How to Make a DIY Gingerbread House

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“UGGH!!” My daughter stomped her foot, then crossed her arms with a scowl tightening her face. Her cheeks got red as stomped off in the fluorescent-lit grocery store.

Typical temper tantrum. Except that she’s 11.

Ok, in all fairness, she’s rightfully frustrated. She has celiac. She can’t have gluten. At all. And guess what we can’t find that’s gluten free. Gingerbread house kits. (Or in this case, gingerbread graveyard kits.)


gingerbread graveyard kit halloween


Honestly, I have no idea how. There are now approximately 87-gazillion GF packaged foods, and apparently not one single company on the planet has decided to make a GF gingerbread house kit.

So now I have to figure out a way for my kiddos to be able to make these lovely assembled sugar-comas so that they can still eat them when it’s finished. Cause this is #4 on our Fall Bucket List, and we can’t miss out!! Which means diy gingerbread house –or graveyard–is on our list.

Consulting my second BFF Google tells me that either we can buy a gingerbread house mold and make our own ‘cookies’ to assemble the house, or we can go the easier route: make them out of graham crackers. Cause there ARE gluten-free graham crackers! (Thank God!! They’ve saved our bonfire and s’mores night many a time already!)

So whether you’re trying to make a gluten free ‘gingerbread’ house, or just wanna skip the kit altogether, here’s how to make a diy gingerbread house happen!

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diy gluten free gingerbread house or graveyard halloween activities snacks foods


*And just a side-note–this is a very basic guide, not for those that want to go all out and make this look like Martha Stewart designed it for a Kardashian. This is for those of us that like to give the kids something fun to do and let them just be creative and make it happen on their own. Like, after we buy all the stuff, of course.


Gather or purchase all your ingredients



We started out with gluten free graham crackers, serrated knives (because you have to be able to gently ‘saw’ through the crackers), cookie icing, and whatever sprinkles and decorations your kiddos need to make this thing epic! (I highly recommend the bone sprinkles and eyeballs!)


graham crackers on a cutting board and marble counter


Do a little thinking before breaking apart crackers OR cutting


So the first thing to understand is that unless you can create some kind of inner supports, the house/castle/shack can be only as tall as the crackers that come as a sheet in the box. If you’re doing non-gluten-free, they may come in larger sheets. Regardless, keep those sheets intact until it’s time to start shaping pieces and assembling.


diy gingerbread house


First you want to create a triangle at the top so you can create the end pieces of your house. So cut the corners off, taking care to only cut as far down as the width of the side pieces (which usually is just the seam where you can break the crackers apart.) Use the serrated knife so you can gently ‘saw’ through the pieces, then use the knife to smooth out the edges on that first piece.

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diy gingerbread house


Once your first end-piece is done, turn the second cracker over so its back side is facing up, and lay the already cut end-piece on top of it to use as a template. This will make sure your cuts are exactly the same on both pieces so the roof pieces will lie nice and flat with no weird gaps.


Assemble the pieces


graham cracker and icing


Then use the icing like ‘glue’ to hold all the pieces of the house together as you assemble it.


diy halloween gingerbread house graveyard



My kids also used the icing to make graves stand up as well.

And then use all those creepy creative juices in your brain to make monsters, graves, and haunted dwellings out of totally edible cookies, icing, and sprinkles!


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Whether you're looking for a fun Halloween activity to keep the kids busy, or determined to be able to build a gingerbread house or graveyard that's gluten free, here's how to make the holidays fun for families with 'ginger bread' crackers. #halloween #halloween crafts #glutenfree #kidsactivities

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