How to Make Daily Health Habits a Part of Your Self Care

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3 Ways to hardwire your brain to actually want to do nourishing health habits daily.

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You know how when you’ve made a commitment to yourself that you’re gonna get out there every day? You’re gonna run those miles, or do those million sets of squats, or you’re gonna plank like there’s no tomorrow? And then you do it for like a week and half…and then sorta let it slide? You’re not doing yourself any favors, because you’re letting yourself down. You know how? By letting daily health habits be made in the negative sense. You’re training yourself to quit after a week and a half. And that’s not cool.

A huge part of Self Care for Moms lies in making sure your body is running well with daily health habits. The truth is that making these habits stick in your daily life is something that you can easily take on board, as long as you know how. It’s the kind of thing that will drastically improve your overall quality of life as well. You’re opening the door to a much happier and more fulfilled life, so trust me when I tell you it’s worth it to make these things stick, Mama!


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1-Talk About It


Studies have shown that when you actively engage in frequent conversation about something, it has a direct way of making it much more a part of your life. Essentially what you focus on becomes real and increases in this way over time. So make a real concerted effort to talk about your own health goals and fitness levels with friends as much as possible–but without boring them.

If you feel like your friends are getting to their breaking point with your ‘health-speak’ (hey, it happens), chat with other fitness fanatics and friends you meet at the gym. The more you talk about it, the more a part of your life it is. So consider this if you are serious about getting into shape or just getting a little more healthy.


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Think about who you can talk with in your life about your health goals. Pinpoint those that are already active, as well as friends and other fitness fanatics. Have open conversations and talk about your goals. And make sure to keep an open mind if you get input–great ideas come from advice and/or collaborations when you least expect it sometimes!


2-Bring It Home


If you are really serious about being healthier, it’s a great time to find a good way of bringing it into your home. (Remember that your kids learn by watching your actions!) This can be actually surprisingly easy, and it’s something which will instantly make an enormous difference to your overall health levels.

One of the best ways of doing so is to build and design your own home gym with simple equipment– something which is actually much easier than you might think. If you take a look at you’ll see that you need to put a lot of thought into different elements of the design, but as long as you do you’re bound to end up with a home gym which you can use whenever you want. 

Another way to bring it into your home is to learn about healthy, clean eating. Then cook these meals for your family. Meal planning makes this super easy!


1-Figure out ways to bring the healthy habits right into your home in plain sight for your kiddos to see! I guarantee they’ll be curious at minimum–and best-case scenario–they’ll want to work out too! 2-Find some healthy meals and transition over from higher fat/calorie/sugar meals seamlessly with meal planning! Check out Real Plans–they’re super easy and have all eating styles and the option of recipes from your fave health food bloggers!


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3-Track Progress


If you don’t ever track your progress, you can’t really be sure of whether or not you’re getting anywhere, and that only means that you are more likely to let your practices slip. However, if you make a point of keeping a diary or tracking yourself in some other way, you can much more easily make your health a big part of your life, and in a way which will really make a huge difference too. Remember this and try to find a way that will work for you. For more on tracking, see


Think about your personality type when it comes to fitness. Do you do better with a solid step by step plan in place? Or are you more of a ‘resolve to do it in the slots where I have time available’ type? Either way, tracking will be essential to keep you on track!



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daily health habits, how to work out every day, mom health, mom fitness, how to stay fit, health habits


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