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6 Reasons Why Starting Your Own Business Could Be For You

6 Reasons Why Starting Your Own Business Could Be For You

Busy Mamas have lots of responsibility when it comes to managing household finances. And with it comes figuring things out, like how to pay down debt, or even how to save for vacation when we’re already at capacity. Many Moms have found that its actually doable to make some money on the side to make up for the deficit. But have you thought of starting your own business? You may find that being an entrepreneur is actually the ultimate side hustle turned career.


6 reasons why starting your own business may be for you


There are some caveats, though. You might be reluctant to start your own business if…


  • You are currently very happy with your career choice, so taking your foot off the career ladder may be pointless and irrational.


  • Adding the rigors of running a business may be the last thing you need to add to your busy agenda.


  • You don’t know the first thing about running a business, perhaps because you lack some of the skills needed in your own life, be that managing your finances, or lacking the subtle skills of self-promotion, as examples.


Considering the first two points, you may decide in favor of starting a business later in life, or not at all if you’re happy with where you are. With regards to that last point, you shouldn’t let your lack of skills put you off. You can learn the basics of running a business through research and training. You can outsource the things you are weakest at to others (such as an accountant if finances aren’t your bag), and you can find ways to promote your business without needing a degree in the subject.

Take a look at the inventive way you can promote your brand on this website, for example. So don’t be put off if this is the main reason why starting your own business may not have been high on your bucket list of dreams. Because you see, provided you do have some time in your life to focus on something else, starting your own business could be the best thing you do today.


These are some of the reasons why!


By starting a business, you can become your own boss.


No longer do you have to ‘stick it to the man,’ working for somebody else with all the challenges that can involve. You can do your own thing, setting your own rules, and answering to yourself for a change. There’s no usual 9 to 5, you don’t have to face the battles of the daily commute, and you don’t have to work with people who may/may not do your head in on a daily basis! You have the freedom to do what you want, and provided you manage your time effectively to get the jobs done each day, you can also improve your work-life balance.


By starting a business, you can do something more interesting than your everyday job.


This is especially true for those of you stuck in a job that has taken you away from the aspirations you had when you were younger. While running a business will still have its boring aspects – paperwork, budgeting, spreadsheets – you may still have more drive to get on with these tedious tasks when you are enjoying the rest of the business that you have created. You can always outsource certain jobs to others. This will give you time to do more of the stuff you love, and less things you hate!


By starting a business, you can follow your passions.


Following on from the above, if you have something you enjoy doing in your downtime, you might be able to base your business around these pastimes. Having more time to engage with what you enjoy, and by making money from your hobbies, you will have what many people can only dream of. A truly fulfilling job! If your current career isn’t offering you that level of satisfaction, then running a business based around your favorite leisure activities may be the next best of thing.


By starting a business, you can have a second income.


Not ready to take your foot off the career ladder? Enjoy the job you already have? Fine, you can still start a business, provided you don’t burn yourself out in the process. You see, your own business could be a sideline you do on the weekends. It can be something you dip in and out of, dependant on the time you have to commit to it. It can be something as simple as selling your crafts online or freelancing your services to others whenever you have an open window in your schedule. You may eventually replace your current career with your business, especially when you start to make a profit. Or you might always keep it ticking nicely alongside your regular job. Whatever the case, you will benefit from the money it generates, and that is never a bad thing!


By starting a business, you can make a difference to somebody else’s life.


Running a business is not just about you, and the benefits you will receive from the endeavour. It can be about helping others, whether it’s employing others to get them off the unemployment line and the negative career paths they are on, or forming a business that is philanthropic in nature, such as beginning a charity. Of course, your business should benefit others anyway. The product and service you provide will also positively impact others in some way. Even if you are money-oriented in your focus. In short, your business can benefit everybody!


By starting your own business, you will positively change your life.


Putting the onus back on your life again, you may never look back after beginning this endeavor. You’ll make more money and have the opportunity to invest into your future. New people will be met ever day that you can learn from their experiences. And, you will meet challenges head-on and grow as a person as you overcome them. You will learn valuable skills that may help you in other ways. Also, you will do something that few others have the courage to do. And will have a sense of pride from the accomplishment. Running a business can be demanding and scary. But it can also be exhilarating, rewarding, and as we said, life-changing. You may never regret the decision. Especially if your life isn’t where you want it to be at this present moment in time.


So, what do you think? Could starting a business be the best thing you do today? Or even tomorrow, next week, or sometime next year? Whether you begin something large or small, there are many reasons why running a business could be best thing you ever do.


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If you've been questioning whether you should be starting a business online or not, entrepreneurship isn't for everyone. Here's a checklist of questions to ask if you'd like to start a business from home, even with no money.

4 Online Money Management Tools You Need

4 Online Money Management Tools You Need

As Moms who manage our household budgets, we’re always looking for ways to simplify it. But also to help keep track with little fuss. There are a lot of applications and websites out there which claim to help you with your money. From simple budgeting apps to systems that can provide automated advice when it comes to the decisions you make, the range of options you have in this area is massive. We’ve found four of the lesser-known, but still very powerful, online money management tools to improve your money.


4 online money management tools you need plus Free printable household budget binder




In a lot of cases, the best help you can get with your money will have to be direct. This doesn’t mean that a human has to give it to you, though. Today’s computers are getting very good answering the sort of questions humans like to ask. Online money management tools like Nerdwallet can help you to pick between the various options you have available at the moment, and it will be worth keeping an eye on this field. As time goes on, these systems are learning, and this means that they will only get more useful.


Keeping Records


Accounting applications have been getting more and more popular over the last few years, but far too many people still find themselves keeping records using traditional methods. Unfortunately, tools like Freshbooks are still very complicated, and this makes them hard for normal people to sink their teeth into. By making a paycheck stub online, you can solve this issue, while still keep track of your money. These online money management tools make it a great way to handle this side of finance.


Affordable Investment


Putting money away can be hard when you don’t have an investment tool behind you, and a lot of people find themselves daunted with stock trading apps and other professional tools. To help you to get around this, there are loads of systems which are designed to make this process simple. Instead of having to learn about an entire field, you can get to grips with a game-like app. And this is much more fun for most people.




Three things can can practically wipe out the chances of overspending. First, being able to see exactly how much money you have in your account all the time. Second, how much is going to be going out on bills. And third, what will be left over at the end of it . You’ll be able to relax knowing that your money is in a good position, all while improving the control you have over it. Online money management tools like Monefy are great for this. Especially if you’d prefer to use your smartphone to do this sort of work.


This post should give you everything you need to start the process of improving your money with the power of the internet. This sort of process doesn’t have to be a challenge. Especially with the help of online reviews and blogs. Along with all of the other resources which can be found around the web.


Get your free printable Household Budgeting Binder by clicking the image below!


Tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Don't know how to even start budgeting? Add this free household budget printables binder to your tools! Use the worksheet template for monthly money management to track those expenses! #money #budget #finance


What online money management tools have you used to make your personal finance management easier? Let me know in the comments below!


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Personal finance doesn't have to be a pain to track! From free printable planners to online products, try these tips and ideas to get your life finances in awesome shape! #money #finance #budget #apps #online


5 Changes To Create A Less Stressful Home Environment

5 Changes To Create A Less Stressful Home Environment

As busy Moms, it becomes very difficult to come home from a stressful day just to deal with a stressful environment. A less stressful home is key to being able to relax in your own personal family space. Believe it or not, there are many more things that go into self care besides just having alone time or me-time. Self care also includes reducing stress overall. And a major place you should start is your home environment. Here are five changes you should make at home to create a less stressful home space.


5 changes to create a less stressful home environment


Clear And Organize Clutter


Whether you realize it or not, when your home is filled to the brim with clutter, it can cause a fair amount of stress and anxiety. This makes it almost impossible to relax, especially in the bedroom.

Because of this, it’s essential that you get things under control by going through your home and getting rid of anything you no longer want or need. Once you’ve had a good clear out, you should go around your house again, organizing all of the belongings you have left.

One major thing I personally did for a less stressful home is a mega purge. I took this course and learned how clutter affects our stress levels, and then DID something about it! Click the image below if you’re interested in learning about this life-changing course as well!


If you're tired of cleaning, and tired of being controlled by the clutter, this course is for you!


Brighten The Place Up


Relaxing in a dark room can feel calming on the odd occasion, but living in a poorly lit house can leave you feeling anxious, on edge, irritable, and moody. With that in mind, it’s essential that you brighten the place up a little. You can do this by adding more lamps and light fittings, like the ones at

You should also enhance the levels of natural light, by opening your curtains or blinds and adding mirrors to your walls.


Add Plenty Of Greenery


Plants, flowers, and other greenery can have a huge positive impact on your home, leaving you feeling happier, more creative, and less stressed. They also help to improve the air quality inside your house, as they remove carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This will help you to breathe better, immediately boosting your mood.

Just be sure that you don’t clutter up the space with large plants, as this could make you feel claustrophobic.


Cut Down On Technology


Watching television and scrolling through social media can help you to relax a little. But spending a large portion of your time using technology will start to affect your mental health, making you feel depressed and anxious.

Because of this, you should try to cut down on the length of time you use tech, by choosing to put devices away at certain times of the day. You should also try to keep technology away from your bedroom, to improve your sleep quality.


Create A Zen Corner


No matter how big or small your home is, it’s crucial that you have somewhere that you can go to relax and be by yourself. This will act as your zen den, station, or corner, and is the perfect place to meditate, practice yoga, or just regroup.

If you need some help creating your zen space, then you can visit for some tips. This area can be whatever you want it to be, as long as it helps you to relax and destress.


Your home is supposed to be the one place in the world where you can relax and feel truly comfortable. If it isn’t serving this purpose and is actually a source of stress, be sure to follow the tips above and create a more calming space. And remember this is actually a HUGE part of self care!

Ready to tackle even MORE True Self Care? Get your time back, create GOOD habits for yourself, and kick that Mom-guilt to the curb with the TRUE Self Care Course or Ebook! It’s FREE! Click the image below to get started!



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Believe it or not, having a stress free home environment is a HUGE part of self care! Find out how to create a stress free home environment for you and your family! #home #declutter

How to Protect Your Family’s Long-Term Financial Security

How to Protect Your Family’s Long-Term Financial Security

Alright, if you’re a parent, then it won’t be breaking news if we say that it’s not an easy role to have. However, while it’ll never be a walk in the park, there are certain things you can do to make it easier on yourself. For example, if you develop long-term good financial health, then all those possible stressful moments in life – upsizing, affording college, Christmas presents, and so on – will be much easier to manage. But how do you achieve long-term financial security? We take a look at a few ways below.


5 ways to protect your family's long-term financial security


Get Saving for Long-term Financial Security


The easiest way to ensure long-term financial security is to get saving! Most Americans say they wouldn’t be able to find $400 in an emergency, but guess what? An emergency is definitely going to pop up, be it a household emergency or broken down car, and then what happens? The charge goes on a credit card, which can’t be paid off, and drags the person down into debt. So get saving. If you cut your expenses down (and everyone can cut their expenses down) and transfer the saved money to a savings account, you’ll have something to tide you over when the emergency arrives.


Invest In Yourself


The best way to ensure you’ll always have long-term financial security is to make yourself employable. Even if you currently have a job, it’s worthwhile investing in yourself. This means in the form of courses, seminars, and so on. You shouldn’t assume that you’re going to have your present job forever, because, in all likelihood, you won’t; it’s predicted that AI will take some 40% of jobs in the next decade. And yours might be on of them. If you’ve invested in yourself, then you won’t find it as difficult as those who assumed they had a job for life to find new work.


Get What You’re Entitled To


Sometimes when things go wrong, all the costs are on you. You’ll just need to suck up the cost and pay it. At other times, however, the costs aren’t on you at all. If you’ve been in an accident that wasn’t your fault, then your family doesn’t have to bear the costs of your lost wages and expensive medical bills. Instead, you can hire a lawyer to fight for the money that’s rightfully yours. It’s also worth looking to check if you’re entitled to any tax breaks; those breaks exist for a reason, so use them.


Diversify Income


It’s always good practice to diversify your income, even if you have a stable job. You never know what’s going to happen! If you’re currently just getting paid from your work, look at dabbling in the stock market or investing in property. The more sources of income you have, the less exposed you’ll be should one source of income be compromised.


Protect Yourself


And finally, it’s obvious, but make sure you have as much insurance as necessary. It can be the difference between financial ruin and barely noticing that something bad has happened, really!


Snag your Household Budgeting Binder by clicking the image below! No excuses not to–it’s free!


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Long-term financial security comes in many forms! I was shocked at the statistics of women and families that aren't debt free! There are some great posts, articles, and products out there, but it's only as good as your effort! People like Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey do some great work dealing with debt, retirement, and credit score. Do you do your part to ensure this for your family?


Getting Back to Your Normal Self After a Car Accident

Getting Back to Your Normal Self After a Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident, whether in the car, on a motorbike, or being involved as a passenger, can be very stressful. You might end up quite badly injured and will require a significant amount of time out of your usual routine to help your body heal. Not only that, though, but you might come away from a very serious run with some mental scars that might also take time to heal. It’s important that you spend time getting back into the swing of things so that when you do return to your usual schedule, you are your normal self again.


Here’s how you can bounce back as quickly as possible.


Tips for getting back to normal after a car accident.


Make A Claim For Compensation


If the car accident wasn’t your fault, you could be able to claim for some compensation. It’s worth finding out more from the Law Offices of George Salinas to see if you do indeed qualify for a payout. In most cases, when it is clear that the other road user is at fault, a settlement will be reached out of court, and you won’t need to go to the courtroom for a judge to come to a decision. However, it’s always worth bearing in mind that this might be a situation that you have to face.


Take Time Off Work


It is really important to take all the necessary time off work when you are recovering from a car accident. This gives your body and mind the chance to heal and get back to normal. So, make sure that you don’t rush back to the office too soon. Don’t worry if you go over your statutory sick pay period as there are always lots of government benefits that you can financially rely on.


Follow Doctors Orders After a Car Accident


You will no doubt need to see a doctor during your recovery, and it is paramount that you follow their advice right down to the letter. If they say that you need longer off work, then you need to listen to them. As well as this, you need to make sure that you complete all of your prescribed medicines in full.




Accept Help From Friends And Family


Your friends and family will want to help you as much as possible while you are recuperating from your car accident. It’s really important that you accept their help – don’t let your pride get in the way! You will be amazed at how better you will feel if you let someone else do the school run or take care of your household chores for you.


Take Your Time Getting Back Behind The Wheel


You might be very anxious when it comes to driving after your accident. Because of this worry, make sure that you don’t rush back behind the wheel. Take your time to ensure you are fully recovered, both physically and mentally, before you do go back to driving so that you don’t feel under pressure once you are on the road again.


Good luck with your recovery!


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Tips for getting back to normal after a car accident.

3 Amazingly Easy Ways For a Cost Effective and Sustainable Home Makeover

3 Amazingly Easy Ways For a Cost Effective and Sustainable Home Makeover

Moms in the United States are more involved in the workforce than ever before while simultaneously spending more time on childcare. The term ‘busy’ just doesn’t suffice when describing the modern-day multi-tasking mom. Among the many roles mothers are meant to juggle, house decor usually falls on them, too. Making your house feel like a sanctuary for your family can sometimes seem like an expensive and time-consuming task, but by incorporating the following  cost effective and sustainable home makeover tips, you can easily cross this task off a long list of to-dos.

3 ways to do a cost effective and sustainable home makeover on a budget that's super easy.

Get creative with your furniture


One of the best ways to really make your house feel like a home is customizing and personalizing it. What better way to do that than making your own pieces of furniture? The added bonus is that you can make this a fun family-friendly activity. You’ll be joining 70% of Americans who prefer do-it-yourself home decor changes and improvements, all the while saving money and time.

You can easily reuse wooden pallets to make a modern bookcase attached to the wall, storage shelves or even chairs and bed frames. You can polish or paint the finished product to keep it in line with a theme or leave it is as is. This is a great way to be creative in your cost effective and sustainable home makeover.

Choose herbs over flowers


Nothing makes a home feel as cozy as some beautiful greenery and plants. While both real and fake flowers tend to be a top choice in home decor, they can be inconvenient, expensive and have quite the detrimental impact on the environment as well. Instead, brighten your home with some beautiful potted herbs, ones you enjoy and can use in cooking to make them multi-purpose.

Options such as mint, basil, or cilantro are all great choices that can add a nice decorative touch and a breath of life anywhere in your home. Plus, you can buy beautiful pots or have your family paint up a few plain pots for a personalized touch.

Liven up existing furniture


You’d be surprised at how little it takes to completely change the entire vibe of your home. Instead of spending hours shopping for new items to add to your house, opt to liven up your existing furniture instead.

Use that tablecloth you have stored away for ‘special occasions’ and see how the color can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen or living room. Add some extra pillows to your sofa and rearrange some of the furniture to give your home a quick, easy, inexpensive and eco-friendly makeover. It can really be that simple to make a huge change!

While it oftentimes feels like there are just not enough hours in a day, moms really do it all. Even though home decor usually falls on our laps, it doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it seems. Easily make some of your own furniture, strategically add some greenery to your house and work to upgrade existing furniture rather than buying new for a beautiful, cost effective and sustainable home makeover.


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3 ways to do a cost effective and sustainable home makeover on a budget that's super easy.

5 Ways to DeStress Your Kitchen So You Can Cook in Peace

5 Ways to DeStress Your Kitchen So You Can Cook in Peace

5 Ways to destress your kitchen so you can cook in peace.

Collaborative post.


There are so many people out there who hate cooking. They don’t like how it takes up so much of their free time, and they especially hate how it can really stress them out. Even though cooking itself can be a relaxing pastime, when trying to create a delicious dish in a poorly equipped or laid-out kitchen, it can be anything but. In fact, some people will tell you that there isn’t anything quite as stressful as trying to cook their evening meal for their whole family!


Obviously, stress in the kitchen is not something you will want or need after a busy day at work. Thankfully, there are ways you can improve things and make it easier for you. These tips to destress your kitchen will certainly help!


Destress your kitchen and improve kitchen function and design with these 5 tips.


Fix All Broken Appliances


First of all, if you have any damaged or broken appliances in your kitchen, you should see to them right away. There are quite a few handymen and firms out there who specialize in appliance repair and will be able to come and take care of any repairs if they are too complicated for you to do. Dealing with broken appliances and devices that don’t work as well as they should is a surefire way to make your stress levels bubble up. So it’s best to get things fixed as soon as you can.


Dream kitchen ? We a kitchen this cool you would be arguing who IS doing the cooking Double tap ♥️ if you love the subway tiles, timber herringbone floorong and dark grey cabinetry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Home renovation ideas and architecture inspiration @comparethetradie ? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All credits correspond to photographer, designer, creator • • • • • • • • #kitchen #kitcheninspo #kitchendesign #kitchenremodel #kitchenarchitecture #contemporarykitchen #subwaytile #perth #pertharchitecture #flooring #timberflooring #cabinetry #interiordesign #australia #australiandesign #moderndesign #modernkitchen #renovationproject #photography #minimalism #interior #interiorinspo #dreamkitchen #interiorinspiration #kitchenenvy #kitchengoals #kitchendecor

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Remove All The Clutter


The next step is to remove all the clutter so that your workspaces are as tidy as possible. This will give you a lot more room to work, and you won’t lose things quite as easily. Make sure that the only things still on your worktops are essential items that you will need to prepare every meal.

We tend to overlook clutter gradually once it’s started. But research shows that visual clutter can actually stress us out!


Reorganize Your Refrigerator


Are you sick of needing to rummage through your refrigerator for ages trying to find all the ingredients that you need? That’s a sign that it is time to reorganize the fridge so things are a lot more accessible. This also gives you the chance to hunt around the refrigerator. See if there is anything that needs to be thrown out, such as wilted spinach and fuzzy fruit.


Change The Color Scheme


Some colors can have a negative effect on how we are feeling. For example, red is quite an aggressive color and might make you feel quite angry without even realizing it. So think about the color palette used in your kitchen at the minute. If it’s quite dark and overbearing, you might want to redecorate. Go for some calming pastels or earthy tones to help destress your kitchen.


Don’t Store Anything In It That Isn’t Needed


If you start storing things in your kitchen that aren’t needed in it, it will get very cluttered extremely quickly. So, it’s best to only keep items that you know are necessary in cooking and preparing food.

One of the most helpful tools I’ve found in keeping stuff out of the kitchen that I don’t need is this course: (Check it out by clicking the image!)



Hopefully, all of these tips can help you destress your kitchen so that you can start to cook in peace. Why not test them out by cooking a relaxing recipe?!


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Need a more functional kitchen? Tired of being stressed while cooking? Check out these 5 ideas to make sure your design, organization, or storage are on point in your layout and feel! #4 has totally changed my life! #kitchen #kitchendesign #organizing


Back to School Necessities–No Thinking Required

Back to School Necessities–No Thinking Required

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s a group of Mamas tight-fisting xtra large margaritas at lunch on the first day of school at any given restaurant. We can’t help it. The summer is three months long. It entails entertaining kids that clearly have nothing to do sans playing with their 3.5 million toys, cleaning up the house x 25,000, and dealing with melt-downs over being bored one second, then play-dates and sleepovers turned Avengers Civil War at the drop of a hat. Which is why we need someone to do the thinking for us when school finally, for the love of God, starts back. So here’s your list of some great back to school necessities from that also happen to be bomb-diggity deals! (You’re welcome.)


Necessities for back to school, including school supplies, attire, accessories, and gear.


Before you leave home…

Don’t forget to capture those little monsters before they head back to ‘act like a human bootcamp’!




Make sure they're completely adorbs before you practically kick them out the door!

Can't forget the way they 'express themselves', as the 9YO put it when I told her she had to wear a uniform this year. (Which was followed by a look of sheer horror and loss of words, which NEVER happens.) ?

In the classroom...

Make sure their back to school necessities are labeled appropriately! BTW--anybody else wonder why we have to buy a new pair of scissors every single year?? We now have like 85 of these things at our house....

And lunchtime.....

Whether they eat all the healthy stuff you spend time and $ putting into their lunches or trade it for twinkies and Big Red, they gotta have something to put it in!

Last but not least....

Let's be honest, your kid's teacher is pretty much the person you should be thanking daily for putting up with 25 or more of those little monsters for 8 hours a day. How about kissing some hiney the first day to let em know you appreciate them right off the bat?

And just for somes giggles....



Sign up for the Smoother School Mornings Challenge to get your household running like a mother first thing in the morning! Click the image below to get 5 days of tips and tricks for smoother school mornings delivered straight to your inbox!


Tired of chaos for school mornings, whether kids or teens? Then get on this challenge, Mom, for both boys and girls-- 5 days to a checklist for daily schedules. Tips and hacks for middle school, elementary, or highschool! My kids and mornings are SOO much calmer! #school #backtoschool #morning #backtoschoolthoughts #routines




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How to Turn Your Home Into a Sanctuary

How to Turn Your Home Into a Sanctuary

3 Steps to turning your house into your personalized home sanctuary for you and your family.

Collaborative post.


The saying goes that there’s no place like home. Many of us long to pull into that familiar driveway and put the key in the door at the end of a long day, but for some of us, home is just a pile of bricks and mortar. If you’ve recently moved, you’ve never really got round to putting your stamp on a house after relocating, or your house doesn’t quite feel like your home sanctuary, you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve bought a house or you’re never quite settled, here are some tips to help you turn your house into your happy place.


home sanctuary, comfortable home, cozy home, decluttering, clutter free home


Making your home work for everyone


It doesn’t matter whether you live with your partner or a close friend, you have children, or you’ve recently welcomed your parents to the fold, your home has to work for everyone. It’s no use having a beautiful home if it doesn’t suit your lifestyle and make every person feel content and comfortable. Think about the layout, the decor, and how you use each room.


If you have a family, there’s nothing better than spending time together, but there may also be times when you need a break, and you want to indulge your interests or just unwind in peace. If you have children, it’s hugely beneficial to gear your home towards family time by creating spaces where you can hang out together.

You don’t have to have a huge house to make it work. Consider an open-plan kitchen-diner, for example. If you’ve currently got a room that is used for cooking and eating, you could do so much more with the space, especially if you don’t have a series of reception rooms or a separate playroom. Using pieces of furniture and distinctive colors and patterns, you can create different areas that can be used for a host of activities.

If you’ve got a dining area, you can also use this for homework, playing games and arts and crafts. You could also use a table to work or to entertain friends and family. In a different part of the room, you could set up an area to chill out, catch up and relax together. Lay out some floor cushions next to a sofa or an armchair, add a couple of side tables, lamps and a rug, and you’re good to go. Creating versatile spaces enables you to enjoy time alone and time together as a family.


It’s wonderful to spend time with the family, but most of us also appreciate some ‘me time’ now and again. If you’ve been at work all day or you’ve been running around after the kids or doing errands for aging relatives, your home should provide the serenity you need to kick back and relax.

Use the space you have available to create a sanctuary. This could be a room where you can just sit back and listen to music, it may be space you use to be creative, or you might even want to get your yoga mat or weights out and do a workout. Whatever you like to do to relax and clear your mind, make sure your home gives you the space to do this.

If you don’t have a host of spare rooms to choose from, there are ways of creating multi-use rooms. Take a guest room, for example. If you have a daybed, you can add a desk or an easel to enable you to indulge your hobbies without sacrificing space for visitors who want to stay over.

Alternatively, you could use part of the garage as a gym or loft space as a studio. If you haven’t got any room inside the house, but you have a large garden, you could look into the possibility of extending or adding a garden room. These projects may not come cheap, but they will almost certainly add value to your home, so they may be worth considering if you’re keen to make money or you plan to stay in the same property for years to come.


Creating relaxing, stress-free environments


Stress is one of the most common health problems in modern society. If you’re prone to stress, you have a stressful job, or you devote most of your time to caring for others, it’s so important that your home provides respite. It’s particularly beneficial to ensure that your bedrooms are tranquil spaces, as stress can increase the risk of sleep problems, and a lack of sleep can exacerbate symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety.


Many of us climb into bed feeling tired and exhausted, only to find that an hour later, our minds are still active. If you’re familiar with this scenario, it’s hugely beneficial to get into the habit of taking time to wind down before you head up to bed. If you’re getting into bed having just cleaned the whole house, tackled a mountain of laundry, or checked your work emails, you’re going to find it difficult to switch off.

Take an hour or so to do something you enjoy and lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Create a snug you can retreat to and read a book, put a soothing playlist on or draw or write, or chill out in the living room with a movie. Get cozy with blankets and throws and make sure you choose furniture that delivers on both style and comfort.

If you’re prone to back pain, don’t choose a sofa based on looks alone. Opt for a couch with a high back and plenty of give, or shop and take a look at bean bag loungers. These are much softer than couch cushions, and they mold to your body to support your spine and ease pain in the joints. It’s also a good idea to invest in cushions and throws so that you can get cozy and prepare your body for a restful night.

If you’ve got spaces that are designed for rest and relaxation, you should find it easier to induce a state of calm, and hopefully, this will help you sleep.

When you get into bed, you want to drift off quickly, rather than lying awake or tossing and turning. If you’re feeling relaxed, the last thing you want is an old mattress, external noise or bright light flooding through the window to keep you awake. It’s crucial to get your sleeping environment just right.

Block out light with blackout blinds or heavy curtains, leave phones and tablets downstairs, and use soft lighting to create ambiance.

If you find it difficult to get comfortable, or you regularly wake with aches and pains, it may be worth looking into buying a new mattress. If you are on the lookout, check out this useful guide to help you narrow down your options

Once you’ve got your bed sorted, add cushions and throws to make the room cozier, and opt for subtle colors. Avoid bright shades and clashing prints and patterns, and add candles and house plants that are proven to promote relaxation and reduce stress. Lavender is a good example.




You could have the most stunning home in the world, but if it’s full of clutter, you may still find that you can never really relax. Clutter is a source of stress, and it can also have a really negative impact on the esthetic of your house. If you’ve got stuff everywhere, and it’s stressing you out, now is the time to embark upon a decluttering mission.

You may be dreading getting into the loft or tackling the garage, but think about how much better you will feel, and how fabulous your home will look once your mission is complete.

You don’t want to turn the key in the door after a hard day to be confronted with piles of boxes or a hallway full of books, clothes, and old CDs. Set aside a few hours, and work your way through each room. Create a series of piles of stuff you want to keep and items you could sell or donate, and throw everything else away. Once you know what you’ve got left, you can think about storage.



Use wall-mounted shelves, racks, and rails to organize your closet, put up shelves and hooks in your garage to keep tools and outdoor clothing in order, and label boxes you put up in the loft or down in the basement. If you don’t have the luxury of attic or cellar space, and you’ve got stuff you don’t want to get rid of, it may be worth looking at renting a storage unit.

If your house isn’t a place where you feel at home at the moment, don’t worry. It can take time to settle in and really put your stamp on a new house. Sometimes, you need to make changes to ensure that your home caters for your lifestyle and your individual and collective preferences and needs. Hopefully, this guide will help you turn a house into a home, and ensure you have somewhere to retreat to and seek respite at the end of a hectic day.


What things do you do to make your own personalized home sanctuary? Let me know in the comments below!


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4 Reasons to Start Saving Money Right Now

4 Reasons to Start Saving Money Right Now

4 Fantastic reasons why you should start saving money right now!

Collaborative post.


I’m sure you’re sick to death of people saying you should start saving money. Mainly because you never get told the reasons why you should actually save. How will it benefit your life if you’ve got some extra money stashed away, slowly getting bigger and bigger as the years go by? Surely it would be more helpful to spend that money and enjoy your life?


Well, here are a few massive reasons everyone should start saving money right now:


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Have A Safety Net Of Money


When you start saving money money, it means you have some cash stashed away safely. This money can help you when you get into tough situations. It could be something of an emergency fund to help if you ever need money. Maybe your home suffers damages, and you suddenly have costly repairs that your regular bank balance can’t cover. Thanks to your savings, you can pay for the repairs and have enough left over to continue living comfortably.


Raise Money To Buy A Home


Everyone wants to buy a home at some point, right? It’s so good to own a house and be able to do whatever you want to it. If you start saving money now, then you’ll soon be able to afford a mortgage downpayment. As it says on, the downpayment is normally around 10% of the actual price of a home. So, you don’t have too much to save before you can start the process of owning your first property! This is great for you but even better for your family as you have somewhere to call home.


Prepare For Your Retirement


Retirement is a funny time, some people want to postpone it for as long as possible, others are begging for it to come around quickly! One of the reasons to start saving money is so you can prepare for this time in your life. When you haven’t got any money coming in from a job, then how are you going to live?! Use your savings to help fund your retirement, and you’ll have the best years of your life. If you’re interested, there are tips on sites like that can help you boost your retirement savings. Generally speaking, the more money you have saved, the better!


To Avoid Spending Too Much


Finally, saving your money is great because it stops you from spending it! You can control your regular spending if you’re putting some of your income away as savings. It’s probably the easiest way you can stop spending and is definitely handy if you usually overspend on silly things. Restrict the money you have to spend, and your finances will benefit.


These four reasons prove that saving has loads of benefits. What I like most about saving is that you can do it however you want. You can save as little as you want, as often as you want. You can create a savings account, or keep your savings in cash. Plus, it’s something that benefits you now and in the future – which is always a bonus!


Grab your Household Budgeting Binder by clicking the image below!


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