3 Amazingly Easy Ways For a Cost Effective and Sustainable Home Makeover

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Moms in the United States are more involved in the workforce than ever before while simultaneously spending more time on childcare. The term ‘busy’ just doesn’t suffice when describing the modern-day multi-tasking mom. Among the many roles mothers are meant to juggle, house decor usually falls on them, too. Making your house feel like a sanctuary for your family can sometimes seem like an expensive and time-consuming task, but by incorporating the following  cost effective and sustainable home makeover tips, you can easily cross this task off a long list of to-dos.

3 ways to do a cost effective and sustainable home makeover on a budget that's super easy.

Get creative with your furniture


One of the best ways to really make your house feel like a home is customizing and personalizing it. What better way to do that than making your own pieces of furniture? The added bonus is that you can make this a fun family-friendly activity. You’ll be joining 70% of Americans who prefer do-it-yourself home decor changes and improvements, all the while saving money and time.

You can easily reuse wooden pallets to make a modern bookcase attached to the wall, storage shelves or even chairs and bed frames. You can polish or paint the finished product to keep it in line with a theme or leave it is as is. This is a great way to be creative in your cost effective and sustainable home makeover.

Choose herbs over flowers


Nothing makes a home feel as cozy as some beautiful greenery and plants. While both real and fake flowers tend to be a top choice in home decor, they can be inconvenient, expensive and have quite the detrimental impact on the environment as well. Instead, brighten your home with some beautiful potted herbs, ones you enjoy and can use in cooking to make them multi-purpose.

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Options such as mint, basil, or cilantro are all great choices that can add a nice decorative touch and a breath of life anywhere in your home. Plus, you can buy beautiful pots or have your family paint up a few plain pots for a personalized touch.

Liven up existing furniture


You’d be surprised at how little it takes to completely change the entire vibe of your home. Instead of spending hours shopping for new items to add to your house, opt to liven up your existing furniture instead.

Use that tablecloth you have stored away for ‘special occasions’ and see how the color can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen or living room. Add some extra pillows to your sofa and rearrange some of the furniture to give your home a quick, easy, inexpensive and eco-friendly makeover. It can really be that simple to make a huge change!

While it oftentimes feels like there are just not enough hours in a day, moms really do it all. Even though home decor usually falls on our laps, it doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it seems. Easily make some of your own furniture, strategically add some greenery to your house and work to upgrade existing furniture rather than buying new for a beautiful, cost effective and sustainable home makeover.


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3 ways to do a cost effective and sustainable home makeover on a budget that's super easy.

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