Self Care for Moms, Including Healthy Eating, Fitness, and Wellness
Baby Steps That Help Deal With Pregnancy Pains

Baby Steps That Help Deal With Pregnancy Pains

6 fantastic ways to practice self care during pregnancy.

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Finding out you’re going to be a mom is a special experience. There is nothing like the joy of knowing there will be a baby in your life in nine months. Being pregnant, on the other hand, is a different animal entirely. Although the result is amazing, having to go through the process is tough. Only women know what it’s like when their unborn child uses their bladder like a soft toy!

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but new moms are going to have to deal with plenty of aches and pains. Sometimes, the combination of the hormones and the child in your womb is very uncomfortable yet it isn’t as if you have much choice. Most women grin and bear it until the thirty-six weeks are up and the experience is over.

Thankfully, there are more options on the table if you value your comfort while being pregnant. Nothing will erase the soreness completely because there will always be an element of tenderness. Still, some tricks can help moms-to-be deal with pregnancy pains and alleviate the pressure. Below are six tips that will come in handy when you receive the good news that you’re about to be a parent.


self care during pregnancy


Keep Working Out


First and foremost, the answer is yes – exercise is healthy during pregnancy. Women seem to think it’s unsafe yet there is nothing wrong with working out as long as it isn’t too strenuous. So, there is no excuse to quit burning the calories even when you’re with child. After all, there are plenty of benefits of getting the blood pumping.


For one thing, it will improve your circulation. Pregnant women tend to suffer from bloating and swelling, so this should keep your joints loose. Not only that but it also targets your backache, which is an inevitable symptom of being pregnant. Plus, there are the mood benefits that are essential too. When you’re suffering from morning sickness or in constant pain, it’s tough to stay upbeat. Exercise releases mood-inducing chemicals that encourage you to see the bright side.


If you’re wondering how to find the perfect balance, the key is to keep it short and sweet. Anywhere between fifteen to thirty minutes is plenty. And, try resistance-free activities such as swimming to make it easier on your body. Another alternative is to walk rather than to jog or run.


Don’t Stuff Your Face


It’s a myth that women can eat anything while they are pregnant and it doesn’t matter. The logic is that the baby needs as many nutrients as possible to be healthy, yet it’s about quality as well as quantity. If the fuel you put into your body is garbage, your unborn child won’t benefit. Not only that, but you’ll likely suffer from food-based problems. Yep, having gas isn’t nice but it’s an occupational hazard of being a mom.

The good news is it’s possible to ease the pain by eating correctly. To do this, it’s crucial that you include the main food groups within your diet. From protein to fats and carbs, they are all essential in the baby’s development in the womb. However, you might want to cut back on the stuff that doesn’t sit well. A good example is dairy products. Indulge every now and again, yet don’t go overboard as the body struggles to break them down into energy.

On average, women only need to consume up to three-hundred extra calories per day, or twenty-one-hundred a week. If math isn’t your strong suit, write down your eating habits in a journal to keep track of your intake. Also, listen to your body when something doesn’t agree with it.


Kick Back And Relax


While exercising is an important part of being pregnant, it doesn’t mean you have to be on your feet all the time. Carrying a child is a perfect excuse to kick back and relax and enjoy some much-needed tender loving care. And, there is a scientific element to it also, so it’s not as if you’re lazy and want to spend the whole day on the sofa.

Lying down with your feet in the air improves the blood flow to your joints and muscles. Considering the feet and ankles are the two areas which suffer the most, relaxing should help to reduce the swelling and, therefore, the pain. Do remember that the lower part of your body needs elevating. Otherwise, you might continue to suffer from swelling and clots.

There are mental benefits to consider too. It’s easy to spot the physical signs of distress, yet it can take a toll on the brain. Napping or watching TV is an excellent way to recharge your batteries and eliminate any anxiety. Plus, you can use the time productively by reading baby books and learning about what to expect when the baby arrives.


Get A Rub Down


One of the best ways to relax is with a massage. Light some scented candles, dim the lights and let your partner untie the knots in your back and shoulders. When the muscles relax, the tension will instantly dissipate and the aches and pains will feel less intense. Of course, you don’t have to rely on your partner if they aren’t very good at a rub down. The best Thai massage parlors usually have a pregnancy option which is suitable after your first trimester.

Even if you aren’t a fan of massages, you should consider giving it a go as there are additional benefits. A simple yet effective one is that it takes your mind off being pregnant. Although this sounds impossible, getting lost in the experience allows the mind to wander and focus on other things. On top of this, the body releases endorphins.

Why is this noteworthy? It’s because these are the chemicals that block pain by attaching themselves to receptor neurons. As a result, the signals received by the nervous system aren’t as intense and the soreness isn’t as strong. Think of it as a natural epidural administered by a masseuse. As moms know, anything which blocks the pain is a gift from God.


Stay Warm


Your body will begin to seize up when it loses its range of movement. This happens when the muscles and joints get cold. Keeping warm is the trick as your body will benefit from increased flexibility. Wrapping up in thick clothing and turning up the thermostat are two effective methods. And, the former is very affordable if you’re worried about the rising cost of energy prices.

But, staying warm in general isn’t the answer. To reap the rewards, it’s vital that you localize the heat and target the problem areas. How can you do this? The answer is with heat packs, gels or creams. A heating pad goes deep into the muscles and helps relieve the pressure that builds as a result of being pregnant. Gels and creams work in the same manner, so pick the option which you prefer the most of is the easiest to use. Sometimes, it’s tricky to apply a pad to your back when you’re sporting a massive bump and there is nobody to help.

DIY heating pads are straightforward to make if you can’t be bothered leaving the house. Fill a sock (preferably a tube sock) with rice and tie the end. Then, put it in the microwave for one to two minutes until it reaches and maintains a comfortable heat.


Take Early Maternity Leave


Lots of women like to take their maternity leave as late as possible to avoid getting bored. Staying at home all day for a few weeks isn’t the most exciting way to pass the time. Still, continuing to work might not be the best option as workplaces aren’t made with comfort in mind. Unless your employer happens to be Google or Facebook, there won’t be a napping area or an exercise ball masquerading as a chair.

As a result, the office can be a hindrance rather than a help. At home, there is more scope to take a break and relax when the need hits you. Although bosses are as committed as ever to making life easier for their pregnant workers, they can’t cover every base. Plus, it isn’t as if you need to sit on the sofa all day long because you’re not working.

As long as you break the day up into chunks, it will fly by without any encouragement. For example, you can run errands, meet with friends for a coffee, or visit your relatives. That way, there’s no reason to stay cooped up in the house but you also have the flexibility of slacking off when required. If you don’t want to take early maternity leave, see if it’s possible to work part-time for a while. Going in three days a week is the best of both worlds.

Ladies, it’s about finding the right balance between staying active and healthy and taking a break. Once you are in a perfect rhythm, the aches and pains won’t feel as bad as they usually do.


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Need help with self care during your pregnancy? Check out these 6 fantastic ways to help keep you feeling great! #pregnancy #selfcare

The Reason Why Self Care Needs to Start With Self Love

The Reason Why Self Care Needs to Start With Self Love

The emotional reasons why self care starts with self love, and why we all need to dig deep and start right there.

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When it comes to treating yourself better, what we’re talking about is the area of “self care”, which can be described as the actions individuals take for themselves in order to maintain and improve their physical and emotional wellbeing.  


That said, for us to take positive action, we must first have the positive belief that we are worthy of taking care of ourselves… and to have this positive belief, we often need to change how we think and feel about ourselves.


self care starts with self love


Low Self Esteem


See, many people are not conditioned to be positive and self-approving.  Many of us have experiences when growing up that infer that we’re not “good enough” or “worthy.” And this develops into a core foundational belief that means we operate from a place of not feeling worthy of love or self-care.  This is commonly referred to as a low self-esteem.


Then, society reinforces this belief. Take a look at advertising. We can see that almost all beauty adverts are tapping into this fear that we’re not good enough, and we’re not lovable as we are–but–if  we buy their product, then we’ll be good enough. The best example is to think of how weight loss pills or acne treatments are marketed.


In a nutshell, it’s somewhat futile to point out how to take better care of yourself, for instance, carving time out for yourself to relax and unwind in a nice bubble bath, or nourishing your body each morning, with a healthy vegetable smoothie… if, the underlying core belief of not feeling good enough about yourself to warrant self-care remains.


Temporary External Solutions


The challenge today is that many people are looking for external solutions to satisfy internal challenges, for instance, people can become so financially focused and prosperous as a result of looking for the best deals on financial products (e.g. but in the process, they become so entrenched in the material world they neglect their inner emotional world.


The truth is, no matter what we buy in the material world, we are buying this to satisfy an emotional itch… for instance, you can go out and buy a fantastically fast sports car, thinking it’s just because you like this particularly sports car – yet, when you scratch beneath the surface and look at the real reason you want that car, it’s likely to be found in a feeling of significance or the feeling of success… which often ties back to a time when you felt unsuccessful or insignificant, and now, this is being used as a symbolic prop to soothe that feeling.


The Real Solutions: Internal


In this sense, self care doesn’t start with a bath or a spa day – these are activities that can nourish your mind and body, but the step before this, is to start believing your worth taking care of yourself.  To start treating yourself with more respect, value, and dignity.


The person that abuses drugs, or comfort eats to the point they are filling their body with junk food, is doing so because they do not feel they are valuable enough to take care of themselves – they are trying to get out of emotional pain, and are using drugs or food as a vehicle to get them from where they are to where they want to be.


To treat yourself better, you need to start to feel better about yourself and feel more worthy of self-love and self-care. A great way to do that is to exercise every day and eat healthy, for starters. Join the Stella Nadene Wellness + Lifestyle Newsletter to get a FREE Self Care Starter Kit! (Click the image below!)


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Feeling like you're not worth the effort of self care? You're not alone! Many women feel this way, and it's just plain wrong! Find out the emotional reasons why self care starts with self love, and the tips and tricks to get out of that rut! #selfcare #selflove #selfesteem #momlife

The 3 Most Nurturing Things For Postpartum Wellness

The 3 Most Nurturing Things For Postpartum Wellness

The 3 most absolute nurturing must-dos for postpartum wellness for new moms.

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Frustration at that stupid book didn’t even begin to cover it. I had read two different books about postpartum ‘what to expect’, and I still didn’t anticipate feeling as lonely, and isolated, and…absolutely exhausted as I did three weeks after my first was born. I teetered on the edge of a nervous breakdown–not just from the exhaustion, but also because I’d moved into the anxiety territory. I’d have nightmares that I may hurt the baby in a haze of headache, sleepiness, and irritation. And that nearly sent me into full-blown panic attacks every day.

And that’s the thing–even though there’s supposedly a ‘manual’ for how to do it these days, it’s still so completely unexpected how you feel. It’s a shock to some new moms that they don’t feel on top of the world and magically elated now they have their new baby. The shock of this alone can make it difficult to cope. There’s often a feeling of not being a good mom, and loneliness, because you think you’re the only one that has ever felt this way.

Here’s the newsflash: You’re absolutely NOT alone. Most new moms go through a period of feeling like this, and with hormones in turmoil together with a lack of sleep, it’s perfectly natural. That’s why it’s so imperative for post-partum wellness to include some super nurturing must-dos for Mommy as well.

postpartum wellness

Meet Other Moms

It doesn’t matter how much your mom or grandmother tells you this is the way it is after giving birth, it’s too easy to think of them as generations past and that now things have changed. Women feeling rough after having a baby is no different now than it ever was, but it can help if you meet up with some other young moms.

It could be the last thing you feel like doing when all you want to do is sleep when the baby does. But it could be vital to your mental health. You’ll soon realize after chatting to other new moms that you all feel the same. Once you’ve accepted that you’re not the only one, you can support each other through this often very difficult time.

Ask For Help

You don’t have to try and manage everything on your own. If you have family or friends close by, never be afraid to ask for help. They’ll not think any less of you just because you need some help. In fact, most time they’ll be excited to be able to do something that will help get you through the first few weeks of turmoil.

If you don’t have anyone that can help you, speak to your health advisor as there are usually support networks to help new moms.

Take Care Of Yourself

Taking care of yourself is just as important as caring for your new baby. From things such as postpartum underwear, which you can find out more about at innerparents, to eating a healthy diet and getting some exercise, will all help you feel better.

Generations gone by did not have the support needed to give them a well-deserved break for self-care, and it was frowned upon if they wanted to leave their new baby for a while. Now the advantages of just a couple of hour’s time for you have been realized, and the medical profession actively encourages this.

You just need some time to have a soak in the bath, read a book or watch a film. Some time where you can take care of your own physical and mental well being. Then you can cope with other issues much more easily.

Being a new mom is exciting and exhausting at the same time. You suddenly have this little being that is totally reliant on you to care for them, and that can be a bit overwhelming.

The period of exhaustion lasts for just a few months, although it feels a lot longer when you are actually experiencing it. But the good news is, it absolutely gets easier the older they get!


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Feeling the baby blues after having your little angel? Here are 3 must-do things and tips to make sure you're getting the basic postpartum wellness that every mom needs. #baby #postpartum #anxiety #momlife #postpartumrecovery #mom #newbaby

3 Crucial Ways to Implement Self Care at Work

3 Crucial Ways to Implement Self Care at Work

In any job for any woman, the list of must-do’s can make you more dizzy than a tilt-a-whirl at the county fair. But all this talk about obligation and duty and the need to better yourself never seems tempered with talks about self-care, about how to actually thrive in your career in the most healthy manner possible. It’s especially important as moms to get rest, to regroup and to settle ourselves occasionally. Otherwise, burnout is inevitable.


But what does working self-care really mean? What are the true ‘musts’ of actually developing a worthwhile career while reducing our stress levels? Here are three super effective strategies at navigating this:


True Time Management


An ability to manage your time well might be seen as some kind of magical effort that only the best among us can do. But  perhaps the time management of a lawyer or other highly executive professional isn’t always the thing we need to emulate. True time management means working productively, not for hours upon hours upon hours each week. It’s actually been shown in studies that working in an office is often a waste in the afternoon, as most employees fulfill their tasks in the morning, and then spend at least the last hour wrapping things up or simply filling time with less-than-effective work.

The better solution is to find what works for you, when you’re most effective, and when you can apply yourself completely to a certain task. With this true time management (which takes a little time to get a feel for), the days you encounter become much more enjoyable and much less frantic with this type of self care at work.


Defending Yourself


Sometimes defending yourself at work is necessary. If you’ve realized that you’re actually being harassed by an overly keen manager, you need to report that to HR, collect the evidence of this happening so it’s undeniable, and even leave the company if possible with a claim made against them.

Defending yourself also includes the possibility of having to hire an injury lawyer after experiencing an accident due to negligence at work, even if your boss is one of your friends and might discourage you from doing so.

Defending yourself is also trying to attain the confidence to speak fairly and rationally about your opinions and working interests. An uncompromising attitude towards self-respect will become all the more important if you raise the ranks of any firm, and that goes double for opening a business on your own terms. While it might sound like working for a firm is akin to fighting a war (it isn’t), it’s essential to know that almost no office environment is a center for R&R. Sometimes you do have to defend yourself and your craft for your personal health and reputational integrity.


Keeping Your Options Open


Keeping your options open is always important when you’re trying to navigate your way through the working landscape. Not matter how loyal you’ve been to your current firm thus far, there is always a chance that you may be let go, or that conditions might deteriorate. Opening yourself up to further opportunities by keeping your eye on the market, perhaps building your own platform outside of work, or simply looking at the available job market once in a while, can help you feel less completely and blindly loyal to one firm, but potentially open you up to the real weight of salary and treatment your skills should be earning you. This means that you will never be taken advantage of, because it’s impossible to force someone to do something who cannot lose from being let go.

Don’t forget these tips are more crucial for moms. Whether we like to admit it or not, we have limited patience and availability for stress in our lives if we expect to take care of our families properly. Our responsibilities on us at all times really reach way further than just time spent at work. So managing our self care in that aspect only helps reduce our overall stress levels. And you, Mama friend, are so worth it!


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Self care is absolutely essential for Moms! Get started with ideas and tips for true self care, even on a budget or for cheap or free. It doesn't have to be complicated. Find out how to get started plus grab your free self care starter kit! #selfcare #selflove #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #moms #momlife


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Reducing overall stress also includes the work place, Moms! Here are 3 crucial types of self care at work that can help you find and keep more balance between home and work life. #selfcare #momlife #selflove #careeradvice #careertips #workingmoms

4 Ways to Boost Afternoon Energy Other than Napping

4 Ways to Boost Afternoon Energy Other than Napping

I know that when you are exhausted and overwhelmed as a mom, catching 40 winks in during the day can seem like a good idea. After all, what’s better than waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on all the rest of your tasks? A short nap can be a great way to get a micro-rest to finish your day. But there are other awesome self care ideas to get your afternoon energy boost.


boost afternoon energy


Yoga Nidra


Yoga Nidra is a fantastic activity to do if you are feeling tired and in need of some rest but don’t want to give into sleep. Otherwise, known as the sleep of the Gods, Yoga Nidra is primarily a static mediation price that is grounded in ancient Indian tradition.


Primarily, Nidra consists of laying on your back and relaxing while a recording guides you to place your consciousness in various different parts of your body. This is often done quite fast, to give your mind something to focus on while your body relaxes and you can find many meditations at varying lengths to fit into longer or shorter breaks.



Of course, when you first begin, you may occasionally find yourself nodding off! However, if you just remember to set an alarm to wake you up at the end when you first begin this practice, over time you should be able to stay fully conscious through the whole thing. In fact, if the hype is to be believed, just a short session of Yoga Nidra can provide the benefits of a four-hour deep sleep, all without having to nap! Something that makes Yoga Nidra a much more constructive and refreshing use of your self-care time.


Work out


Working out is another fantastic activity to do in your self-care time as opposed to napping. The reason being that it can help you get more oxygenated blood to move around your body. Something that can assist you in feeling more alert, as well as stimulate the production of endorphins that can provide you with an instant emotional lift.

Of course, if you are tired it can be hard to get motivated to exercise. That is why it can be helpful to enroll in a program such as this Personal Training by UP Fitness course, as having someone to be accountable to can assist you in fighting through the inertia and get your body moving. Something that can not only help you feel better right now but also give you a sense of real achievement during your self-care time too.


Read a book


Reading is such a fantastic activity for self-care time because it allows you to escape into a completely different world to the one that you inhabit in real life. You can choose to visit distant planets, the wild west, or even fantasy locations that never have or never will exist. Through reading, you can also get to meet characters that you would never come across in real life, and if the book is written well, you can even get to see thing from a perspective you would have never considered.



However, to achieve this reading in your self-care time should not be about grabbing a social media post. Instead, put down your electronic device and pick up a real paper book instead. Then not only will you get the benefits of being transported to a completely different world through words, but you also get the advantage of spending some time unplugged as well. Something that is known to help minimize stress, and improve mood. A worthy use of your self-care time, if ever I  there was one!


Call a friend


Lastly, if you are looking for a better use of or you self-care time than napping, why not use it to call a friend or beloved family member? After all, life can get pretty, and most of us struggle to stay in contact with those that we love that are outside our immediate family group.

Connecting with a friend is an excellent use of self care time.

Of course, speaking with a loved one can give you an emotional boost as well, and make you feel connected to others, and part of a social group. All things that can be pretty tough for moms to manage when they spend most of their time looking after the little ones, and so make it an excellent use of your precious self-care time.


Self care is absolutely essential for Moms! Get started with ideas and tips for true self care, even on a budget or for cheap or free. It doesn't have to be complicated. Find out how to get started plus grab your free self care starter kit! #selfcare #selflove #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #moms #momlife


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If you're like me, the early afternoon calls for a nap to get some energy back--except that naps aren't always so practical. Here's 4 self care tips for getting an afternoon energy boost other than napping. #1 is actually my favorite! #selfcare #selfcaretips #selfcaregeneration #selfcaresunday #energy #mom #momlife

The Ultimate Guide to Female Health

The Ultimate Guide to Female Health

Our health is one of the most important things in our lives. Being in good health can help us get by in life and achieve everything we want to. It can also promote good mental health and help us enjoy happiness. However, even though we all know the whole importance of good female health, there are still few of us who actually know all about the ins and outs of women’s health.


Seeing as men an women have such different bodies, there is no wonder that they each have a completely separate set of health needs. So, it is imperative that, as a woman, you know all about your own set of needs so that you can give your body everything it needs to stay healthy. And that should help you stay happy too!


Here’s a quick rundown of the main points of women’s health. Make sure you have a good read through and fill in any gaps in your knowledge. Doing so could vastly improve your female health!


get your female health in check with these 5 easy steps


Period Help


Every woman will have periods throughout her adult life. They start during adolescence and are a signal that puberty has started. Once you start your period, you will have one every month, unless you are pregnant, until you reach the menopause. More often than not, the menopause starts at middle age, though there are some reasons why it might begin earlier or later. Once you go through the menopause, you will no longer be fertile and won’t be able to have children. Many people think of periods as an annoyance as it can be quite uncomfortable for the few days when you have yours. Here are a few tips to help you get through your period days without too much discomfort.



  • Use A Hot Water Bottle – You will probably suffer from cramps while you are on your period. This is from the muscles in the uterus contracting to move the blood through. One way to relieve these is to hug a hot water bottle close to your stomach. The heat should relax the muscles and stop some of the pain and discomfort.
  • Do Some Gentle ExerciseTaking part in some Yoga or swimming will help to relieve some of the pain you experience from your period. That’s because it will increase the blood flow through the body, which can ease the cramps. Not only that, though, but this exercise will release endorphins and can help to lift your moods.
  • Try Not To Drink CoffeeCoffee is high in caffeine, which is a chemical that will make the body retain water. The more water your body retains, the more bloated, crampy, and achy you will feel. In fact, it’s best to stay away from all kinds of drinks that have caffeine, including sodas and teas. Instead, why not sip some ginger ale? Ginger has been proven to reduce stomach cramps.



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Periods. They can happen anywhere, at any time. They can happen to you or near you, whether it’s a flying tampon on the train or your own stained pair of white pants. But when we talk about periods, we talk a lot about the downsides. What if we talked about the upsides? The best periods? The interesting periods? The ones that interacted with our lives in some unexpected way? Talking about periods is so often a taboo. What if it wasn’t? Periods affect our lives profoundly, and in millions of different ways. The stories we tell should reflect that. For many people in the world, periods relate strongly to the country they live in, their position in society, and what they are able to achieve with their lives. For others, like women who don’t get periods, or people who used to get periods, menstruation is significant in other ways. As Clue prepares to launch a content series featuring global stories about menstruation, we are hosting an evening to allow space in real life for diverse stories, from diverse contexts. Come if you’ve got a story in mind, or come just to watch—but come ready to listen, laugh, and share: Tuesday, 30 October starting at 6pm CET at the Comedy Café in Berlin (Roseggerstr. 17 / Weserstr., 12059 Berlin, Germany). We’re aiming to provide a safe space for stories from people of color, trans and nonbinary folks, folks in the LGBT community, people of different abilities, and anyone else whose stories are not told enough in white Western contexts. Link to the event in the bio! Questions? Ideas? Reach out to us directly here: 6pm – Doors open 6:30pm – Storytelling begins 7:30pm – Intermission 8:45pm – Final storyteller

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Dealing With A UTI


Women are at a higher risk of contracting a UTI than men. So, it’s a good idea to find out about the best way to deal with these pesky health conditions. Here are a few tips that can help you get rid of your nest one faster.



  • Drink Plenty Of Water – The first thing you should do once you realize that you are dealing with a UTI is to reach for a big glass of water. You will need to drink plenty while you are suffering with the infection as it can help the body to flush it out. You just need to drink when you are thirsty to ensure you are getting plenty but, in general, that should be around eight glasses a day.
  • Eat Foods High In Vitamin CYou should try to eat as much vitamin C as possible, even when you don’t have a UTI. This vitamin can make the urine acidic, which will inhibit the growth of bacteria in it. When you do have a UTI, you might want to boost your vitamin C intake by taking a daily supplement.


  • Don’t Eat Or Drink Anything That Could Irritate The Bladder – There are quite a few foods that are considered to be bladder irritants. These include anything with caffeine in it, alcohol, spicy foods, and sodas. Instead, you should stick to fresh food and vegetables as well as whole grains. Carbohydrates that are high in fiber, such as oats, are particularly good at soothing UTIs.



Fertility Tips And Advice


One of the main differences between men and women is that a woman’s fertility is a lot more restricted than a guy’s. In fact, men are fertile for their whole life, while women only become fertile in puberty and then are infertile again after the menopause.

There are also a lot of external factors that can affect a woman’s fertility. For instance, drinking a lot of alcohol and smoking can reduce it, as can being very overweight. However, some women can struggle with their fertility even if there are no clear reasons why.

If you do think you have fertility problems, you might want to talk to your doctor about fertility testing as they will be able to refer you to a fertility clinic. Once you are registered with a clinic, the specialists there will be able to talk to you about your options. You might want to try IVF, IUI, or even consider using a surrogate.


Necessary Health Checks


A fertility test isn’t the only check you might want to get. There are also a few other examinations and tests that it is highly advisable for all women to start taking as soon as they reach adulthood. Taking them can help you spot a potentially life-threatening illness in the very early stages when it is still easy to treat. Here are some of the most important health checks to take.



  • A Pap Test – The pap test is also known as the smear test. You might have heard it been called a cervical screening before. This test is carried out every three years in women aged over twenty-five. It aims to detect the early stages of cervical cancer. In some cases, the test can even spot pre-cancerous cells that haven’t started to turn into the disease yet. Even though this is quite an invasive scan, it is still crucial that you go for your test when it comes around. Some women don’t attend because they are too embarrassed. However, it is much better to have the test done to ensure that you are healthy. Otherwise, the cancer could go by undetected, and things could turn very serious very quickly.
  • A Breast Examination As well as testing for cervical cancer, you should also carry out a breast examination to spot the early signs of breast cancer. You can do this yourself at home, and it’s best to carry out the examination once a month in the week immediately following your period. You should feel your breasts gently and see if you notice any new lumps or changes in the breast tissue. If you do notice this, you should see your doctor immediately for further tests.
  • Blood PressureAll women need to be going for semi-regular blood pressure tests. Normally, your doctor will do this even if you are seeing them about something unrelated. Even though high blood pressure is something that usually affects older people, it is still important to get tested for it. These days, high blood pressure is on the rise amongst young adults as most people lead such hectic lives these days. Ideally, you should try and keep your stress levels down to a minimum. If they get too high, then you will be at a high risk of developing high blood pressure, which could then lead onto serious health conditions, including heart disease.
  • BMIIt’s also worth getting your BMI (body mass index) checked out every now and then. Your doctor can do this for you, but you should be able to figure it out yourself if you have some scales at home.




A Good Night’s Sleep


We all need to get plenty of sleep, and this is particularly important for women. A good night’s sleep has been shown to improve fertility as well as mental health and a range of other health conditions. So, make sure you are getting to bed at a decent time each night. If you struggle to sleep, there are a few things you can do that should improve the situation. For instance, you might want to try getting into a good bedtime routine so that you can prepare your body and mind for sleep. It’s also worth not using screens for an hour before you go to bed, and remove any distractions from the bedroom. If that doesn’t seem to help you, you might want to see your doctor and discuss the possibility of insomnia.


There are lots of health things to try and keep on top of as a woman. If you get into a good health routine, then you should be able to improve your body and mind’s health and fitness!


Know someone that could use help with female health? Please SHARE this post!


Women's health is never a walk in the park. But mine has seen drastic improvement by using these 5 tips and hacks for improving my female health on the daily. Especially #5! #health #womenshealth #woman #womenhealth #womanhealth #healthylifestyle

A Million Things (or so) to Be Happy About

A Million Things (or so) to Be Happy About

You know, sometimes when things get super chaotic, I find myself in this crazy ball of stress where I’m snapping at the kids and husband, and sometimes even the dog. And I’m just wound up so tight I can’t get out of my own way. You know those times where everything seems to pile up on itself? It feels like climbing Mt. Everest to really get out of the tailspin and get some clarity. To even think about being grateful. Or to just be happy.

In my search for daily happiness, I’ve found several really helpful things to do on the daily that I want to share with you, and also want you to try them out!


a million things to be happy about every day


I’ve tried the mindfulness approach (which is sort of like mini-meditation), and this definitely helps! I’ve also begun a Gratitude Journal, and that just seems to frustrate me sometimes. You know how when you sit down to write something and all of a sudden not a single thought is in your head? Like the Spongebob episode where he was supposed to write a paper and couldn’t think of a single thing to write except his name. Yep, totally me.

It ends up being almost more stressful. Cause then I’m like, “WTH?? Now I’m a terrible person because I can’t think of a single thing I’m supposed to be grateful for except the ole fallback ‘my health and family’!”


Do you do mini-meditations throughout the day? Even if you’re not thinking about things to be grateful for, it’s a great time to catch a breather and re-center yourself for clarity. Set yourself a time on your phone right now to just stop, breathe, and be mindful of the situation.

A little boost to be happy


But a really surprising thing happened on one of our trips during the summer. I came across this little book in a gift shop while we were in Massachusetts. (The state is irrelevant, you can get the book anywhere.) It’s called 14,000 things to be happy about. And it’s seriously the coolest thing when it comes to being ‘stuck’ when you’re supposed to be feeling grateful.

This book has made such a big difference in my attitude about gratefulness.


book with keyboard and black and white striped pen be happy


Get an idea of what’s in this little gem by clicking through and click the ‘Preview’ option! Seriously such fun and fantastic little things!!


What does gratefulness and happiness entail?


It seems like a no-brainer, but when we think of being grateful, many times we feel like we have to come up with the big things. And then when we can only come up with like, 3, we’re dumbfounded. Like, I know I’m blessed. I know I have a good life. So why am I not coming up with anything else??

What this book does is help take that question away. Because it turns out that being grateful and learning to be happy have SO much to do with the LITTLE THINGS.

The little things matter soooo much.


book with keyboard and black and white striped pen be happy


Here are some examples from the book:

a comfort station

the perfect baked potato

quiet free hours to sit by a fire

onion-skin paper

See where this is going? They’re all such little things. But they’re awesome, and they make us happy!


Think of 5 of your own little things right now! Me first: 1-When the 5YO sticks her head out her classroom as I’m leaving at am drop-off to yell, “Love you, Mom!!”; 2-The first day of freshly painted nails; 3-The super quiet first thing in the morning before kids are up; 4-The snuggly softness of my bed when I settle in to binge a show; 5-memory foam in shoes. Ok, now it’s your turn! 🤩


The little things


So think about just the little things during your day. Did somebody make the coffee ‘just right’ this morning? Did you discover a new breakfast item you actually really love on the menu? Maybe you found a dope pair of pants way back in your closet you thought you’d forgotten about.

Stop a few times during your day and just think about those little things you appreciate and that give you a little squirt of happiness. Hold on to those things. Write about those things later in your Gratitude Journal!


Looking for a fantastic daily gratitude journal with prompts? Moms--check this out--My Gratitude Journal is set up for 12 months, with each month having an inspirational quote, and prompts for the weeks in that month! #gratitude #dailygratitude #gratitudejournal


gratitude journal sample


And when you’re stuck, grab a book like 14,000 things to be happy about.And swipe a few of their fantastic little one-liners!

If you don’t have a journal, grab one at the store or on Amazon or check out the Gratitude Journal above! The point is to slow down long enough to see and appreciate those little things that so gracefully stack up into the perfect Happy Day sandwich! 😍


Know someone that could use help with finding more ways to be happy? Please SHARE this post!


Is it a challenge for you to be happy daily? The weight of being a mom can sometimes make us feel like we're in a black hole. But gratitude and happiness really aren't that hard to find! Check out these dead simple tips for making a list of your gratitudes to boost that happiness factor on the daily! Plus grab a free printable download 3 month Gratitude Journal sample! #gratitude #happy #grateful #gratefulheart #mom #momlife

Start Living Healthy Now With a Crazy Discounted Rate on the Healthy Living Ultimate Bundle

Start Living Healthy Now With a Crazy Discounted Rate on the Healthy Living Ultimate Bundle

So this year the Ultimate Bundles team has continued to wow me with an absolutely amazing and comprehensive collection of ebooks, courses, memberships and more for the Healthy Living Ultimate Bundle!


The bundle includes resources worth $2235.92 for ONLY $29.97!! So here’s the impatiently awaited lineup for 2018!


healthy living ultimate bundle


{And don’t forget it’s only available September 5th – 10th, 2018!!}


Allergy-Free Cooking (10 products worth $159.84)

    • 14 Dinner Recipes for Food Allergies by Megan Lavin ($4.99)
      The first two weeks of learning to cook with a new list of dietary restrictions are the toughest. That’s why you need this e-cookbook that has 14 delicious dinners all free of the top 8 allergies, including gluten and dairy.
    • 25 Allergy Friendly Treats by Dena Norton ($9.99)
      With the recipes in this ebook, you can enjoy allergy friendly treats—including dairy free, gluten free, peanut free, tree nut/coconut free, and soy free options—without compromising flavor!
    • Gluten-Free Kids in the Kitchen: Simple Recipes Made By Kids, For Kids by Raia Todd ($5.99)
      Gluten-Free Kids in the Kitchen contains 17 gluten-free kid-friendly breakfast, snack, and dessert recipes, most with dairy-free options.
    • Go Grain Free by Jill Tieman ($67.00)
      Go Grain Free is a self-paced, online cooking class featuring grain free, additive free, dairy free and refined sugar free recipes that are appropriate for healing diets such as SCD, GAPS and Paleo.
    • Goodness Me It’s Gluten Free Baking: Bread, Pastry, Cakes, Cookies, Muffins & More by Vanessa Hudson ($5.99)
      Gluten free baking has never been easier. With simple instructions & using common ingredients you can now make bread, pastry, cakes, cookies, muffins and more in your own kitchen that taste so good you won’t know you’re eating gluten free!
    • How to Go Gluten Free: What to Do After Being Diagnosed with Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity by Jenna Drew ($27.00)
      A complete guide to help you navigate a gluten intolerance or celiac diagnosis.
    • The Food Allergy Mom’s Guide to Substitutions for Cooking and Baking by Kelly Roenicke ($7.99)
      This guide contains simple substitutions to make your favorite recipes allergy friendly.
    • The Gluten-Free Allergy-Friendly Lunchbox by Kathlena ($14.95)
      Packed with over 60 lunches and recipes, The Gluten-Free Allergy-Friendly Lunchbox can help guide you in making delicious lunches for taking to work, school, or restaurants with friends.


  • Tips for Handling Life with Food Allergies by Kelly Roenicke ($5.99)
    Tips for Handling Life with Food Allergies is a simple guide to handling everyday situations when you have food allergies.
  • Weeding Out Wheat by Trisha Gilkerson ($9.95)
    Weeding out Wheat addresses both why wheat is unhealthy and how Christians should approach the Scriptures around this topic.


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Alternative Health (9 products worth $376.83)  

    • 3-Month Rise UP: Online Integrative Wellness Membership  by Kristyn Bango & Stephanie Wharton ($45.00)
      Rise UP is an Online Integrative Wellness Membership designed to educate its participants on evidence-based, functional health approaches specific to their unique situation and goals.
    • Beat Crohn’s: The Real Truth About Crohn’s Disease and How You Can Overcome It by Megan Redshaw ($7.99)
      Beat Crohn’s is an ebook that breaks down the most common myths surrounding Crohn’s disease and provides a natural approach for overcoming it.
    • Clear Skin Secrets: 12 Steps to Clear Skin, Naturally by Amie Skilton ($30.00)
      Clear Skin Secrets is a 12-Step Blueprint to heal your acne once and for all, naturally.
    • Debunking PCOS by Nat Kringoudis  ($8.85)
      This little gem includes all you need to know to get your hormones back on track to tame those wild ovaries of yours.
    • Fix Your Period 5-Day Cleanse: The Perfect Jumpstart to Get Your Hormones Back on Track by Nicole Jardim ($37.00)
      The Fix Your Period 5-Day Cleanse will help you ditch the junk and eat the very best hormone-balancing and cycle-friendly foods. Symptoms like PMS, period pain, acne, fatigue, heavy periods, breast pain and irregular bleeding are alleviated or resolved.
    • Love Your Adrenals: 7 Day Kickstart by Jules Galloway ($37.00)
      If you need a helping hand to get your health on track, Jules has got your back! This program takes you through the FIRST STEPS to healing adrenal fatigue, with amazing healthy food, daily activities, plus ninja tips for self-care and stress relief.
    • The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs by Nicolas Pineault  ($14.99)
      The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs helps health-conscious people like you dramatically cut down their EMF exposure without going back to the Stone Age.


  • The Essential Thyroid Cookbook: Over 100 Nourishing Recipes for Thriving with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s by Jill Grunewald & Lisa Markley ($9.99)
    The Essential Thyroid Cookbook is a book within a cookbook containing a substantive, rigorously researched educational component as well as over 100 original ”food as medicine” recipes for your thyroid and immune system.


  • Water Wellness: Using the Healing Virtues of Water to Revive, Recover, and Recharge by Christine Dalziel ($97.00)
    Learn to use the secrets of water, temperature, and salt to sleep better, have more energy, and restore that healthy glow. Turn your daily water routine into a wellspring of comfort and health with easy to follow recipes and herbal remedies.
  • Women’s Health Masterclass by Wardee Harmon ($99.00)
    The Women’s Health masterclass contains the Women’s Health eBook plus 10 masterclass videos.


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Detox & Reset (8 products worth $208.73)

  • 4-Week Total Paleo Reset Plan by Irena Macri of Eat Drink Paleo ($45.00)
    Working with leading experts in wellness and nutrition, Irena Macri has created a 4-week plan that will help you reset your body and gain all the health and wellbeing benefits of the paleo diet while eating delicious, real food.
  • Ditch Your Nutritionist: Your Step-By-Step Guide To Look Your Best, Feel Your Best… Guaranteed by Anne Marie Garland ($39.00)
    Commit to Ditch Your Nutritionist today, and leave the nutrition blogs and diet books behind… guaranteed.
  • Fix Your Period 5-Day Cleanse: The Perfect Jumpstart to Get Your Hormones Back on Track by Nicole Jardim ($37.00)
    The Fix Your Period 5-Day Cleanse will help you ditch the junk and eat the very best hormone-balancing and cycle-friendly foods. Symptoms like PMS, period pain, acne, fatigue, heavy periods, breast pain and irregular bleeding are alleviated or resolved.
  • InTENsive Reset & Refresh  by Wendie Schneider ($19.99)
    The InTENsive Reset and Refresh is a 10-day nutrition program aimed at returning you to your roots – real, whole, nourishing foods. It also includes information and instruction on staying hydrated, exercising lightly, and finding ways to reduce stress.
  • Love Your Adrenals: 7 Day Kickstart by Jules Galloway ($37.00)
    If you need a helping hand to get your health on track, Jules has got your back! This program takes you through the FIRST STEPS to healing adrenal fatigue, with amazing healthy food, daily activities, plus ninja tips for self-care and stress relief.
  • Mind Your Gut Health by Daniella Hogarth ($8.75)
    A great workbook and introductory guide to a ‘plant-based’ Paleo lifestyle including over 70 delicious recipes. Comprehensively covering goal-setting, meal-planning, food preparation, exercise tips and stress management.
  • The Easy Detox + Recipe Book by Jennifer Lynn ($9.00)
    In this guide you will learn what it really means to detox, how to cleanse your body every day as well recipes and meal ideas to get your started on the right track.
  • The Real Food Reset: 30 Days to Lose Weight, Be Free from Cravings & Feeling Great! by Roland Denzel ($12.99)
    The Real Food Reset puts you in touch with your instincts, and reintroduces you to the power that Real Food has over your health and waistline.


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Fitness & Weight Loss (11 products worth $571.89)

  • 4 Week Fit & Strong Workout Plan by Lynn Neville ($27.00)
    A plan packed with tips, motivation, and quick and effective workouts to get the fit and strong body you’ve always wanted.
  • Balance Virtual Bootcamp: REBOOT by Karen Shopoff Rooff ($47.00)
    Balance Virtual Bootcamp: REBOOT delivers 18 ALL NEW at-home workouts suitable for a wide range of fitness levels. It is not necessary to have completed Balance Virtual Bootcamp before starting REBOOT.
  • Clean and Lean Blueprint by Amanda Brooks ($7.99)
    Find out how to lose weight by focusing on the right foods, no more gimmicks, no fads, and nothing you can’t do long term.
  • Healthy Aging Class Pack: Healthy Moving to Help You Feel Amazing in Your Body Today and for Decades to Come by Jen Hoffman ($29.97)
    The Healthy Aging Class Pack includes five Healthy Moving classes packed with unique exercises and flows to help you feel amazing in your body today and for decades to come.
  • MerryBody 4-Week Yoga and Pilates Home Fitness Program by Emma & Carla Papas ($75.00)
    MerryBody is a 4 week program that combines Yoga, Pilates and mindset to completely change the way you work out—AND how you feel about yourself.
  • Printable Food & Fitness Trackers by Megan Duesterhaus ($19.00)
    The Food and Fitness Trackers printable kit includes four pretty, editable, and comprehensive worksheets to help you quickly and easily track your food intake and exercise habits.
  • Secrets to Controlling Your Weight, Cravings and Mood by Maria Emmerich ($9.99)
    The solution to losing weight doesn’t lie in deprivation diets; it lies in balancing our neurotransmitters. This book gives you the tools to do just that.
  • The Busy Life Diet: Healthy Weight Loss for Women on the Go by Gaye Christmus ($9.95)
    The Busy Life Diet is designed to help you lose weight in a healthy way and a reasonable amount of time, and to make the very best use of the time and energy you devote to healthy eating and weight loss.
  • The Slim and Satisfied Handbook: 4 Weeks of Gluten Free, Sugar Free, High Protein Menus and Recipes by Jacinda Vandenberg ($9.99)
    This 4-week, low glycemic menu plan is complete with grocery lists and recipes for every meal of the day!
  • Unhinge the Binge: The Answer to Emotional, Binge and Stress Eating by Jenny Eden Berk ($297.00)
    Heal your relationship with food by using mindful and intuitive based techniques and tapping into inner wisdom.
  • Victory Over Emotional Eating for Christian Women: Conquering Cravings and Finding Freedom by Sara Borgstede & Becky Lehman ($39.00)
    Conquer cravings and find lasting freedom from emotional eating with the 4 week course, Victory Over Emotional Eating for Christian Women.


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Gardening (12 products worth $156.32)   

    • Container Gardening: Your Guide to Container Gardening Anywhere by Heather Harris ($7.99)
      Grow your own food, in the space you’re in. Learn more about container gardening and how easy it is to do!
    • Fall & Winter Gardening Without the Overwhelm by Rootsy ($7.50)
      In Fall and Winter Gardening Without the Overwhelm, you’ll get advice and guidance for successfully growing brassicas, root vegetables and leafy greens that will guide your path to eating fresh food, longer in the season.


  • Garden Herb Walk with Kami McBride ($27.00)
    Learn to use your herb garden to prevent illness, take care of common ailments and add delicious flavor to your meals.


  • Grow a Good Life Guide to Planning Your Vegetable Garden by Rachel Arsenault ($7.99)
    Good planning is key to a successful vegetable garden. Whether you are new to growing your own food or have been growing a vegetable garden for years, you will benefit from some planning each year. Organize and plan your vegetable garden with this guide.
  • Grow Abundant Herbs & Greens….in Pots! by Nicola Newman ($4.90)
    When you grow herbs & greens in pots, you get to enjoy eating the freshest, healthiest food possible and have a garden that gives you personal satisfaction & nutritious food every day of the week.
  • Growing 5 Warm Weather Vegetables Made Easy: A Quick, Simple and Inexpensive Growing Guide by CaliKim ($14.99)
    Growing 5 Warm Weather Vegetables Made Easy shows you exactly how to grow your own tasty, healthy, organic tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash and eggplant (from seed to harvest) in your own backyard in a quick, simple and inexpensive way.  
  • Growing Urban Orchards: How to Care for Fruit Trees in the City and Beyond by Susan Poizner ($19.95)
    In Susan Poizner’s award-winning book you will learn to choose, plant and care for fruit trees that will thrive in your unique conditions.
  • How to Grow a Vertical Garden by Anna Hackman ($39.00)
    Double your gardening space and harvest in order to grow vine vegetables using cattle panels.
  • Seed Starting for Beginners: Sow Inside Grow Outside by Melissa Will ($5.00)
    A complete beginner guide to indoor seed starting for outdoor flowers, veggies, and herbs.  
  • The Art of Gardening: Building Your Soil by Susan Vinskofski ($13.00)
    With The Art of Gardening: Building Your Soil, you WILL become a better gardener. Your plants will resist disease and your produce will be nourishing because you’ve built healthy soil.
  • The Ultimate Garden Planning Spreadsheets by Laura Seabolt ($9.00)
    With planting dates and growing tips for 40+ crops from basil to turnips, these spreadsheets do everything for you except put the plants in the ground!
  • Understanding Your Climate by Angi Schneider ($17.00)
    In Understanding Your Climate you will learn how to use common gardening metrics to truly understand your gardening environment.
  • Vegetable Gardening the Easy Way by Jami Boys ($10.00)
    There is a way to eat your favorite vegetables warmed by the sun without the backbreaking work your parents or grandparents might have done. It’s called Vegetable Gardening the Easy Way—and it truly can be easy!

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Healthy Children (7 products worth $114.63)

    • Fit2B Girls: The Holistic, Non-Sexual Body Education eCourse That Empowers Girls to Respect Their Bodies and Stay Healthy by Beth Learn ($39.97)
      A modern, family-friendly approach to body education for girls ages 9-14 with videos, printables, quizzes, tasteful graphics, and wholesome contributors including doctors, physical therapists, a fitness specialist, nutritionist, midwife, and more!  
    • Gluten-Free Kids in the Kitchen: Simple Recipes Made By Kids, For Kids by Raia Todd ($5.99)
      Gluten-Free Kids in the Kitchen contains 17 gluten-free kid-friendly breakfast, snack, and dessert recipes, most with dairy-free options.
    • Healthy Breakfasts Kids Can Make by Katie Kimball ($20.00)
      Healthy Breakfasts Kids Can Make includes 4 videos and lesson plans for all ages – your kids really can make breakfast on their own, no mess, no fuss, no failure!
    • Homeopathy for Mommies: Family Guide for the Acute Use of Homeopathy by Sue Meyer ($14.99)
      A comprehensive guide for teaching caregivers how to use homeopathy.
    • National Parks Guide for Families by Saren Loosli ($10.00)
      This guide offers descriptions, photos and videos of the best hikes, activities and places to stay in many of the U.S. National Parks.


  • Real Food A to Z by Starlene Stewart ($4.99)
    This colorful picture book will help you teach your toddler the alphabet as well as the names of real fruits and vegetables.


  • The Well Nourished Lunchbox by Georgia Harding ($18.69)
    The Well Nourished Lunchbox is a fully interactive, beautifully designed ebook that will guide you to pack your kids (or even yourself) a delicious, nutritious lunch, simply and easily.


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Home & Beauty (6 products worth $79.96)

    • Celebrate: Your Comprehensive Guide to Low-Tox Entertaining by Alexx Stuart ($9.00)
      A low tox entertaining e-book with 37 food and cocktail recipes, tips and resources for you to create less waste when you entertain, decorating ideas, table arrangements and floral inspiration, gift ideas and more.
    • Clear Skin Secrets: 12 Steps to Clear Skin, Naturally by Amie Skilton ($30.00)
      Clear Skin Secrets is a 12-Step Blueprint to heal your acne once and for all, naturally.


  • DIY Face Masks and Scrubs: Natural & Nourishing Homemade Skincare by Stacy Karen ($3.99)
    DIY Face Masks and Scrubs is your comprehensive guide to creating luxurious and effective natural skincare products for healthy, glowing skin.
  • Holistic Living For Penny Pinchers by Meg Richardson ($9.99)
    Learn how to live a healthier life by creating your own all natural products and revising your daily routines to serve you better.


    • Nourishing Nature: Beauty Recipes from the Garden by Kristy Doubet Haare ($11.99)
      Make beautiful nourishing products for your skin with all natural ingredients picked from the garden.


  • The Non-Toxic Home Evaluation Guide by Kresha Faber ($14.99)
    The Non-Toxic Home Evaluation Guide is a positive, upbeat, step-by-step checklist that helps you take an honest look at your home and make simple-but-effective changes so your family’s living space is healthier and happier.


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Homesteading (4 products worth $41.93)

    • Creating Your Off-Grid Homestead: Radical Inspiration and Practical Advice by Teri Page ($9.95)
      If going off the grid is something you’re curious about, Creating Your Off-Grid Homestead will be your guide! With equal parts practical information and inspiration, this book will give you the support and knowledge to make your off grid dream happen.


  • Homemade Dairy by Jill Winger ($9.99)


  • Provident Homesteading by Julie Gropp ($12.99)
    This beginner homesteading guide will help you take the first steps to start a homestead wherever you live and with whatever budget you have available.
  • The Homestead Goal Planner: Create the Homestead You Want in the Time You Have by Sarah Toney ($9.00)
    The Homestead Goal Planner will help you prioritize your goals and show you how to break those goals down into manageable pieces so that you can create the homestead life you’ve always dreamed of!

Natural Remedies (8 products worth $94.95)  


  • Adaptogens: A Holistic Approach to Healing by Kristyn Bango (19.99)
    Adaptogens: A Holistic Approach to Healing is a comprehensive guide to managing stress in our bodies in order to achieve whole body health.


    • Essential Oils for Women’s Health: Maiden, Mother, Crone by Rachel Silves ($9.99)
      Discover how essential oils can be used safely and effectively in the management of common women’s health concerns.
    • Essential Oils Notebook by Crystal Brothers ($17.00)
      This notebook is intended to help you formulate a plan for your essential oils. It contains everything you need to organization to your storage and use of essential oils.


  • Garden Herb Walk with Kami McBride ($27.00)
    Learn to use your herb garden to prevent illness, take care of common ailments and add delicious flavor to your meals.


    • Herbal Remedies for a Peaceful Postpartum by Christine Cassella ($4.99)
      Herbal Remedies for a Peaceful Postpartum provides practical advice, easy-to-make recipes, and inspiration to help you or your loved ones have a healthy, uplifting, and empowered postpartum period.  
    • Homeopathy for Mommies: Family Guide for the Acute Use of Homeopathy by Sue Meyer ($14.99)
      A comprehensive guide for teaching caregivers how to use homeopathy.
    • How to Be Healthy: Natural Remedies for Cold & Flu Care by Heidi Villegas ($9.00)
      Natural Cold & Flu Care will give you the tools and knowledge to use natural remedies such as herbs, essential oils, honey, spices, and more to help keep you well and feeling great this cold and flu season.


  • The Truth About Essential Oils and Cancer: A Biblically-Inspired, Evidence-Based Approach to Beating Disease God’s Way by Dr. Eric Z ($3.99)
    In The Truth About Essential Oils and Cancer, Dr. Eric Zielinski lays out how to harness the healing of power of plant-based medicine with do-it-yourself tips needed to customize your own essential oil cancer protocol. Regain control of your health today!


  • Your Gentle Guide to Labour and Childbirth with Acupressure & Essential Oils by Katie Schablon ($15.00)
    Learn how to use essential oils and acupressure points for a more gentle birth experience, and how you and your birth partner can use these tools safely to help with pain relief, contraction efficiency, calming, and focus and energy.


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Pregnancy & Baby (7 products worth $77.48)

  • Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert: A Simple, Comprehensive Guide to Using Cloth Diapers by Erin Odom ($12.50)
    This 200+-page book is the most comprehensive cloth diaper guide on the market today.  
  • Herbal Remedies for a Peaceful Postpartum by Christine Cassella ($4.99)
    Herbal Remedies for a Peaceful Postpartum provides practical advice, easy-to-make recipes, and inspiration to help you or your loved ones have a healthy, uplifting, and empowered postpartum period.  
  • Nurse Smart Breastfeeding Handbook by Trina and Alli ($9.00)
    All the knowledge you need to nurse successfully without the struggle of having to read thousands of pages, so you can discover the joy of breastfeeding.
  • The First Six Weeks: Thriving Naturally On Your Postpartum Journey by Rebekah Thompson ($4.99)
    The First Six Weeks: Thriving Naturally on Your Postpartum Journey is a much needed resource for women who are wondering how they can nourish and support their bodies while also taking care of their new baby im the first weeks after giving birth.
  • The Mama Natural Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook: Simple, Nutrient-Dense Recipes To Nourish Your Baby As They Learn To Eat Solids. by Genevieve Howland ($12.00)
    Nourish your baby and help them to eat solid foods with 150 real-food recipes organized by baby’s age.
  • The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class by Stacey Stewart ($19.00)
    The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class is a simple step-by-step program that covers everything a woman needs to know to breastfeed her baby in 13 easy-to-watch lessons and under 90 minutes.
  • Your Gentle Guide to Labour and Childbirth with Acupressure & Essential Oils by Katie Schablon ($15.00)
    Learn how to use essential oils and acupressure points for a more gentle birth experience, and how you and your birth partner can use these tools safely to help with pain relief, contraction efficiency, calming, and focus and energy.


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Real Food (5 products worth $53.97)

  • 10 First Steps to Real Food (Plus 10 More for the Brave) by Beth Ricci ($8.00)
    A short guide to real food basics so that you can build a solid foundation and gain clarity in your healthy eating lifestyle.
  • Healthier in 30 Days: Simple, Effective, Actionable Tips for Living a Healthier Life by Heather Behrends ($17.00)
    Healthier in 30 Days is designed to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle with simple, effective, actionable tips and encouragement along the way.
  • Meal Planning on a Budget Bundle by Dina-Marie Oswald ($15.00)
    A step by step guide to make a meal plan that fits your needs and your budget.
  • Mommy & Me Recipe Binder Set by Laura Rizer ($7.98)
    A set of recipe binders and tools to help moms organize their recipes and meal plans while also encouraging kids to get involved in cooking and meal planning too!
  • Resistant Starch 101 by Heather Dessinger ($5.99)
    Why gut microbiome diversity is important, and how to support it with resistant starch-rich foods.


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4 Must Do Ideas for Self Care for Caregivers

4 Must Do Ideas for Self Care for Caregivers

Collaborative post.


When you have the responsibility to care for someone else, it is easy to brush aside caring for yourself. This is a mistake though, because if you end up ill who will be caring for your charges then? Self care for caregivers tends to be way overlooked, and is becoming very problematic. If you are a caregiver you need to make sure your needs are dealt with as well as then you will be in a better position to help whoever it is you are looking after.


4 ways for caregivers to avoid burnout


How Caregiving Can Affect Your Health And Well Being


It is often thought that most carers are people in their midlife looking after elderly parents, but this is not the case. There are children that need carers too. They could be disabled, or it could be a temporary need after an accident or illness. There are even youngsters that give care to relatives.


So often you will hear that a caregiver becomes ill. That’s because they generally put the needs of the person they are caring for first and tend to not look after themselves. They do not have the time, or they are too tired. But whichever it is, in the long run, it is the biggest mistake they can make. Self care for caregivers is so, so important!


It seems that it does not matter on the age, gender, or race, caregivers all report similar problems. They usually suffer from a lack of sleep and don’t eat properly. In addition, they don’t have enough exercise, which lends itself to their tendency to be overweight, and fail to see a physician when they are not well themselves. Which is very problematic since they are more prone to chronic illnesses. They are also at risk of depression and are more likely to turn to drugs or alcohol to help them through.


Accepting Your Limitations


The first thing you have to do is realize that no one can give care 24 hours a day. If the person you are looking after needs 24-hour care then you must have help.


Even in the case of someone that does not need overnight care because they sleep quite well, means you could be still caregiving 18 hours a day, and that is too much for anyone.


You do not need to feel guilty because you need some time to yourself. You also have to put faith in others when you want a break. Don’t feel inadequate because you ask another family member to take over your duties while you take a shopping trip, or a quiet walk in the park.


The person you’re caring for won’t love you any less because you’ve taken time to prepare yourself a proper meal or take a shower. In fact, looking after yourself will help to keep you in a better frame of mind. This makes things more pleasant for them as well.

Once you have accepted your limitations you will be able to move forward with help from others. It will be a small step at a time until you learn to walk away for a while. But the difference to your health can be very beneficial.


Financial Help For Caregivers


There are many different factors in the US that determine if you are entitled to any financial help. Each state has its own set of rules and calls the financial assistance by varying names.


Some will pay family caregivers as long as it is not a spouse or guardian. Others will only pay caregivers that do not live in the same house as the recipient.


Having to give up work to become a carer can create huge financial problems. However, some people qualify for medical assistance through Medicaid, some because they are war veterans and sometimes you can get the financial help you need from your health care insurance, as some policies include this as a benefit.It may also be possible for, say an industrial negligence or birth injury lawyer, to help you successfully due for damages if an injury or illness was caused by negligence. Explore these options because they may help you more than you think.


The other option is if the person you are looking after has the resources to pay you, and they are of a sound mind, you could become an employee of theirs. This may seem as though it is unnecessary. But you should definitely have a contract of employment in place just as you would with any other job. As with all contracts of this type, this is to provide protection for employer and employee should a dispute arise.


Support For Caregivers


One of the biggest problems caregivers sometimes face is they feel there is a lack of support. Studies show that this happens no matter how old the person they are caring for is.


Self Care for the Caregiver is vitally important and support is available from several government departments. There are usually local support groups where others are experiencing just the same as you. This can be a huge help because then you realize you are not the only one. There are online forums where you can chat to people and get their opinions as well.


Get some help if you need it because your wellbeing is just as important as everyone else’s!


Want to learn how to practice TRUE Self Care? Take the free course! (Click the image below to get started!)


self care for moms


Or you can download the free Self Care Starter Kit by clicking this image:


Self care is absolutely essential for Moms! Get started with ideas and tips for true self care, even on a budget or for cheap or free. It doesn't have to be complicated. Find out how to get started plus grab your free self care starter kit! #selfcare #selflove #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #moms #momlife


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Being a caregiver sometimes gets little appreciation. Here are 4 must do tips to help avoid caregiver burnout and stress. #selfcare #selflove #healthylifestyle


Fall Inspired Spa Recipes to Transition Your Skin + Hair into Autumn With a Glow

Fall Inspired Spa Recipes to Transition Your Skin + Hair into Autumn With a Glow

One of the best ways for Mama to transition from summer into fall involves one of my most fave smells of all time: pumpkin! Ok, I get it that it’s usually a manufactured smell, but you get the point. If it smells like fall, Mama’s happy! So what’s the big transition? Transforming that dried out summer skin from the sun, sand, and chlorine to smooth, supple, and glowy skin! Here’s how to transform your skin, but also your hair and face, with these 3 fall inspired spa recipes!


3 fall inspired spa recipes for hair, body, and face


Pumkin Spice Latte Body Scrub

1/2 cup pumpkin puree

1/2 cup coconut sugar (or brown sugar)

1 TBSP coconut oil (or olive oil)

1/4 tsp cinnamon

2 TBSP cinnamon


1.Mix the pumpkin puree with the oil until all combined

2. In a separate small bowl combine cinnamon, sugar, and coffee. Stir until completely mixed.

3. Pour the dry ingredients into the pumpkin and oil and whisk until completely combined.

4. Apply to body in bath tub or shower and scrub to exfoliate.

5. Rinse!

*Tip: the longer this recipe sits, the more the sugar dissolves. Since it works in addition to the coffee for exfoliation, try to use it asap.

*Of all the fall inspired spa recipes, this is my favorite! Maybe because I’ve just last year jumped on the pumpkin spice flavor wagon, but this pumpkin scrub recipe is seriously sublime!

fall inspired spa recipes body scrub leg


Apple Cider Vinegar + Yogurt Conditioning Hair Mask


1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar (I use Bragg’s brand–it’s organic and has ‘the mother’)

2 TBSP yogurt (plain, full fat, organic)

2 TBSP honey (raw, unheated)



Mix all ingredients together really well. Apply to barely dampened hair and massage into scalp and ends of hair. Wrap hair into a bun. Cover with plastic if you wish. Leave for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. (Great for weekly conditioning mask!)


Glowing Pumpkin Face Mask


1/4 cup pumpkin puree (canned or fresh, but try to use organic)

1 egg (raw, organic)

1 tsp honey (raw, unheated)

1/2 TBSP apple cider vinegar (organic, I use Bragg’s brand with ‘the mother’)



1.Whisk egg, then add pumpkin puree and honey. Mix till combined.

2. Stir in apple cider vinegar till completely mixed.

3. *This is messy, so wear something you don’t mind getting drips on! Apply to freshly washed face over the sink, tub, or shower in case of drips.

4. Leave for 15-20 minutes, then rinse, and follow with moisturizer.


fall inspired spa recipes face scrub jar



Hopefully you can ‘transition’ into fall with me with these yummy fall inspired spa recipes as well! (Also, I know they smell like you could just eat it, but don’t eat the one with raw egg! ?)


Want more fall fun? How about creating a fall bucket list with your kiddos! Check it out + get a free Fall Bucket List Generator Printable!



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Ready to get rid of that dry skin from too much sun, sea, or chlorine? Here are 3 seriously yummy fall inspired diy spa recipes to try this weekend to get smooth, glowy skin + soft hair! Hint: you'll def get a huge dose of pumpkin + pumpkin spice latte! #fall #pumpkin #spa #selfcare #pumpkinrecipes