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The Ultimate Guide to Female Health

The Ultimate Guide to Female Health

Our health is one of the most important things in our lives. Being in good health can help us get by in life and achieve everything we want to. It can also promote good mental health and help us enjoy happiness. However, even though we all know the whole importance of good female health, there are still few of us who actually know all about the ins and outs of women’s health.


Seeing as men an women have such different bodies, there is no wonder that they each have a completely separate set of health needs. So, it is imperative that, as a woman, you know all about your own set of needs so that you can give your body everything it needs to stay healthy. And that should help you stay happy too!


Here’s a quick rundown of the main points of women’s health. Make sure you have a good read through and fill in any gaps in your knowledge. Doing so could vastly improve your female health!


get your female health in check with these 5 easy steps


Period Help


Every woman will have periods throughout her adult life. They start during adolescence and are a signal that puberty has started. Once you start your period, you will have one every month, unless you are pregnant, until you reach the menopause. More often than not, the menopause starts at middle age, though there are some reasons why it might begin earlier or later. Once you go through the menopause, you will no longer be fertile and won’t be able to have children. Many people think of periods as an annoyance as it can be quite uncomfortable for the few days when you have yours. Here are a few tips to help you get through your period days without too much discomfort.



  • Use A Hot Water Bottle – You will probably suffer from cramps while you are on your period. This is from the muscles in the uterus contracting to move the blood through. One way to relieve these is to hug a hot water bottle close to your stomach. The heat should relax the muscles and stop some of the pain and discomfort.
  • Do Some Gentle ExerciseTaking part in some Yoga or swimming will help to relieve some of the pain you experience from your period. That’s because it will increase the blood flow through the body, which can ease the cramps. Not only that, though, but this exercise will release endorphins and can help to lift your moods.
  • Try Not To Drink CoffeeCoffee is high in caffeine, which is a chemical that will make the body retain water. The more water your body retains, the more bloated, crampy, and achy you will feel. In fact, it’s best to stay away from all kinds of drinks that have caffeine, including sodas and teas. Instead, why not sip some ginger ale? Ginger has been proven to reduce stomach cramps.



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Periods. They can happen anywhere, at any time. They can happen to you or near you, whether it’s a flying tampon on the train or your own stained pair of white pants. But when we talk about periods, we talk a lot about the downsides. What if we talked about the upsides? The best periods? The interesting periods? The ones that interacted with our lives in some unexpected way? Talking about periods is so often a taboo. What if it wasn’t? Periods affect our lives profoundly, and in millions of different ways. The stories we tell should reflect that. For many people in the world, periods relate strongly to the country they live in, their position in society, and what they are able to achieve with their lives. For others, like women who don’t get periods, or people who used to get periods, menstruation is significant in other ways. As Clue prepares to launch a content series featuring global stories about menstruation, we are hosting an evening to allow space in real life for diverse stories, from diverse contexts. Come if you’ve got a story in mind, or come just to watch—but come ready to listen, laugh, and share: Tuesday, 30 October starting at 6pm CET at the Comedy Café in Berlin (Roseggerstr. 17 / Weserstr., 12059 Berlin, Germany). We’re aiming to provide a safe space for stories from people of color, trans and nonbinary folks, folks in the LGBT community, people of different abilities, and anyone else whose stories are not told enough in white Western contexts. Link to the event in the bio! Questions? Ideas? Reach out to us directly here: 6pm – Doors open 6:30pm – Storytelling begins 7:30pm – Intermission 8:45pm – Final storyteller

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Dealing With A UTI


Women are at a higher risk of contracting a UTI than men. So, it’s a good idea to find out about the best way to deal with these pesky health conditions. Here are a few tips that can help you get rid of your nest one faster.



  • Drink Plenty Of Water – The first thing you should do once you realize that you are dealing with a UTI is to reach for a big glass of water. You will need to drink plenty while you are suffering with the infection as it can help the body to flush it out. You just need to drink when you are thirsty to ensure you are getting plenty but, in general, that should be around eight glasses a day.
  • Eat Foods High In Vitamin CYou should try to eat as much vitamin C as possible, even when you don’t have a UTI. This vitamin can make the urine acidic, which will inhibit the growth of bacteria in it. When you do have a UTI, you might want to boost your vitamin C intake by taking a daily supplement.


  • Don’t Eat Or Drink Anything That Could Irritate The Bladder – There are quite a few foods that are considered to be bladder irritants. These include anything with caffeine in it, alcohol, spicy foods, and sodas. Instead, you should stick to fresh food and vegetables as well as whole grains. Carbohydrates that are high in fiber, such as oats, are particularly good at soothing UTIs.



Fertility Tips And Advice


One of the main differences between men and women is that a woman’s fertility is a lot more restricted than a guy’s. In fact, men are fertile for their whole life, while women only become fertile in puberty and then are infertile again after the menopause.

There are also a lot of external factors that can affect a woman’s fertility. For instance, drinking a lot of alcohol and smoking can reduce it, as can being very overweight. However, some women can struggle with their fertility even if there are no clear reasons why.

If you do think you have fertility problems, you might want to talk to your doctor about fertility testing as they will be able to refer you to a fertility clinic. Once you are registered with a clinic, the specialists there will be able to talk to you about your options. You might want to try IVF, IUI, or even consider using a surrogate.


Necessary Health Checks


A fertility test isn’t the only check you might want to get. There are also a few other examinations and tests that it is highly advisable for all women to start taking as soon as they reach adulthood. Taking them can help you spot a potentially life-threatening illness in the very early stages when it is still easy to treat. Here are some of the most important health checks to take.



  • A Pap Test – The pap test is also known as the smear test. You might have heard it been called a cervical screening before. This test is carried out every three years in women aged over twenty-five. It aims to detect the early stages of cervical cancer. In some cases, the test can even spot pre-cancerous cells that haven’t started to turn into the disease yet. Even though this is quite an invasive scan, it is still crucial that you go for your test when it comes around. Some women don’t attend because they are too embarrassed. However, it is much better to have the test done to ensure that you are healthy. Otherwise, the cancer could go by undetected, and things could turn very serious very quickly.
  • A Breast Examination As well as testing for cervical cancer, you should also carry out a breast examination to spot the early signs of breast cancer. You can do this yourself at home, and it’s best to carry out the examination once a month in the week immediately following your period. You should feel your breasts gently and see if you notice any new lumps or changes in the breast tissue. If you do notice this, you should see your doctor immediately for further tests.
  • Blood PressureAll women need to be going for semi-regular blood pressure tests. Normally, your doctor will do this even if you are seeing them about something unrelated. Even though high blood pressure is something that usually affects older people, it is still important to get tested for it. These days, high blood pressure is on the rise amongst young adults as most people lead such hectic lives these days. Ideally, you should try and keep your stress levels down to a minimum. If they get too high, then you will be at a high risk of developing high blood pressure, which could then lead onto serious health conditions, including heart disease.
  • BMIIt’s also worth getting your BMI (body mass index) checked out every now and then. Your doctor can do this for you, but you should be able to figure it out yourself if you have some scales at home.




A Good Night’s Sleep


We all need to get plenty of sleep, and this is particularly important for women. A good night’s sleep has been shown to improve fertility as well as mental health and a range of other health conditions. So, make sure you are getting to bed at a decent time each night. If you struggle to sleep, there are a few things you can do that should improve the situation. For instance, you might want to try getting into a good bedtime routine so that you can prepare your body and mind for sleep. It’s also worth not using screens for an hour before you go to bed, and remove any distractions from the bedroom. If that doesn’t seem to help you, you might want to see your doctor and discuss the possibility of insomnia.


There are lots of health things to try and keep on top of as a woman. If you get into a good health routine, then you should be able to improve your body and mind’s health and fitness!


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Women's health is never a walk in the park. But mine has seen drastic improvement by using these 5 tips and hacks for improving my female health on the daily. Especially #5! #health #womenshealth #woman #womenhealth #womanhealth #healthylifestyle

5 Meaningful Investments for Busy Moms to Make in Themselves

5 Meaningful Investments for Busy Moms to Make in Themselves

As a woman with a family and a career, finding the balance between work, caring for your loved ones and maintaining a social life isn’t a walk in the park. Trying to juggle all of these super powers can put a toll on your mental health whether you’d like to believe it or not. It’s important to have meaningful investments for busy moms in health and wellness, and make it a priority. After all, your children deserve to have a great role model in their life!


5 meaningful investments for busy moms to make in themselves


An easy way to begin investing in items and experiences that will make you feel your best is to begin with the top five areas of your life that are important for busy, multitasking moms – your sleep, your health, your comfort, your home and your future.


For your sleep


Getting a full night’s rest is an impossible task when you’re a busy mom. And if you have kids under five years old, you’re lucky to get a few consecutive hours of shut-eye in each night. After chasing your toddlers around all day or even driving your kids to sports practices and birthday parties, the thought of your own bed seems like a fantasy.

Investing in a quality mattress will have you yearning for your bed even more than you already are, especially knowing that you’ll be able to quickly slip into a comfortable slumber!

Purchasing mattresses online is certainly becoming the preferred method of mattress shopping. Online mattress companies make the buying process simple and don’t want you to feel the pressure that you’d get from the salesperson at your local furniture store. You’ll be able to truly invest in the mattress that meets your sleeping needs.


For your health


The older we get, the more important it is to take care of our skin’s health. Including SPF in your daily skincare routine will protect your skin from UV rays and also prevent unwanted wrinkles from forming.

Brands like MDSolarSciences and EltaMD have tinted sunscreens containing mineralized zinc and titanium oxide. Your skin will be fully protected from harmful rays while still giving you a natural glow instead of the opaque white cream you’re used to.

This is perfect for moms on the go who have very little time to get ready in the morning. Raising a family while juggling a career can put a toll on our bodies and the most we can do is protect it from potential damage.


For your comfort


A mom that’s always on the go won’t feel fully equipped without wearing something comfortable. That’s why meaningful investments for busy moms must always start from what you wear under your clothes, then work your way out.

First you’ll have to identify your lifestyle. Are you a mom that heads to the office after dropping your kids off at school? Or are you a mom who might work from home and have the freedom to dress in something more casual? Whatever your situation may be, the best idea would be to invest in something transitional that can take you from a Mommy And Me gymnastics class to an important meeting in the boardroom.

Quality items of clothing to invest in, to add to your comfortable yet confident wardrobe, include bras that feel like second skin and a blazer used for simple layering. If you’re a mom that’s always on the run, you don’t want to think twice about feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing.

Ultimately, the more comfortable you are, the more you’re able to embrace who you really are.


For your home


Your home should feel like your sanctuary. After a long day, coming home to a place that eases your mind and lifts your spirits is exactly what busy moms need.

Because most of your time is spent in the kitchen, whether it’s making lunches for the kids to bring to school, or cooking up a big meal for Sunday dinner, you should create a space that makes you want to stay!

Updating your kitchen appliances will eliminate your stress levels when it comes to making dinner for your hungry family each night. High-end appliances can even make the cooking process a breeze, leaving you with more quality time to spend connecting with your loved ones rather than watching the oven because it tends to over cook food or hoping the panini press doesn’t stop working mid-melt! Your hungry family won’t be disappointed either!


For your future


Getting away every once in while is beneficial for your mental health. Taking a break from your chaotic life to unwind with some loved ones or close friends can do wonders to your mind and body! One of the most fantastic meaningful investments for busy moms is in a savings account for a well deserved vacation!

A tip when opening up a dedicated vacation savings account is to look for a bank where they allow you to open up an interest-bearing account. It may help you accumulate more money by the time your vacation comes!

A change of scenery to your favorite beach or a day hike up a mountain on your bucket list will have you feeling like a brand new mom upon your arrival home to your kiddos!


Shuffling between being the best mom, a great wife and a dedicated professional is a tough task. Incorporating these beneficial investments into your daily life will only help you achieve your Super Mom goals!


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Think self care for moms is only about me time? Self care is also about meaningful investments in yourself! Check out these tips, thoughts, ideas and truths about how mothers can reduce stress in life by making meaningful investments in themselves. #selfcare #budget #sleep #mom #momlife #momsquad


3 Dangerous Things That Happen When You Drive While Tired

3 Dangerous Things That Happen When You Drive While Tired

The shocking dangers when you drive while tired, and the illegal activity its compared to.

Collaborative post.


The dangers when you drive while tired are fairly well-known. Drivers are cautioned against long periods behind the wheel by automatic reminders. And every so often articles surface to caution us to not drive while tired. Given the plethora of advice on the subject, it can seem like driving while fatigued is something that everyone knows how to do. That it’s simply not a problem that we have to deal with anymore.


Of course, this isn’t the case. While it’s possible to know, intellectually, that it’s important not to drive a car while tired, reality tends to get in the way. Driving kids to school in the morning; needing to press on to finish a long journey when you don’t have time to stop— these are scenarios that make the constant advice about not driving while tired pale into insignificance.


One of the main reasons this advice is so easily overcome is due to the fact that few of us actually know what happens to us when we drive while tired. We just know doing this is “dangerous”, which isn’t particularly useful if you’re looking for facts. So, if you want to truly know what happens to you when you drive while fatigued, read on…


3 dangerous things that happen when you drive while tired


You’ll be more easily distracted


When you’re tired, you’ll be easier to distract, and there are a lot of things that can distract you while driving. From road signs to a conversation with a passenger, distraction is an ever-present threat. Unfortunately, distraction is extremely dangerous when driving; it means you’re unable to focus on your own driving, and that you’re less likely to take avoidance measures if another road user is driving poorly. In short, distractions can be calamitous. Given that all drivers want to avoid crashes and going through the painstaking process of finding legal help after a wreck, it’s clear that distraction is a matter to be guarded against— and avoiding a drive while tired is a key method of achieving this goal.


You may experience microsleeps


For any driver, the idea of falling asleep at the wheel is terrifying. When most of us picture this happening, we imagine a full “nodding off” moment; eyes closed, neck rolling, and a complete inability to drive.


This, however, is not necessarily how falling asleep at the wheel may occur. You may experience microsleeps, which are arguably even more dangerous, as they can happen without you even knowing. When driving, all it takes is the few seconds of a microsleep for catastrophe to occur.


Your reaction times are diminished


Driving while tired results in severely lengthened reaction times. This means that you’re unable to react as quickly as you should to issues on the road; for example, if a pedestrian walks out unexpectedly, or the car in front of you grinds to a halt. Studies have shown that driving while tired has just as catastrophic an impact on your ability to react and focus as driving while drunk does, and should thus be avoided at all costs.


Bottom line


Now that you’re more aware of how exactly you’re compromised when you drive while tired, you’ll hopefully be able to make positive decisions regarding this circumstance in future. Ultimately, if you suspect you’re too tired to drive, there’s a good chance you probably are. And sitting out the journey is always going to be the best choice in this scenario.


Ready to start getting better sleep? Check out this post about getting better sleep, and click the image below to download your printable sleep log!


Not getting enough sleep or quality sleep? Figure out just how much you're getting + how you feel. Download the FREE sleep schedule + log to get your sleep back on track. #sleep #healthyliving #selfcare


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As a sleep deprived mom or even student, we sometimes don’t even realize just how tired we are. The symptoms that usually show in our eyes become common enough we don’t realize we’re nearly falling asleep. Learn some facts, and the dangers when we drive while tired. Tips for why you shouldn’t be driving while sleepy. #drive #sleep #bettersleep


Conquering the 4 Most Common Sleep Deterrents

Conquering the 4 Most Common Sleep Deterrents

The 4 most common sleep deterrents, and how to overcome them for better quality sleep, and better health.

Collaborative post.


Sleep is important. Getting the right amount and quality while avoiding sleep deterrents is crucial if you want to ensure that your body keeps operating the right way. We only have to look at the impact of a lack of sleep to understand why. After forty-eight hours with no sleep, you will start to hallucinate. Your brain needs to recover and you will no longer have a firm grasp on reality. Your eyes will also spasm and you will develop tremors. Sleep is like powering down your computer. It gives you the time you need to rest and rejuvenate.


Unfortunately, there are a lot of issues that can stop us getting to sleep, many of which you may not be completely aware of. But that’s about to change. After reading this article you’ll know all the common and secret issues that can cause a lack of sleep. We’ll start with the level of technology in your room.


Conquering the 4 most common sleep deterrents + free printable sleep log tracker


Tech And Sleep


Are you one of those people who sleep with their cell phone next to their bed or even under their pillow? Don’t worry if you do, you’re certainly not alone. This type of behavioral sleep deterrent is due to FOMO or fear of missing out. Simply put, you don’t want to miss out on any updates or notifications while you’re asleep. You’re hoping that your phone will vibrate and wake you up. As well as this, research shows that social messaging apps, websites and games are designed to be as addictive as possible. Have you ever stared at your phone waiting for someone to message back? Well, that’s because you get a certain level of joy or gratification from that flash of a new message on your phone. The focus on this type of tech can certainly cause a lack of sleep, but there’s another issue with tech.


Having tech this close to you while you are trying to sleep can cause it to impact your sleeping pattern. The tech here releases electromagnetic rays of energy. That energy can and will stop you from reaching the deepest levels of sleep. While you might close your eyes and lose consciousness, you may not feel completely rested when the morning arrives.


That’s why you should think about removing most of the tech from your room. This will help you reach the deepest form of sleep and get the high-quality rest and sleep your body needs.


A Different Type Of Pollution


You’ve heard of noise pollution, air pollution, and even water pollution but what about light pollution. Have you ever looked up at a clear night sky and been unable to see a signal star? Well, this could be due to the smog in the atmosphere. Or, it could also be due to the level of light from a nearby city or town.

But light pollution has a more personal effect as well. If you live in a city or town, you might have a street light near your bedroom window. These have to be bright enough to ensure that streets are safe to walk at night and that can mean they are bright enough to shine right through your curtain. If a room is too bright, it will act as a sleep deterrent and you will struggle to get the level of sleep that you need. Thankfully, there is a solution. Stores like Deconovo sell blackout curtains that offer the perfect, stylish way to keep light out of your property.

You can also look into getting blackout blinds. It all depends on the type of style or design that you want to create in your home. You should also think about using these window coverings in your kid’s rooms particularly if they too are having trouble sleeping.


Stressful Situations


Next, let’s think about stress. Stress can creep up on you or it can be lurking in the background of your mind. Either way, it can be enough to stop you from falling asleep. When we are stressed we typically have thoughts that haunt us. This could be anything from the worry that we might not be able to pay the bills next month to concerns about work. We all get stressed, but it’s important that you have a way to deal with this. Exercise can help. Working up a sweat each day is a great way to make sure that you are getting rid of your stress because ultimately you can clear your mind. It doesn’t need to be strenuous exercise either. Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and many people find it very soothing.


Be aware that exercise may also tire you out before bed and ensure that you aren’t rearing to go after you hit the pillow. But it must be done earlier in the day, at least 3 hours before bed.


Another great way to deal with stress is through writing. You should consider writing down your thoughts, feelings, and emotions before bed. By doing this, you are sending yourself a message that you have dealt with these issues. As such, they shouldn’t haunt you when you are trying to sleep.


Food For Thought?


Food and substances in your diet can also make sleep more difficult. You might love your morning cup of jo, but did you know that drinking coffee or any drink with caffeine actually disrupts the hormone that naturally controls your sleeping pattern? It makes it more difficult to fall asleep without artificial substances. As such, if you are having trouble sleeping you may want to lay off the coffee. At minimum, set a limit of no coffee after 2pm.


You might also want to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet. The effects of sugar can last a lot longer than after you consume a meal and alter your ability to sleep. You wouldn’t give kids sugar before bed because it will make them hyper. But sugar has the same type of effect on anyone regardless of their age if they consume too much of it.


We hope you see now that there are a variety of common sleep deterrents that could stop you from falling asleep. But they all have solutions. And if you take the time to think about this, you will get a better night sleep. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed, ready to tackle a new day head on.


Do you know of any other sleep deterrents? Let me know in the comments below, and how you get around them!


Grab your printable Sleep Schedule + Log by clicking the image below!


Tracking your sleep is one of the best ways to see how long you're sleeping + the quality of sleep you're getting, especially after the wonky baby-toddler season of our lives. Track your sleep with the printable free sleep schedule + log. Find your perfect bedtime. Sleep BETTER. #sleep #bedtime #mom #momlife


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Hey, Moms get some of the worst sleep on the planet! Between being up for babies and littles constantly, and having to deal with sickness and 8million cups of water a night, we've got a serious deprivation! Find out tips and remedies for the 4 most common sleep deterrents to help you hack your way to better sleep! #sleep #bed #momlife #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #mom #selfcare

How to Make Your Mornings a Little Easier, and Hate Them a Little Less

How to Make Your Mornings a Little Easier, and Hate Them a Little Less

3 Tips to make your mornings easier, and hate them a little less every day.

Collaborative post.


Waking up feeling refreshed is something a lot of people find hard to manage, and even waking up in a good mood is practically impossible for some of us! And because of that, we’re absolutely exhausted with the idea of mornings, especially when you have kids and/or you don’t get enough sleep every night. It’s not healthy, and we desperately need something to make your mornings easier!


So now’s the time to do your best in making sure you can start hating your mornings a little less, and wake up with your eyes feeling less heavy and more like they can stay open past your morning coffee. Here are some tips to get you on your way to having better nights in bed, and better mornings to blissfully stretch into.


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Get Some Easy Hygiene Products


We all know getting up to shower means we lose anywhere from five minutes to a half hour of the time we could be spending in bed each morning, so it’s time to make that easier on you as well. Invest in some easy hygiene products to refresh you when you’ve just been tossing and turning at night, and even be able to smile at yourself in the mirror because of the energy you’ve conserved as a result.


Something like dry shampoo and some some roll on or rub in deodorant would be good here. Deodorant has been shown to be more effective if you apply it before you go to bed, and smell as fresh as a daisy in the morning. Dry shampoo can also give your hair a quick lift before you style it, and make you feel cleaner for the day at the office. And then you can properly wash when you get home again, simple!


Try a Better Bed


All your sleep problems may just lie in the place you lie down each night: your bed might just be bad, and you need a new one to properly stretch out on and relax with. Sleep is so incredibly important!! If your bed is quite old at this point, or you have to clamber up and down a ladder to get into it, the wear and tear in it is going to make it rickety and unstable, and you’re not going to have the energy to even get out of it.


The mattress you lie down on each night might be too hard or even too soft for your body, so you should try a change even for the sake of trying to make a change. Invest in something like a lull bed to get some better quality sleep at night, and even get out of bed a lot easier because of your proximity to the floor; you could quite possibly just roll yourself away from hitting the snooze button!


Start a Morning Routine


Beginning your own morning routine is such a great way to look forward to the mornings! This allows you a calm and peaceful transition into the day before the morning chaos begins. It also allows you the time, if you wish, to do any self-improvement activities you’ve been craving. It’s a great time to read, journal, and even exercise to really get into your day on a good foot!


make your mornings easier, how to make your mornings easier, make mornings easier, wake up easier, wake up refreshed, morning hacks, morning routine, how to do a morning routine, how to create a morning routine, morning routines for moms, self care morning routines


Remember, morning you is a different person to afternoon you, so start working with them: make your mornings easier!


How do you make your mornings easier? Let me know in the comments below!


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make your mornings easier, how to make your mornings easier, make mornings easier, wake up easier, wake up refreshed, morning hacks, morning routine, how to do a morning routine, how to create a morning routine, morning routines for moms, self care morning routines


How I Wake Up in a Good Mood Every Morning

How I Wake Up in a Good Mood Every Morning

The easy ways to wake up in a good mood every morning, even when you have kids.

Collaborative post.


When a parent is talking to someone without children, we tend to cover up a truth a bit by saying how great kids are and that they’re the best thing on earth. Total angels. But all that changes when we’re talking to an expectant parent–maybe it’s the fact that we feel like we can’t wake up in a good mood after having kids some days–but the truth just seems to spill out:

  • “Ah, man, you’re going to be soooo tired.”
  • “Sleep? What’s sleep?”
  • “The mornings are the worst?”
  • ”Just once I wish I could get woken up after 5.30am. Just once.”
  • “Get ready to feel exhausted all the time!”


Like we said, it’s the truth. Being a parent means you wake up feeling knackered. So tired, in fact, you feel like you’re constantly trying to move through swathes of peanut butter. It’s horrendous, but it isn’t unsolvable.


That’s right, we’ve been on the hunt for ways to wake up in a good mood, feeling super-refreshed and mega-energized and here is what we found.

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H20 Is The Only Way To Start


You probably start your mornings in the same way the rest of civilization does: by making a cup of coffee in the biggest mug your cupboard has to offer. But this isn’t the best way to wake up because, if you really want to feel awake and energized, you need to knock back a big glass of water first thing. Mmm hmmm. Before you even smell any caffeine.


Put On Your Jam


For those that haven’t heard of dopamine, it’s a chemical in your brain that makes you feel like the lovechild of Beyonce and Katy Perry – super alive. And the best way to release this dopamine is to listen to your favorite songs when you wake up which, we’re guessing, include songs by both Beyonce and Katy Perry. How meta is that? Of course, we’re not saying this will totally numb the pain of being awake, but it will help you out big time.


Know How To Sleep


This may sound like some weird advice because sleeping entails closing your eyes and, voila, drifting off but, as well all know, it ain’t as simple as that. As such, there are some things you can be doing to improve your night’s sleep. No staring at your phone as you lay in bed is a good place to start, as is replacing your rubbish mattress with something top of the range, which you can learn all about at DormReports. But it doesn’t stop there. Blocking out the light with heavy drapes is good, eating certain foods before bed is good and have a white noise machine is good.


Good Breakfasts Are Good


This. Is. The. Most. Important. Meal. Of. The. Day. Period. It has to be. It’s what’s going to give you the energy and oomph to tackle the day ahead. That doesn’t mean having a nice latte on the move either. It means oatmeal or eggs, and berries and fibers and bananas and foods that are going to give you slow release energy as well as a boost right now. That’s what you want to be eating for breakfast.


What kinds of things do you do to wake up in a good mood? Let me know in the comments!


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4 Starter Tips for Better Quality Sleep

4 Starter Tips for Better Quality Sleep

4 ways to start out getting more and better quality sleep every night for better health.

Collaborative post.


We could all do with a little more and better quality sleep, right? We all seem to be so busy with our working schedules these days that we need to get up before the dawn and end up leaving the office just before the sun starts to set again. That doesn’t leave us much free time to do the things we enjoy, such as taking part in hobbies and spending time with loved ones, so there is no wonder that our sleep takes a hit. As a result, more and more of us are getting a lot less sleep than we should. As we all know, this isn’t great for our overall health.


So, how do you get better quality sleep and start to get more of it? Well, for starters, you need to focus on the things that might be preventing you getting a good quality of sleep or making it harder for you to drop off at night. Once you have fixed these issues, then you will find you get more hours of zzzs each night.


4 starter tips to start now for better quality sleep

Cut Down On Caffeine


I’m sure that you love your first cup of coffee in the day, especially from somewhere like We all love the fact that it wakes us up and each following cup helps us keep going at work. However, all of that caffeine won’t be so welcome once you get home at night as it could keep you up for a few hours. Ideally, you shouldn’t drink coffee or any other caffeinated drinks after 4 PM. That gives your body time to get rid of it from its system. It’s also a good idea to stick to a maximum of three cups each day.


Don’t Nap


As well as trying to cut back on caffeinated drinks, you should also think about cutting back on any naps that you normally take during the day. In fact, it will be worth trying to cut out your naps completely. After all, any sleep that you have during the day is sleep that you won’t have in the evening. If you do need to nap then you should try and do so in the morning. That way, your body and mind have plenty of time to get tired again ready for bedtime.


Upgrade Your Bedroom


Maybe it’s your bedroom that is holding you back from getting better quality sleep? If you have had your mattress for over ten years, now is the time to head to to see about getting a new one. Mattresses get lumpy over the years which can be a problem for sleep. Plus, it’s worth hanging blackout blinds to block out any excess light from outside that could be keeping you awake.


Eat For Better Quality Sleep


Did you know that there are also some foods that can help you fall asleep a lot easier? For instance, turkey and milk contain a hormone that can reduce your mind’s alertness and help you unwind. Honey, chamomile, and almonds are also really useful sleep foods.

Besides that, eating a healthy diet can reduce or eliminate heartburn that keeps us from also getting better quality sleep.


Sometimes just a single tweak can improve your sleep dramatically, so try these tips and see how you feel!


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Better quality sleep is so important for our bodies-especially Moms that have wacked out sleep schedules anyway! Here's how to get better quality sleep + download the Sleep Log to track your sleep! #sleep #selfcare #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #momlife


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Better quality sleep is so important for our bodies-especially Moms that have wacked out sleep schedules anyway! Here's how to get better quality sleep + download the Sleep Log to track your sleep! #sleep #selfcare #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #momlife

How to Get Your Kids Back on a Sleep Schedule

How to Get Your Kids Back on a Sleep Schedule

Tips and Tricks to Get Your Kids Sleep Schedule Back on Track.


My kids sleep schedule isn’t just on a to-do list.

It’s a necessity.

Sleep is soooo crazy important for us busy Mamas, of course, but did you know how important it is to those little precious monsters you birthed? Aw, Girl–So. Important.

When kids sleep, it helps them grow, it lets their brains rest and reset, and it promotes the development that’s in overdrive for those little monkeys. That’s why a kids sleep schedule is just that much more important.


How to get your kids sleep schedule back on track + free printable kids sleep log


So what’s the best way to just bite the bullet and get your kids sleep schedule back on track? Well, since every kid is different, we’ve tried a few different tactics. But here are the basics:


A Few Minutes at a Time


My very first recommendation is to move bedtimes a few minutes at a time every night until you get to the right place. Kids can usually handle those little time changes no problem. And in case they’re not moving with you at that rate, move it a few minutes back or forward, keep that time for a couple days, then move again until you get to the correct bed time.


A Little Supplemental Help


We’ve had luck using the kid-doses of melatonin when needed (and don’t do this just because I’m suggesting it–talk to your doc before giving your kid any supplements or meds.) It gives just a teeny amount of sleepy to get kids ready for bed if their internal clocks still aren’t adjusting. The smallest dose I’ve found is 3mg, and you can actually find it in the quick-dissolve tablets.


Make Sure Your Kids Bed Time Routine is Solid


A good kids sleep schedule usually is preceded by a bedtime routine. You probably started this when your kids were babies, and many people just continue these even when kids are older. It’s a really good idea to keep doing it, though. Because even as adults we need a wind-down routine to get more calmed and settled before bed. Keep at the routine, but add in a few extra things if it feels like the change in time is still messing with them.


Get Rid of the Blue Lights


This is really recommended whether or not you’re trying to readjust your kids sleep schedule. Blue lights in screens has been shown to interfere with the natural circadian rhythm, thereby altering sleep. For the worse, that is. The blue lights are in tablets, phones, computer monitors, and even tv screens. So make sure you’re cutting off electronics at dinnertime to help with that. If you have a kid that’s got to do homework after dinner regularly, maybe think about investing in glasses that block blue lights.


Plan for Sleep Cycles


Something I hadn’t considered regarding bedtimes came about when I started studying my own sleep habits.

About two years ago I noticed that I was waking up at crazy hours and couldn’t go back to sleep. I also had trouble falling asleep (which has NEVER in my life happened. Ask my husband, it makes him super annoyed that I can fall asleep in five minutes flat.) One tool I used  was my Fitbit and the app to track my sleep. I also did some digging on sleep cycles, because there are a few apps that claim they can wake you at optimal times before your alarm goes off so you don’t feel groggy.

What I found is that each full sleep cycle is about an hour and a half. And that the average person needs 5-6 sleep cycles a night to be fully rested and at their best. I’m still not certain why teens seem to need like 12 sleep cycles a day. But I suspect it has something to do with the secret screen times that happen from their hidden (unbeknownst-to-parents) devices till all hours of the night. (And don’t think your kid’s not doing it!! Our seemingly innocent and well-behaved teen was caught doing this with an old iphone that she found–those things still can use wi-fi even if they’re not active with phone service!) Anyhoo– 5-6 sleep cycles a night.

The older a child gets, the less sleep cycles they may need. My kids were always good sleepers as babies and would actually do 12-hour nights. The older they got, the shorter the time in bed. Our 9 year old (who always slept longer than the younger two) can still go 12 hours. But the 8 and 4 year old do maybe 9-10 max. The point is that all kids are different, just like all of us adults are different.

What I have found helpful is this site that has a sleep calculator. It factors in time it takes to go to sleep plus times for sleep cycles to find the best bedtime for your kid. Go HERE to check it out. What we do, and I recommend, is to also keep a log of bedtimes and how your kid feels in the morning with that amount of sleep.

You can get the printable log page to print out as many copies as you need for FREE. Just click the image below to get it!


Quit wondering how many hours of sleep for kids you need, or how to get them back on a sleep schedule. This sleep schedule log has tips and ideas will walk you through bedtime and night routines for you awesome Moms! #sleep #kids #bed



What strategies have you used to get back into the sleep schedule for school? Do you have any tips or tricks to share? Let me know in the comments!


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If summer, or the holidays, or the time change, or even being sick have left your kids' sleep schedule completely out of sync, these tips will help them get back to their night time bed time! + get your FREE kids sleep log and find out how many hours sleep they REALLY need! #kids #sleep #backtoschool #school #schooltime