and fall into old patterns, try something new!


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10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Work Out Every Day

10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Work Out Every Day

If I had a dollar for every time I wanted to bundle up in bed and binge on Game of Thrones instead of working out, I’d be like, SUPER RICH. But also super heavy, and super unfit. I get it, nobody wants to do it unless we have a mega reward, cause that’s just how the brain works. But did you know that you can also get that motivation from other places on the front end? Here’s 10 fantastic ways you can get and stay motivated to work out every day.


10 ways to stay motivated to work out every day


1.Find something you LOVE doing to stay motivated to work out!


Waaaay back in high school I used to do jazz, tap, and ballet dancing. What I discovered is that not only do I love ballet, but I also love what’s known as ‘toe’. This is a special class where you wear the toe shoes that have the wooden block in the end. It’s the kind of shoes professional ballet dancers wear. And even though they’re an evil wench on the toes and toenails, if you can cram enough cotton in there, it’s so dang fun!

Even today, I’d so much rather do a dance class than get on a treadmill. The treadmill bores me to tears. And I’m not alone in that. Tons of people find that when they have something they enjoy when it comes to fitness, it’s never an issue to stay motivated to work out every day.

 What things that involve being active do you LOVE doing? Make a list, search some classes, and figure out how to do one of those things regularly!


2. Find a Partner


Finding someone who’s also committed to working out like you are is a brilliant way to keep motivated. This is especially true if you’re a very social person, or even just want a little extra hang time with your friends. Or hey, maybe you and the spouse/partner want to spend a little more time together doing something besides the ole dinner and a movie! There are studies showing that when you workout with your spouse, you increase your emotional bond, are more likely to achieve your fitness goals, and are more likely to feel in love with each other!

Whatever the deciding factor of your who the lucky recipient is, this is a really good way to stay motivated to work out. You don’t want to let someone down, and it should work the same in reverse as well. You’re helping each other.


Think about your friends, family, and partner. Who is MOST LIKELY to want to work out with you, and actually keep up? Set a reminder to ask them, or send a text, or call them RIGHT NOW!


3. Find an accountability person or app


This works especially well if this person or app is the gatekeeper to a reward, and is strict. For your own sake, of course. I use the MyFitnessPal app to track a ton of stuff, but also like that once you start using it, it gives you reminders for things like working out, or even tracking your meals.

There are also apps that will either pay you for putting in the work for your fitness goals, AND take money away when you slack on them! Dietbet and Achievement are 2 that do this or something similar.

And if you choose a person to be accountable to, that person doesn’t necessarily have to be working out with you. They can simply be the person who’s agreed to stay on your butt about doing your workouts every day. And again–you can do the same for them!


 Think about your personality type. Can you be trusted with the reward? If not, find a gatekeeper person to be accountable to. Start searching for apps in your app store, or even Google it, to find the perfect app to give you reminders and keep you going!


4. Use a Tracker


Using a tracker can be SO incredibly motivational, because it gives you the satisfaction of a ‘checkoff’ when you’ve completed your workout for the day, but it also lets you see progress. Also, you’d be shocked at how many people have ‘just enough’ OCD to want to see every single box checked off on their tracking graph! 🙋‍♀️

Basically you’re setting yourself up to create a good habit, and to keep at it.

I use the Fitbit system on my phone–the app + the actual tracker. But I also take advantage of a physical planner as well. It’s so incredibly rewarding for me to see my hard work all charted out on paper!


If you’re thinking about a tracker, go ahead and research them! Figure out a budget, and compare different models for features and pricing. If you don’t have the money for one, check with your insurance company. Some will actually send you a simple pedometer for free through their ‘extra’ wellness benefits (you’ll have to dig in your account to find it!) Or try using an app that tracks it like the fitbit app. You don’t have to have the device to set up an account! Read about the Fitbit Charge 2 (what I use) and why I love it!


*Or, go ahead and sign up for the Newsletter and get your free Fabulously Fit Planner to keep track!


free fitness planner when you sign up for the newsletter


5. Reward Yourself


Creating a reward is a really powerful thing in creating a habit, or generating motivation. When you’re starting out, it’s probably a good thing to find some healthy immediate rewards. This can help instill that motivation based on the brain’s reward response. Over time this can change to a bigger long-term reward. That way, you’re always working towards something. Ya know, besides better health or a slimmer, hot bod.

Whatever system you use, determine how reliable you are to yourself. Do you just give in when things get tough and reward yourself anyway? Then find a gatekeeper. Or do you just give up and forget the reward? Then have smaller rewards for each small step accomplished.

The point is to establish that reward system for your brain to start hard-wiring it. It needs to know that there’s something good coming for the hard work!


 Come up with 5 different ‘little’ rewards just for getting the daily stuff done. Then think of a bigger reward for a bigger commitment (like, say… 2 weeks of working out, or even a month.) Then ask yourself if you’re reliable to NOT give yourself the reward if you don’t do your workouts. If not, find someone who’s a reliable gatekeeper for you.


6. Inspirational Boards


I’ll be honest, nothing motivates me to get my butt up like a pic of some chick with kicking abs or a muscled booty in a bikini. Another thing that does it for me are the commercials from Dancing With The Stars or other cool dance shows. They make me feel like I could shake my thang just like them, and it’s so exciting to me!! So I recognize that’s my motivation.

Many people have an idea in their head of how they want their body to look. If you’re more visual like this, an inspirational board may be perfect for you. And Pinterest is one of the BEST places to look for this type of inspiration! (Obvs.)


Determine if you’re more of a ‘digital’ or ‘analogue’ kinda person for a vision board. Then either start a board on Pinterest for fitness inspiration, or start printing or cutting out pics to make a board you can see every day.


7. Take a Hard Look at Your Habits


This kinda goes along with finding rewards, but you really need to understand the habits cycle. A habit is established when you have a trigger + reward. See if you can figure out the times of day you’re most motivated, and the least motivated, and if there’s a habit involved in that. Especially if you’re short on time for a workout.

I always HIGHLY recommend to any coaching clients that they take a hard look at their habits. Which ones are bad? Which are good? Do you have any that need to be established? Or nixed?


 Make a list of your habits (good and bad), and figure out what your reward is for them. WHY do you keep doing them? Once you have that, you’ve figured out which thing to change so you can start rewiring the habit. To learn more about the habit cycle and how to really change it, go through the free course below, or when you sign up you can download the ebook/workbook instead.



If you’re dealing with issues in habits, check out the free master-course What Good Mothers Do: Learning TRUE Self Care to Be the Best Mom + Partner You Can Be. One of the core foundational lessons walks you through the habits cycle and teacher you how to rewire your brain to nix bad habits and instill good ones.



8. Journal about it


Journaling can solve many of life’s angsts. Just being able to get down on paper how you feel about working out, if you’re lacking that motivation, can help work through the pushback. It can also help you recognize what things make you feel motivated so you can find more of that to keep you on track!

I also especially love health and fitness affirmations. They put me–and keep me–in the right frame of mind to really keep my fitness at the forefront of my priorities.


 Put a composition book or pretty journal on your shopping list (or grab one at Amazon!) and start journaling when you don’t feel motivated, AND when you’ve pushed through a workout and have finished. Circle the emotions you’ve listed and start working through what your real issue may be.


9. Try something new


Many people end up getting bored out of their minds with the same ole same ole. Especially when it comes to doing circuits or sets of things.

If you find yourself in this category, find something new to try. How about a zumba class or soul cycling? You honestly never know if you’ll like it until you try it.

And some wise words I’ve heard about trying new things is to give it 3 good honest chances before you decide against it. It could be an off day for the instructor or condition of what you’re trying. Give it a real shot with an open mind MINIMUM of 3x. Then make your final decision.


 Think about things others have been trying to get you to try with them. Think about new things you’ve seen lately and found intriguing. Come up with 3-5 new things and schedule in to give them a try! (Many places will give you a free week/month trial!) And don’t forget to give it at least 3x before you decide on a yes or no!


10. Post Inspirational Pics and Quotes everywhere


I LOVE these because the quotes are so thought-provoking to really turn my attitude around when I’m not feeling it. The pics do great too since, like I said, I’m very visual when it comes to motivation.

I love to find pics to either print out from online, or that I’ve found in fitness mags, and post them on my bathroom mirror, or in the kitchen, or wherever I may be when it’s time to work out and I may be feeling that lack to stay motivated to work out.

And–again–Pinterest is a great place to find these!


 Think about where you’re most likely to see your inspirational pics if you post them up. Where are you RIGHT WHEN you need motivation or are thinking about your workout for the day? THAT spot is where you need to post these! And hey, this may be the perfect place to make your vision board and post it!


How do you stay motivated to work out every day? Let me know in the comments below!


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Having problems staying motivated to work out? Every day can be a challenge for women, whether you're losing weight or just getting fit. Challenges can help you set goals for yourself, and these other 10 awesome ways have been super helpful for me as well! Especially try out numbers 8 and 9!! #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnesstips #fitnessgirl #inspirational



7 Things That Happen to Your Body When You’re Walking Every Day

7 Things That Happen to Your Body When You’re Walking Every Day

The many health benefits of walking as part of your fitness routine.


There are a lot of good reasons to start walking. It’s fun, it’s relaxing, and most importantly: it’s good for your health. Heading out for a walk each day is a great way to motivate you to stick to your walking schedule until you start to see results. Plus it has a TON of health benefits that you don’t want to miss out on!


The reasons and benefits of making walking a mandatory part of your fitness routine


Walking Gets You Outside In The Fresh Air and Sunshine


No matter how fast or slow you go, walking gets you outside and in the fresh air. This alone will make you feel better as your body absorbs the oxygen and sunshine. Both are so important for your health and well-being!

Believe it or not, outside air quality, particularly if you go for a walk on the beach or in a park, is much better than the air inside your house. And of course, the sunshine will help your body produce much needed Vitamin D!


Figure out your best time of day to get outside to walk–don’t forget to account for weather! Now GO put it in your schedule!

Walking Can Help You Get To And Maintain A Healthy Weight


Did you know walking is a fantastic way to drop pounds OR maintain your current weight? Yes, you still need to watch what you eat and aim for a healthy diet, but walking can be another tool to help you drop those extra pounds.

The nice thing about walking when you’re overweight is that you burn a lot of calories, even on short and slow walks, simply because you’re carrying so much weight around with you. As you start to lose the weight, your overall strength and endurance increases, allowing you to walk longer, further, and faster.

I’ve found a great book that shows you how intermittent walking (alternating between a normal pace and super fast pace) helps if you’re walking to lose weight. It’s called Walking the Weight Off For Dummies, and also has walking plans for you to get to your ideal fitness goals + weight goals.


Think about what your goal is in walking: *Just a means to stay healthy? *To take weight off? *To maintain your current weight? *To help elevate your mood? >>>Whatever the reason, write your goal and work backwards to figure out how to make it happen!


Walking Improves Your Sense Of Balance And Coordination


As you walk, particularly when walking over rougher terrain, you’re also working on your sense of balance and coordination. Just getting in the habit of going for a daily walk will help. But you can work even more on your sense of balance by moving your head around. Turn your head to the right and left as you walk for a count of 30. Then move your head up and down for a count of 30. If you do these simple exercises once or twice as you walk each day you’ll get even more benefits.


Set a reminder on your phone to move your head around during your scheduled walks!


Walking Strengthens Your Bones and Muscles


Even though walking is a low impact form of exercise it helps to strengthen and tone your body. Even low impact force like walking makes your body build muscle and bone fibers that strengthen those tissues.

If you’re just starting out, it is all you need to start to get into better shape. As you get more fit, consider adding weight lifting exercises in addition to your daily walks to continue to get stronger and help develop strong muscles and bones.


Which parts of your body would you like to build more strength in? Research ways to do it with the help of walking. For example: wearing ankle weights, tightening core, walking with hand weights, etc. Then get the equipment you need, and get out there!


Walking Will Boost Your Mood and Fight Depression


Walking actually releases endorphins that will help lift your mood and can even reduce depression. Give it a try. The next time you’re feeling tired or are in a bad mood, lace up your sneakers and go for a brisk walk. It works like a charm. Especially if you’re able to walk in a forest or practice forest bathing at the same time.


What time of day do you feel your lowest in terms of mood? Schedule in a walk outside about 30 minutes BEFORE the yuck sets in!


Walking Is The Perfect Low Impact Exercise


If you haven’t exercised in a while, or are looking for something easy you can do every single day give walking a try. It’s the perfect low impact way to exercise. It’s easy to do, you don’t need any special equipment and you can start at the fitness level you’re at.


If you’re not in the best of shape, start by going for a 10 or 15 minute walk around the neighborhood and work your way up from there. If you’re already in great shape, walking can still provide an effective workout. Walk fast and incorporate some hills and even stairs.

Find a pair of comfortable shoes, put them on and go for a stroll through your neighborhood. You could also find a local park with a nice path you can walk on. If the weather doesn’t permit walking outside, head to your local mall and walk or hop on a treadmill.

You can even walk in place at home in front of your TV. Here’s a simple little idea to get you moving more. As you’re sitting on the couch at night watching TV, get up during commercial breaks and march in place until your favorite TV show comes back on. If you’re using a service like Netflix, make yourself walk in place for 10 minutes in between episodes. Or turn on the TV and challenge yourself to march in place during the entire show. Time will fly while you’re having fun watching TV and moving.

I personally won’t allow myself to watch my trashy TV unless I’m on the tread-climber at the same time. Most episodes last between 30-45 minutes, and give me the perfect amount of time to get in a good walking workout.

If you’re walking outside mix up your route and walk in different areas of town, or visit different parks. Invite a friend to come along with you to walk. It’s always nice to have someone to talk to and having a walking buddy keeps you accountable. Last but not least, grab your phone and listen to music or audio books as you walk to make the time go by faster.

The main thing is that you get out there, move around, and get some exercise in a way that’s gentle on your joints, your heart, and the rest of your body. And that’s what walking will do for you.

Walking Can Help You Lower Your Blood Pressure And Strengthen Your Heart


Walking also has the ability to help lower your blood pressure and strengthen your heart. Many people at risk for stroke and heart disease are overweight, unhealthy, and have a hard time exercising. Thankfully, walking is an easy, low-impact workout that almost anyone can do.

If you have any health conditions and in particular, if you’re suffering from high blood pressure and are at risk for heart disease, discuss your walking plans with your doctor. The two of you can come up with a plan that’s appropriate and safe for you.

Getting out and walking will help you on several different levels. The act of walking itself is very relaxing and will lower your blood pressure soon after the walk. That’s a terrific benefit of walking and something that will help you feel better right away. But the benefits don’t stop there.


The regular exercise will strengthen your heart. Remember your heart is a muscle and going for a brisk walk works out more than your leg muscles. As you work out your heart, it gets stronger and better at pumping blood through your body. And as you strengthen your muscles and your body overall, you are likely losing body fat. That’s good news for your blood pressure long term. All it takes is heading out there for a short little walk each day. As you get stronger those walks will get longer. At that point you may even give swimming or riding your bike a try.

Healthy diet, regular exercise, and losing weight are some of the most effective ways to reduce hypertension regularly. Add to that the fact that walking helps you de-stress and it’s no wonder that walking regularly has such beneficial effects on your health. Ready to get started?


Start where you’re at. Just put on your shoes and head out there. If all you can do is walk for five to ten minutes, start there. It’s a great start and that’s a lot more exercise than you’ve been getting. Stick with it for a week and then see if you can make it for 15 minutes.

If you can go for 30 minute walk, start there. Pick up the pace, walk briskly and after a week or two, try to go for 45 minute walks. Or break up your walking workout into 3 shorter sessions interspersed throughout your day.


The perfect way to get starting improving your health with walking is to download the Fabulously Fit Planner + Tracker–it’s FREE when you sign up for the Newsletter!! {Click the image below!}


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Fitness doesn't have to be hard! Walking is an awesome way to get started for beginners, specially if you're trying to lose weight. A walking workout shapes your legs, and boosts your circulation to help lower blood pressure and build your heart health--that's motivation enough for me! Whether you walk for weightloss or to get into nature, the benefits are crazy good! Check out my strategy for getting in 30-45 minutes! #health #workout #weightloss #fitness #exercise



4 Tips to Get Your Kids Into Eating Well and Getting Fit

4 Tips to Get Your Kids Into Eating Well and Getting Fit

One of my biggest wake-up calls in really getting serious about getting back into shape–after the last baby–was when I bought some home workout equipment. The kid’s wouldn’t leave it alone!! I was super annoyed that they were getting into my stuff, invading my alone time, and totally negating any mental benefit it had hoped to get from a home workout. But one night, completely defeated, I sat back on my bed and just watched to see what they’d actually do with these apparently fascinating newfound thingamajiggies.

I was so surprised that they took an active interest in working out! They didn’t have the same negative outlook that most adults have about it. They just thought it was fun to do what Mom did. It had never struck me before that the kids would be great workout partners!

Thinking about finally getting back on your feet and start getting fit again? One of the most enjoyable ways to lose weight while getting fit is to get others involved. Whether it’s a friend that you compete with or family members that you can chat and interact with while you exercise, having people to lose weight with makes it far easier and more interesting. Unfortunately, when it comes time to get your kids into eating well and getting fit, things can get a little more complicated.

They might get frustrated, they might get lazy and they might slip into bad habits again after a bit of exercising. Or they may very well just pick up the darn kettlebells and follow along. Here are some tips to get your kids to pick up healthier habits and lose weight together with you.



4 tips to get your kids into eating healthy + getting fit plus get a FREE fitness planner tracker


1.Go shopping together


One of the best ways to teach your kids about staying a healthy weight is telling them about calories and nutrients. The next time you go shopping together, try and point out things like calorie counts and how many nutrients each type of food gives. When they pick out sweets that they want to eat, teach them that those sweets are full of empty or bad nutrients and show them the numbers, then teach them about healthier alternatives. Check out this guide from to learn more about nutrients and how to teach your kids about them.

Teaching kids about nutrients can be difficult especially if they’re young, but it can instill some excellent habits in them from a young age. Make sure you do everything you can to simplify and consider using learning tools to help your kids understand nutrients. Your kiddos might also learn about food and different vitamins and nutrients in their lessons at school, and you can expand on this with your own knowledge.

It’s equally important to teach your kids why the sweets they’re eating are bad. And why nutrients matter and how they help our bodies. Of course, it’s a bad idea to deprive your children of ‘fun’ foods all the time. Which makes this a perfect time to also talk about moderation and special times to have sweets. 


Find a tool to help you have the conversation with your kids about ‘good food’ and ‘bad food’. Then sit down and have the conversation! Use shopping trips to give real-life examples and let them help make smarter choices about the snacks and other foods you buy.


2. Follow a fitness plan


Perhaps the best way to get your kids into eating well and getting fit is to follow a fitness plan. Sites like are great for learning tips on how to stick to a diet plan and can give you plenty of useful ideas on how you can approach weight loss. You’ll want to get your kids involved when you write up the plan. So consider everything from the foods you eat to the exercises you do. And get them involved in the process. Kids love having input!

Make sure that the activities and foods in your fitness plan fit your kids. You don’t want them to feel bored or feed them foods they don’t enjoy. Because that’s a quick way to demotivate them. Try and find substitutes for the foods that are listed on the fitness plans. Or consider looking up fitness plans that are more suitable for kids.


1-Make a list of foods everyone likes (or will eat) and note what they don’t like. Then use a program like Real Plans to find recipes that include or exclude specific foods to make everyone happy! 2-Make a plan for working out that includes the kids. Could you all ride your bikes together? Walk together? Give them playground time while you do strength exercises on the playground equipment? How about even yoga? Find something that works for everybody!


3. Reduce screen time and increase active time


One of the biggest problems with today’s kids is that they spend far too much time lounging with electronics and video games. Check out this article from for tips on how to reduce your child’s screen time. Then convert that time into something more productive and active. 

Trying to drag your kids away from their screens can be hard. A good tip is to begin to do it at an early age so that they’re more likely to cooperate and expect it. Instead of using electronics to stay in touch with friends, tell them to get active and visit their friends at the park or at least go over to their homes instead of just chatting online. This is a great way to get all the kids in the neighborhood to be more active. 


1-Determine an appropriate screen time rule with your husband for your kids. Then assign days or times for each parent to be the monitor. (Trust me, the kids are counting on you to forget!) 2-If there’s a way for kids in the neighborhood to play together (like a park, or maybe rotate homes to play at), get with other parents and try to set up a regular play time! Maybe the other parents are willing to even rotate homes or who monitors at the playground!


4. Plan more family activities


Simply cutting screen time isn’t enough to get your kids more active. Go a step further and convince them to get outside, get active and do more interesting outdoor things. For instance, you could plan to go camping together as a family, you could go for regular bike rides or you could even go on frequent holidays to other towns and nearby destinations that aren’t expensive. Create a bucket list where everyone has input and do those things!

When planning family activities, make sure you try and add in a couple of fun and active sports. For instance, if you’re going camping, then bringing a soccer ball or even a badminton net is a great way to get your kids active. If you’re going to the beach, bring a football, frisbee, or even a kite. Similarly, if you’re just going to a relaxing countryside location, try and get out for hikes and explore the scenery to get them moving. Scavenger hunts can be found online for nearly any scenario you can think of!


1-Have a family meeting (or even ask at dinner) to see what kind of family activities your kids would love to do together. 2-Then schedule in some family time that’s non-negotiable. 3-Be prepared by packing balls, kites, hiking gear, etc for your trip. 4-Print out your scavenger hunts or work together to create your family’s bucket list. {Click the appropriate season to get ideas and print a free bucket list generator for your family!}: FALL    WINTER    SPRING


An awesome way to track your workouts with your kiddos + plan your healthy meals and snacks together is to download and use the Fabulously Fit Planner + Tracker! You can get it FREE when you sign up for the Newsletter! Click the image below to get started!


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Have your kids got lack of motivation except for electronics, video games, and eating junk? Here are 4 tips and ideas to challenge your kids to eating healthy + clean and instead getting outside for workouts from playing, fun programs, activities, and games! #fitness #kids #healthyeating #cleaneating #eatclean


How to Make Daily Health Habits a Part of Your Self Care

How to Make Daily Health Habits a Part of Your Self Care

3 Ways to hardwire your brain to actually want to do nourishing health habits daily.

Collaborative post.


You know how when you’ve made a commitment to yourself that you’re gonna get out there every day? You’re gonna run those miles, or do those million sets of squats, or you’re gonna plank like there’s no tomorrow? And then you do it for like a week and half…and then sorta let it slide? You’re not doing yourself any favors, because you’re letting yourself down. You know how? By letting daily health habits be made in the negative sense. You’re training yourself to quit after a week and a half. And that’s not cool.

A huge part of Self Care for Moms lies in making sure your body is running well with daily health habits. The truth is that making these habits stick in your daily life is something that you can easily take on board, as long as you know how. It’s the kind of thing that will drastically improve your overall quality of life as well. You’re opening the door to a much happier and more fulfilled life, so trust me when I tell you it’s worth it to make these things stick, Mama!


daily health habits, how to work out every day, mom health, mom fitness, how to stay fit, health habits


1-Talk About It


Studies have shown that when you actively engage in frequent conversation about something, it has a direct way of making it much more a part of your life. Essentially what you focus on becomes real and increases in this way over time. So make a real concerted effort to talk about your own health goals and fitness levels with friends as much as possible–but without boring them.

If you feel like your friends are getting to their breaking point with your ‘health-speak’ (hey, it happens), chat with other fitness fanatics and friends you meet at the gym. The more you talk about it, the more a part of your life it is. So consider this if you are serious about getting into shape or just getting a little more healthy.


Think about who you can talk with in your life about your health goals. Pinpoint those that are already active, as well as friends and other fitness fanatics. Have open conversations and talk about your goals. And make sure to keep an open mind if you get input–great ideas come from advice and/or collaborations when you least expect it sometimes!


2-Bring It Home


If you are really serious about being healthier, it’s a great time to find a good way of bringing it into your home. (Remember that your kids learn by watching your actions!) This can be actually surprisingly easy, and it’s something which will instantly make an enormous difference to your overall health levels.

One of the best ways of doing so is to build and design your own home gym with simple equipment– something which is actually much easier than you might think. If you take a look at you’ll see that you need to put a lot of thought into different elements of the design, but as long as you do you’re bound to end up with a home gym which you can use whenever you want. 

Another way to bring it into your home is to learn about healthy, clean eating. Then cook these meals for your family. Meal planning makes this super easy!


1-Figure out ways to bring the healthy habits right into your home in plain sight for your kiddos to see! I guarantee they’ll be curious at minimum–and best-case scenario–they’ll want to work out too! 2-Find some healthy meals and transition over from higher fat/calorie/sugar meals seamlessly with meal planning! Check out Real Plans–they’re super easy and have all eating styles and the option of recipes from your fave health food bloggers!


3-Track Progress


If you don’t ever track your progress, you can’t really be sure of whether or not you’re getting anywhere, and that only means that you are more likely to let your practices slip. However, if you make a point of keeping a diary or tracking yourself in some other way, you can much more easily make your health a big part of your life, and in a way which will really make a huge difference too. Remember this and try to find a way that will work for you. For more on tracking, see


Think about your personality type when it comes to fitness. Do you do better with a solid step by step plan in place? Or are you more of a ‘resolve to do it in the slots where I have time available’ type? Either way, tracking will be essential to keep you on track!



The perfect way to track your fitness is with the Fabulously Fit Planner + Tracker! Join the Newsletter by clicking the image below to snag it for free!


free fitness planner when you sign up for the newsletter


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daily health habits, how to work out every day, mom health, mom fitness, how to stay fit, health habits