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Not Feeling Very Merry Before the Holidays? 4 Self Help Strategies!

Not Feeling Very Merry Before the Holidays? 4 Self Help Strategies!

Feeling down before the holiday? Here are 4 effective strategies to help you get back to feeling merry!

Collaborative post.


The holiday season is the time of festive cheer and goodwill to all… But for many of us, it’s extremely hard to get into the festive spirit. While many glean colossal enjoyment from the holiday season, there are some of us for whom it brings little or no joy.

Perhaps the holiday season is a time that we associate with past sadness or trauma which is exacerbated by the feeling that we’re obliged to put on a happy face for the holidays.

For others, the season itself is part of the problem. A lot of us suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) around this time of year. Even if everything in our lives is going very well, this can dull our sense of enjoyment in the season. It can mute the colors on the Christmas tree, it can rob us of our energy and drive, and it can make even the simplest of tasks seem like a grueling chore.

Whatever the reason, if you’re feeling down before the holiday, you have the power to turn things around. There are a number of strategies you can use to transcend your sadness, boost your mood and get the feeling of enjoyment and fulfillment that you deserve.


feeling down before the holidays


Talk to someone


Very often, simply talking about your problems can be extremely therapeutic. It can afford you a sense of perspective on your problems and worries as well as helping them seem more manageable, easing the pressure they put on your psyche.

For this reason, while you should certainly consider talking to a mental health professional if you are seriously depressed, sometimes talking to friends or family can be therapeutic and helpful. Even if they aren’t able to give you actionable solutions to your problems, it can feel better to get them off your chest.

If you’re really not feeling up to human contact, at least consider employing some CBT strategies to help you to catch and deconstruct unhelpful thoughts. 


Get out of the house as much as you can


Your home can be a great refuge from your problems. Sometimes it can be therapeutic being able to close the door on the outside world and all its problems and relax and unwind in the one place in the world where you can truly be yourself.

However, when we spend too long indoors this can have a range of adverse effects on our mood. It can exacerbate depression, anxiety, and even insomnia. Even if you don’t feel up to interacting with other people, sometimes the simple act of going outside and being among people, plants, trees, and animals can be therapeutic in and of itself. Pick up a book, sit in a cafe and people watch. It’s a much healthier and more enjoyable than sheltering under a duvet scrolling through your Netflix watch list.

{Read about how therapeutic Forest Bathing can be in this post!}


Let the light in!


One of the primary contributors to SAD is the absence of natural light and all of its inherent mental health benefits. During daylight hours you should take steps to ensure that your home gets as much natural light as possible. Whether this means replacing your dowdy old windows with brand spanking new replacements from Renewal by Anderson windows or simply opening up your drapes to let sunlight flood in. A brighter mood starts with a brighter home.

Outside of daylight hours, consider investing in a light box. This is a synthetic approximation of natural light and can be very therapeutic and make up for the light we miss out on during the winter months.


Eat right, no matter how tempting it is not to


When the weather grows colder, we feel a sudden and powerful urge to wrap ourselves in a duvet, order a pizza, and immerse ourselves in a deer, deep jar of M&Ms. While this is understandable (perhaps a hibernation instinct from our cavewoman days), it’s not terribly helpful in maintaining our mental wellbeing.

A healthy mind requires a healthy brain, and the surest way to a healthy brain is drinking lots of water and eating a healthy diet. Very often, piling your plate with these mood boosting foods can make a huge difference to your mental state. Let’s not forget that self care starts with self love, and the best way to be kind to yourself is with delicious and nutritious brain healthy food!


This can be a difficult time of year for many of us, but with the right strategies we can make the most of this wonderful time of year and chase the blues away!


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Feeling less than merry before the holidays isn't really that uncommon. Especially with everything we've got on our shoulders as moms. Try these 4 self help + self care strategies if you're feeling a bit depression during leading up to the holidays and Christmas. #depression #SAD #selfcare #momlife #moms

The 3 Most Nurturing Things For Postpartum Wellness

The 3 Most Nurturing Things For Postpartum Wellness

The 3 most absolute nurturing must-dos for postpartum wellness for new moms.

Collaborative post.


Frustration at that stupid book didn’t even begin to cover it. I had read two different books about postpartum ‘what to expect’, and I still didn’t anticipate feeling as lonely, and isolated, and…absolutely exhausted as I did three weeks after my first was born. I teetered on the edge of a nervous breakdown–not just from the exhaustion, but also because I’d moved into the anxiety territory. I’d have nightmares that I may hurt the baby in a haze of headache, sleepiness, and irritation. And that nearly sent me into full-blown panic attacks every day.

And that’s the thing–even though there’s supposedly a ‘manual’ for how to do it these days, it’s still so completely unexpected how you feel. It’s a shock to some new moms that they don’t feel on top of the world and magically elated now they have their new baby. The shock of this alone can make it difficult to cope. There’s often a feeling of not being a good mom, and loneliness, because you think you’re the only one that has ever felt this way.

Here’s the newsflash: You’re absolutely NOT alone. Most new moms go through a period of feeling like this, and with hormones in turmoil together with a lack of sleep, it’s perfectly natural. That’s why it’s so imperative for post-partum wellness to include some super nurturing must-dos for Mommy as well.

postpartum wellness

Meet Other Moms

It doesn’t matter how much your mom or grandmother tells you this is the way it is after giving birth, it’s too easy to think of them as generations past and that now things have changed. Women feeling rough after having a baby is no different now than it ever was, but it can help if you meet up with some other young moms.

It could be the last thing you feel like doing when all you want to do is sleep when the baby does. But it could be vital to your mental health. You’ll soon realize after chatting to other new moms that you all feel the same. Once you’ve accepted that you’re not the only one, you can support each other through this often very difficult time.

Ask For Help

You don’t have to try and manage everything on your own. If you have family or friends close by, never be afraid to ask for help. They’ll not think any less of you just because you need some help. In fact, most time they’ll be excited to be able to do something that will help get you through the first few weeks of turmoil.

If you don’t have anyone that can help you, speak to your health advisor as there are usually support networks to help new moms.

Take Care Of Yourself

Taking care of yourself is just as important as caring for your new baby. From things such as postpartum underwear, which you can find out more about at innerparents, to eating a healthy diet and getting some exercise, will all help you feel better.

Generations gone by did not have the support needed to give them a well-deserved break for self-care, and it was frowned upon if they wanted to leave their new baby for a while. Now the advantages of just a couple of hour’s time for you have been realized, and the medical profession actively encourages this.

You just need some time to have a soak in the bath, read a book or watch a film. Some time where you can take care of your own physical and mental well being. Then you can cope with other issues much more easily.

Being a new mom is exciting and exhausting at the same time. You suddenly have this little being that is totally reliant on you to care for them, and that can be a bit overwhelming.

The period of exhaustion lasts for just a few months, although it feels a lot longer when you are actually experiencing it. But the good news is, it absolutely gets easier the older they get!


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Feeling the baby blues after having your little angel? Here are 3 must-do things and tips to make sure you're getting the basic postpartum wellness that every mom needs. #baby #postpartum #anxiety #momlife #postpartumrecovery #mom #newbaby

5 Meaningful Investments for Busy Moms to Make in Themselves

5 Meaningful Investments for Busy Moms to Make in Themselves

As a woman with a family and a career, finding the balance between work, caring for your loved ones and maintaining a social life isn’t a walk in the park. Trying to juggle all of these super powers can put a toll on your mental health whether you’d like to believe it or not. It’s important to have meaningful investments for busy moms in health and wellness, and make it a priority. After all, your children deserve to have a great role model in their life!


5 meaningful investments for busy moms to make in themselves


An easy way to begin investing in items and experiences that will make you feel your best is to begin with the top five areas of your life that are important for busy, multitasking moms – your sleep, your health, your comfort, your home and your future.


For your sleep


Getting a full night’s rest is an impossible task when you’re a busy mom. And if you have kids under five years old, you’re lucky to get a few consecutive hours of shut-eye in each night. After chasing your toddlers around all day or even driving your kids to sports practices and birthday parties, the thought of your own bed seems like a fantasy.

Investing in a quality mattress will have you yearning for your bed even more than you already are, especially knowing that you’ll be able to quickly slip into a comfortable slumber!

Purchasing mattresses online is certainly becoming the preferred method of mattress shopping. Online mattress companies make the buying process simple and don’t want you to feel the pressure that you’d get from the salesperson at your local furniture store. You’ll be able to truly invest in the mattress that meets your sleeping needs.


For your health


The older we get, the more important it is to take care of our skin’s health. Including SPF in your daily skincare routine will protect your skin from UV rays and also prevent unwanted wrinkles from forming.

Brands like MDSolarSciences and EltaMD have tinted sunscreens containing mineralized zinc and titanium oxide. Your skin will be fully protected from harmful rays while still giving you a natural glow instead of the opaque white cream you’re used to.

This is perfect for moms on the go who have very little time to get ready in the morning. Raising a family while juggling a career can put a toll on our bodies and the most we can do is protect it from potential damage.


For your comfort


A mom that’s always on the go won’t feel fully equipped without wearing something comfortable. That’s why meaningful investments for busy moms must always start from what you wear under your clothes, then work your way out.

First you’ll have to identify your lifestyle. Are you a mom that heads to the office after dropping your kids off at school? Or are you a mom who might work from home and have the freedom to dress in something more casual? Whatever your situation may be, the best idea would be to invest in something transitional that can take you from a Mommy And Me gymnastics class to an important meeting in the boardroom.

Quality items of clothing to invest in, to add to your comfortable yet confident wardrobe, include bras that feel like second skin and a blazer used for simple layering. If you’re a mom that’s always on the run, you don’t want to think twice about feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing.

Ultimately, the more comfortable you are, the more you’re able to embrace who you really are.


For your home


Your home should feel like your sanctuary. After a long day, coming home to a place that eases your mind and lifts your spirits is exactly what busy moms need.

Because most of your time is spent in the kitchen, whether it’s making lunches for the kids to bring to school, or cooking up a big meal for Sunday dinner, you should create a space that makes you want to stay!

Updating your kitchen appliances will eliminate your stress levels when it comes to making dinner for your hungry family each night. High-end appliances can even make the cooking process a breeze, leaving you with more quality time to spend connecting with your loved ones rather than watching the oven because it tends to over cook food or hoping the panini press doesn’t stop working mid-melt! Your hungry family won’t be disappointed either!


For your future


Getting away every once in while is beneficial for your mental health. Taking a break from your chaotic life to unwind with some loved ones or close friends can do wonders to your mind and body! One of the most fantastic meaningful investments for busy moms is in a savings account for a well deserved vacation!

A tip when opening up a dedicated vacation savings account is to look for a bank where they allow you to open up an interest-bearing account. It may help you accumulate more money by the time your vacation comes!

A change of scenery to your favorite beach or a day hike up a mountain on your bucket list will have you feeling like a brand new mom upon your arrival home to your kiddos!


Shuffling between being the best mom, a great wife and a dedicated professional is a tough task. Incorporating these beneficial investments into your daily life will only help you achieve your Super Mom goals!


Ready to tackle even MORE True Self Care? Get your time back, create GOOD habits for yourself, and kick that Mom-guilt to the curb with the TRUE Self Care Course or Ebook! It’s FREE! Click the image below to get started!



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Think self care for moms is only about me time? Self care is also about meaningful investments in yourself! Check out these tips, thoughts, ideas and truths about how mothers can reduce stress in life by making meaningful investments in themselves. #selfcare #budget #sleep #mom #momlife #momsquad


5 Changes To Create A Less Stressful Home Environment

5 Changes To Create A Less Stressful Home Environment

As busy Moms, it becomes very difficult to come home from a stressful day just to deal with a stressful environment. A less stressful home is key to being able to relax in your own personal family space. Believe it or not, there are many more things that go into self care besides just having alone time or me-time. Self care also includes reducing stress overall. And a major place you should start is your home environment. Here are five changes you should make at home to create a less stressful home space.


5 changes to create a less stressful home environment


Clear And Organize Clutter


Whether you realize it or not, when your home is filled to the brim with clutter, it can cause a fair amount of stress and anxiety. This makes it almost impossible to relax, especially in the bedroom.

Because of this, it’s essential that you get things under control by going through your home and getting rid of anything you no longer want or need. Once you’ve had a good clear out, you should go around your house again, organizing all of the belongings you have left.

One major thing I personally did for a less stressful home is a mega purge. I took this course and learned how clutter affects our stress levels, and then DID something about it! Click the image below if you’re interested in learning about this life-changing course as well!


If you're tired of cleaning, and tired of being controlled by the clutter, this course is for you!


Brighten The Place Up


Relaxing in a dark room can feel calming on the odd occasion, but living in a poorly lit house can leave you feeling anxious, on edge, irritable, and moody. With that in mind, it’s essential that you brighten the place up a little. You can do this by adding more lamps and light fittings, like the ones at

You should also enhance the levels of natural light, by opening your curtains or blinds and adding mirrors to your walls.


Add Plenty Of Greenery


Plants, flowers, and other greenery can have a huge positive impact on your home, leaving you feeling happier, more creative, and less stressed. They also help to improve the air quality inside your house, as they remove carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This will help you to breathe better, immediately boosting your mood.

Just be sure that you don’t clutter up the space with large plants, as this could make you feel claustrophobic.


Cut Down On Technology


Watching television and scrolling through social media can help you to relax a little. But spending a large portion of your time using technology will start to affect your mental health, making you feel depressed and anxious.

Because of this, you should try to cut down on the length of time you use tech, by choosing to put devices away at certain times of the day. You should also try to keep technology away from your bedroom, to improve your sleep quality.


Create A Zen Corner


No matter how big or small your home is, it’s crucial that you have somewhere that you can go to relax and be by yourself. This will act as your zen den, station, or corner, and is the perfect place to meditate, practice yoga, or just regroup.

If you need some help creating your zen space, then you can visit for some tips. This area can be whatever you want it to be, as long as it helps you to relax and destress.


Your home is supposed to be the one place in the world where you can relax and feel truly comfortable. If it isn’t serving this purpose and is actually a source of stress, be sure to follow the tips above and create a more calming space. And remember this is actually a HUGE part of self care!

Ready to tackle even MORE True Self Care? Get your time back, create GOOD habits for yourself, and kick that Mom-guilt to the curb with the TRUE Self Care Course or Ebook! It’s FREE! Click the image below to get started!



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Believe it or not, having a stress free home environment is a HUGE part of self care! Find out how to create a stress free home environment for you and your family! #home #declutter

3 Ways for Emotional Healing After an Accident

3 Ways for Emotional Healing After an Accident

If you’ve been involved in an accident and have a serious injury as a result, you may be unsure what route to take when it comes to emotional healing after an accident. Your doctor has most probably taken care of the physical side of your healing but what about the emotional side of things? Your mental health and well-being is something that it’s down to you to address and look after.


Of course, doing so after an accident can be difficult as often there’s a lot of upset and negative feelings. Particularly if your injuries have the potential to be long-term problems. However, just because you feel negatively about what’s happened to you, that doesn’t mean that you can’t deal with those feelings in a healthy way.


It’s not always easy knowing how to process your feelings after this kind of injury has occurred but it’s important that you find a way to do so. Bearing that in mind, below are some tips and ideas for ways that you can make sure that you are taking your mental health and well-being more seriously to ensure emotional healing after an accident.


3 ways for emotional healing after an accident


Put a plan of action in place


One of the most essential aspects of mental healing is having something to look forward to. And having a future to think about. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that if you haven’t already, you put a plan of action in place. Think about what you need to do to get past the negative thoughts that you are having and get your life and mental health back on track.


You might find that you are entitled to seek compensation, so this could be a route to go down. Let’s say, for instance, that you were knocked off your motorcycle by a careless driver, you could get motorcycle accident help and take steps to make a claim against the driver for compensation. You could then put this compensation towards planning your future. Which should help you to feel more positively about the situation that you have found yourself in.


Make self-care a priority


Self-care is something that you should be doing whether you’re injured or not but when something bad has happened to you, self-care becomes even more important. Self-care is all about looking after yourself and your changing mental health needs. You need to make yourself feel happy again, which is where self-care comes in.  You need to do what you need to feel better.


For some people self-care is about booking a weekend pampering break. For others, it’s about practicing yoga for 15-minutes each morning and evening. Self-care means different things for different people. But regardless of what your self-care strategies consist of, it’s all about making yourself feel better and less stressed.


Get support


After you have been through an ordeal, such as suffering a serious accident, sometimes you need to get some support. Whether this is from friends or family members or by going to speak to a therapist, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you get the support that you need. This is important to help you keep your mental health in check and get your life back on track.


There you have it, everything that you need to know about emotional healing after an accident.


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An accident, whether an auto or car accident, or any other where you're physically hurt, is a very traumatic thing. Managing your mental health is a very important thing as well. Read about 3 ways to heal emotionally after something like this happens.


5 Keys to Feeling More Relaxed + Less Stressed Every Day

5 Keys to Feeling More Relaxed + Less Stressed Every Day

5 keys to get you feeling more relaxed and less stress every day.

Collaborative post.


If you’re finding yourself feel stressed in your everyday life, you need to take action now, my friend. Too much stress can be very damaging to your physical and mental health if you’re not careful. There are so many steps you can take to relax more often and get less stressed each day of the week. We’re going to talk you through some of them so that you can try them out in your everyday life.


more relaxed and less stressed, stress management, stress relief, less stressed every day, daily stress management


Meditate and Focus on Breathing


If you try to focus on your breathing and not panic about the situation you’re in, you will find it so much easier to relax and avoid stress. It can take a little work and practice to get good at this, so don’t expect to get good at it right away. It’s all about clearing your mind and focusing on your own relaxation. You’ll then be able to stop your stress levels rising.

I’ve recently started reading about and practicing breath-work. It’s amazing how this can help center you so you can think clearly and calm yourself. The book I’ve read and highly recommend is called Just Breath: Mastering Breathwork.


Create Your Zen Zone


Having a zen zone that you feel able to head to and spend safe time in can be really important. If you’ve had experience with anxiety and things of that nature, having your own space that you can chill out and relax in is key. You should create this space in your home or someone you feel generally safe. That will help you to relax mor quickly.


Get a Pet


Pets are known to help humans feel less stressed. Petting a cat or playing with a puppy can immediately help you feel so much less stressed than you would otherwise be. Head to places like if you want to find out more about getting and caring for a pet. It’s something to consider because it offers that happiness and companionship you might be craving right now.


Organize Your Life


Simply leading a more organized life can really mean a lot when it comes to preventing stress. Stress arises when you don’t feel like you have control over a situation, so being organized really is important because it allows you to retain that level of control. Don’t underestimate how vital that can be; start organizing your life today.


Express Yourself in Some Way


Expressing yourself and your inner feelings is a good way to help you feel more relaxed and less stressed out. You will find that you can get your emotions out of you and onto the page or the canvas or the stage. There are so many ways to express yourself in creative ways, so see which of them appeals to you and then go for it. It could be the best way to combat stress for you.


Feeling more relaxed and less stressed each day will help you get more out of life, and you won’t feel so down about your day to day experiences. Don’t let stress take control of your life for a second longer because it really doesn’t need to be this way. Each of the ideas discussed here will help you to relax properly and fully.


Grab your free Self Care Starter Kit by clicking the image below!


more relaxed and less stressed, stress management, stress relief, less stressed every day, daily stress management


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Feeling too stress every day? Here's how to get less of that and more relaxed on a daily basis. 5 tips, and #2 is my go-to! Plus grab a free Self Care starter kit! #selfcare #selflove #relax


4 Ways Getting Organized Can Reduce Stress for Busy Moms

4 Ways Getting Organized Can Reduce Stress for Busy Moms

How getting organized can reduce stress for busy moms, and 4 ways to do it.

Guest post by Jennifer Kitson.


It’s popular belief that moms, even working moms, often take on more of the organization, cleaning, and childcare than their partners. But do you realize how much of that stress falls on your shoulders? A 2016 national study found that on a typical day, in households with children under six-years-old, women spent 1.1 hours dealing with physical child care, for example feeding children and giving them baths. In contrast, men in those same homes spent only *26 minutes* providing physical care for the children.

When it came to house cleaning and organization, 21 percent of men did the housework, compared to 50 percent of women.


How getting organized can reduce stress and 4 ways to do it


Why Getting Organized Is Important for a Busy Mom


Clutter and disorganization have real effects on our mental health and stress levels. Not only does it consume more of your time when you have to search for something, but it can be emotionally draining to be surrounded by mess. Disorganization can cause negative feelings of embarrassment, anxiety, and signals to our brain that “work is never done.” Moreover, it makes it easier to forget activities scheduled for both yourself and your kids or accidentally double schedule. For those reasons, getting organized can reduce stress a ton for busy moms!


1.Take a Picture for Perspective on Organization


Ever observe how much more you notice things in pictures, whether you like what you see or not? (Think of the last photo of you and how easy it was to focus on the flaws.) To start, take a picture of your rooms or specific areas like corners or closets. Our eyes adapt to seeing our surroundings so much we don’t realize how much clutter is around us. Viewing a photograph can bring to light unnecessary messes and the reality of what our surroundings look like more objectively.


2. When You Realize Where You Need to Organize, Use a Three-Part Rule


Minimalist and organization expert Marie Kondo has a plethora of tips for decluttering. However, one of the easiest for busy moms is utilizing a simple three-part rule of getting rid of unnecessary things.

· If you haven’t used it in the past six months or know you won’t use it in the next year, donate or sell it.

· If it does not hold strong sentimental value, donate or sell it.

· Lastly, if it does not bring you joy when you hold it or look at it, donate or sell it.

If you can’t bring yourself to part with an object because of nostalgia, but need more space in your rooms, find the proper storage for it. Organized storage in well-labeled containers or shelves will feel like a weight off your shoulders.


3. Delegating To Save Time


Try to save yourself chunks of time each week by delegating some household tasks to others. If you’re able to afford a cleaner, or ironing service then this is a fantastic way to reduce stress and ensure that key jobs are taken care of each week without you needing to worry. Similarly, you can order regular deliveries of food or groceries to arrive each week or fortnight, which will save you a trip to the store.


4. Don’t Forget to Organize Your Technology


Keep in mind that disorganization does not just mean your home. Getting tech organized can reduce stress majorly! In our tech-obsessed society , trying to find an app on your phone or a file on your laptop can result in unnecessary search time and unneeded frustration. Organize devices like your phone with easy-to-navigate folders. Because we spend hours every day on these devices, it’s a worthwhile task to do. Unlike laundry, organizing your devices only needs to be done once and then updated infrequently.

Hopefully, you realize the importance of organizing your busy life as a mom. There are too many factors to juggle with family schedules, activities, finding soccer shoes, doing laundry, and so forth. Try with one corner of your home. Take a picture, look at the mess, and organize that one spot. You’ll see how restored you feel. Better yet, delegate some tasks to your mate, especially if you’re a working mom. You might be Superwoman, but even Superwoman needs a break.



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How getting organized can reduce stress and 4 ways to do it

How getting organized can reduce stress and 4 ways to do it

How getting organized can reduce stress and 4 ways to do it


3 Ways to Start Feeling More Contentment Every Day

3 Ways to Start Feeling More Contentment Every Day

3 Ways to get out of your own head and get you to feeling more contentment and less stress with the world every day.

Collaborative post.


Feeling more contentment can be elusive for many people today, living in such as fast paced world. Especially for Moms struggling to juggle it all.  There’s a psychological need for bigger, better, faster, stronger and more… yet, feeling content could be considered the same as feeling happy. And we all want to be happy, so how do we go about it?


See, a lot of people are unhappy because they are trying to control their external world, but you often can’t control the outside world or the reactions of other people… the one thing you do have control over, however, is yourself, in terms of your thoughts, feeling and actions. This is a hard thing to accept with all the shootings happening, attempted oppression, as well as natural disasters everywhere.


Yet, unfortunately many of us end up in a downward spiral where we look to external fixes to solve internal problems, for instance, a lot of people will go on a shopping spree which can feel good at the time but is probably not going to be the answer to satiate or resolve a feeling of deep loneliness or disconnection within your relationship, for instance.


The challenge is that we all have emotional habits which become second nature to us, meaning they run automatically, as they operate from the subconscious mind rather than the conscious mind; a habit according to Wikipedia, is a routine of behaviour that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously.



One the best habits you can develop to living a happier life and feeling more content within yourself is to embrace the paradigm of self love; meaning rather than beat yourself up the whole time you begin to accept yourself for all the good and the bad, and practice self care rather than self criticism.


It’s not just internal though, indeed, one of the best ways to feel better about yourself is to make progress toward your goals, as there is such psychological power in progress that it has the power to help people suffering from anxiety, depression and chronic rumination; meaning the way forward out of any negative situation is to take action and start making progress.  


The other factor to remember is that progress doesn’t have to be huge feats, it can be simple things such as sorting it out your paycheck stub maker in your business or simply watering your plants at home.  It’s just vitally important you feel, on daily basis that you are making progress – as otherwise, that’s when chronic discontentment that can turn into depression creeps in.


In addition to the above, here are three steps you can take to help you feeling more contentment.




It’s very easy to chase after external things in order to fill the internal void – but the best way to fill that void is to find nourishing ways to flesh out your life which provide meaning and fulfillment to you on a deep level.




There’s usually a trigger that causes pain, just like a food allergy, you first need to identify what the triggers are and then avoid the situations, people, and events that cause pain.




Negative energy is contagious, in that it rubs off on you.  At a basic level, this means that if you’re around negative people you will become negative yourself.  Therefore you want to get around positive, uplifting and inspiring people instead.


How do you manage feeling more contentment every day? Let me know in the comments below!


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How to Make Your Mornings a Little Easier, and Hate Them a Little Less

How to Make Your Mornings a Little Easier, and Hate Them a Little Less

3 Tips to make your mornings easier, and hate them a little less every day.

Collaborative post.


Waking up feeling refreshed is something a lot of people find hard to manage, and even waking up in a good mood is practically impossible for some of us! And because of that, we’re absolutely exhausted with the idea of mornings, especially when you have kids and/or you don’t get enough sleep every night. It’s not healthy, and we desperately need something to make your mornings easier!


So now’s the time to do your best in making sure you can start hating your mornings a little less, and wake up with your eyes feeling less heavy and more like they can stay open past your morning coffee. Here are some tips to get you on your way to having better nights in bed, and better mornings to blissfully stretch into.


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Get Some Easy Hygiene Products


We all know getting up to shower means we lose anywhere from five minutes to a half hour of the time we could be spending in bed each morning, so it’s time to make that easier on you as well. Invest in some easy hygiene products to refresh you when you’ve just been tossing and turning at night, and even be able to smile at yourself in the mirror because of the energy you’ve conserved as a result.


Something like dry shampoo and some some roll on or rub in deodorant would be good here. Deodorant has been shown to be more effective if you apply it before you go to bed, and smell as fresh as a daisy in the morning. Dry shampoo can also give your hair a quick lift before you style it, and make you feel cleaner for the day at the office. And then you can properly wash when you get home again, simple!


Try a Better Bed


All your sleep problems may just lie in the place you lie down each night: your bed might just be bad, and you need a new one to properly stretch out on and relax with. Sleep is so incredibly important!! If your bed is quite old at this point, or you have to clamber up and down a ladder to get into it, the wear and tear in it is going to make it rickety and unstable, and you’re not going to have the energy to even get out of it.


The mattress you lie down on each night might be too hard or even too soft for your body, so you should try a change even for the sake of trying to make a change. Invest in something like a lull bed to get some better quality sleep at night, and even get out of bed a lot easier because of your proximity to the floor; you could quite possibly just roll yourself away from hitting the snooze button!


Start a Morning Routine


Beginning your own morning routine is such a great way to look forward to the mornings! This allows you a calm and peaceful transition into the day before the morning chaos begins. It also allows you the time, if you wish, to do any self-improvement activities you’ve been craving. It’s a great time to read, journal, and even exercise to really get into your day on a good foot!


make your mornings easier, how to make your mornings easier, make mornings easier, wake up easier, wake up refreshed, morning hacks, morning routine, how to do a morning routine, how to create a morning routine, morning routines for moms, self care morning routines


Remember, morning you is a different person to afternoon you, so start working with them: make your mornings easier!


How do you make your mornings easier? Let me know in the comments below!


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make your mornings easier, how to make your mornings easier, make mornings easier, wake up easier, wake up refreshed, morning hacks, morning routine, how to do a morning routine, how to create a morning routine, morning routines for moms, self care morning routines


The Effects of Forest Bathing That Will Blow Your Mind as a Mom

The Effects of Forest Bathing That Will Blow Your Mind as a Mom

How Moms Can Use Forest Bathing to Solve a Whole Host of Self Care Issues + Help ADHD Kids Get More Focused


Ok, I usually don’t subscribe to the latest ‘trend’ when it comes to health, UNLESS it’s super science-backed + super cool. When I first heard the term ‘forest bathing’, I immediately thought you sought out a lake in a forest to actually bathe. (Ew.) I already have nightmares about the amoeba thing that will eat your brain (for real) if you get water up your nose that has it in there in open water sources.


This, however….THIS–is so much better than a weird bath in a questionable lake with God-knows-what nipping at your body. Forest Bathing is actually a practice where you immerse yourself in a forest (specifically trees) and just….be. You basically empty your mind and use your senses to be very mindful about the things around you and what you’re experiencing right then. It’s sort of like meditation, but where your eyes are open and you’re focusing on the nature that surrounds you. “Ok-so why the heck would I bother seeking out a forest to do this, then?”, you may be asking….


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The things that Forest Bathing do to your body, mind, and soul are absolutely incredible. It invokes calm and peace, sure–but it actually does all these physiological things to your body that are crazy therapeutic! Like INCREASED: parasympathetic nervous activity, positive feelings and feelings of well being, and even a boost in the immune system from the essential oils in the trees and plants that are emitted to protect themselves from germs and bugs! And don’t forget the DECREASED stuff, like: lowered cortisol levels, lowered pulse, lessened feelings of depression and negative feelings,   and even stress and hostility!

Honestly, the benefits are overwhelming–and totally worth it. And–this is the best part–it’s not just for adults. Kids are totally benefited just as much–especially kids with ADHD! This study (which is peer reviewed [the gold standard for medical articles’ validity, which I learned while working on my Master’s in Nutrition]) determined that as little as a 20 minute visit to a nature setting could increase attention performance in kids with attention deficits. In fact, they compared the results to being as effective as recent formulations of ADHD drugs that fall under the brand names Concerta, Daytrana, Methylin, Ritalin, and Aptensio. That’s pretty incredible!!

What an awesome benefit to be able to reduce attention deficits in kids + give them these great experiences in nature + spend quality time with your kiddos–all at the same time! (I love it when multi-tasking is totally beneficial!) So have I convinced you now?? Awesome! Here’s how to do it:

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Step 1: Find a Forest


At the expense of being Captain Obvious, first thing is to actually find a forest. If you already know of one near you, great! You’re on to step 2A or 2B. If not, there are a few resources online to help you locate one. The first is Discover the Forest. This site will locate a forest within a given radius in miles, based on your zip code. It also has a few other pretty cool pages, like the Discover the Urban Forest button. It’ll take you to some cool activities you can do in the forest with kids….which we’ll get to in a minute.

The second resource is the National Forest Locator Map. This option lets you see which national forests are around you, and then has the link to visit each forest’s web page.

The third resource is to just Google: ‘National Forest Near Me’. Just doing this alone pulled up 3 separate hiking trails near my home within 7 miles.

And the fourth option is to find the outdoorsiest person you know and ask them! Seriously–friends/family/coworkers that camp, hike, or trail ride will absolutely know the best and/or closest forests to you.


Step 2A: How to do Forest Bathing Alone


Just FYI, I’m not about to suggest leaving your phone at home for this one. Way too many people have gotten lost in the woods for me to think that’s a good idea. However, I am ordering you to turn the ringer off, and the vibration off. And any notifications, period. Also, I know you want to log these steps on your fitness tracker. But it’s best to actually leave that thing at home. Besides, most have apps that sync with your fitness tracker will track you via GPS anyhow. Just set that to start when you get to the forest and it should sync. Bottom line: NO ELECTRONICS.

What you SHOULD do, however, is get into a purposeful mindset about getting out into nature, in the quiet, away from everything. A cool practice I read about is finding a rock at the edge of the forest, telling it all your worries, then tossing it onto the ground. Your worries should stay with the rock. And when you come back out, pick the worries back up if you want. (Undoubtedly nobody does.)

Your only goal in the forest should be to take note of the things around you. Use your senses. What do you see? Hear? Smell? What do the leaves feel like? (Please look up what poison ivy looks like, like a responsible human being with common sense does, before you go. Coz looking it up on your phone is NOT allowed, Cheater!!)


Step 2B: How to do forest bathing WITH Kids


Obviously it’s going to be a completely different experience to forest bathe with your kids. First you should probably lay down some ground rules. Kids also need explanations for things–otherwise how do they learn?? Explain what this is for–getting in touch with nature, separating from electronics for a healthy mind break, a nice relaxation period to recharge.

Then tell them the rules: no electronics, no running, no screaming, no fighting, hands to yourself. Calm. You can touch things. But think about the things you’re seeing, the things you smell, the way those things feel in your hands. Take it all in and stop to breathe deeply with eyes closed every few minutes just to smell and hear.

Remember that there’s always the chance that the kiddos will go nuts about being in nature instead of cooped up inside in the first place. Some kids need to get all that giddiness out of their systems before they can really get into the mode of just being present.

If you feel your kiddos fall into that category, try the activity sheets from the Discover the Forest site. Print them out and let them do the activities the first few times you take them out into the forest. Then try actual forest bathing after that.

If you go out and they’re calm, but say they’re bored, even after trying a time or two, maybe let them take a book out and read, or even journal or draw. Just being in nature will give many of the benefits of forest bathing while keeping their mind going without the stimulation of electronics. Here are some journals available for books he or she has read, as well as several journals for adventures, bucket lists, and even bird watching!



Ready to try forest bathing for yourself? Here’s a downloadable PDF that includes all the rules listed above + Journaling pages for you to fill out about your forest bathing experience! Just click the image below to get it!


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And let me know how your experience was in the comments below!