The Easy Way to Earn Money Online With Ebates + Free Budgeting PDF

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How to earn money with Ebates, step by step.

(Which aren’t actually that many steps.)


If you’ve never heard of Ebates, or are on the fence about using Ebates, you’re gonna want to listen to this story.

So, about a year and half ago, my sister started telling me about these apps where she was getting cash back as if she’d used a whole bunch of coupons at the grocery store. She went on and one about it, and I liked the sound of it. So I downloaded them, too. And I used them, and you know what? I did get money back! A decent amount, considering it was kinda less effort than clipping paper coupons! Then she went on to tell me about a few other ways to save money online while shopping. Some were using the ‘store’ coupons on Target, using Ebates, swagbucks, and few others. Wanna know one of my absolute favorite? Ebates!

Ok, so technically it’s saving money rather than earning. But when you get cash back from the things you’re already buying anyway, it sure feels like you’re making money!

But I have fallen in love with Ebates, and I’m telling ya–once you start using it and see the little amounts add up for what you’re getting back, it feels pretty silly to NOT use it!



So here’s how simple it is to use Ebates:

  1. Go to the website and sign up for an account.
  2. Install the extension in your browser. It just puts that little icon up on your window with the other buttons.
  3. Then go to any of the participating stores and start shopping.
  4. If you go into a site that participates, a box will automatically pop up to tell you there’s cash back at that store. You CLICK the BUTTON–and THAT’S IT.
  5. Once you’ve completed your payment to that store, $ is put into your Ebates account, and then once it’s over $5, they send you that money via check or Paypal, which you set up in your account for your preferences.
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So between October and February, I earned $57! That doesn’t sound like a ton, but when it adds up over 6 months or even a year, you can potentially have a nice chunk of cash sitting in your account–all for CLICKING A BUTTON!


The ways I use Ebates:

  1. Shopping for literally any gift through the year, because I now do nearly ALL of my shopping online!
  2. Groupon! Yep-a TON of savings on Groupon can earn you even MORE savings through Ebates!
  3. Ebay (say what??) Yes–Ebay participates in Ebates rebates!
  4. Amazon –This one is a little tricky, because only specific departments are eligible at different times. You have to really read the fine print.
  5. Target and Walmart (again-for now these are only online, but if there’s something in a department I need that’s eligible, I’ll totally go through Ebates for it.)
  6. Buy online, pick up in store. (I use this for when there’s no free shipping to my home, but I still get the cash back through Ebates-which I wouldn’t have gotten if I had purchased in the store-but then go pick it up in the store.)
  7. Gift Cards. (Yes, there is actually a section for gift cards!)
  8. Photo books (I personally use Mixbook for my photobooks-and they’re always doing crazy promotions, you should totally check them out!)
  9. Flowers and gifts-coupons right there on the site!
  10. Eating out–some places actually do allow you to participate in store. You just have to go into your account and register the card you’ll be using first.


save money and earn cash back with ebates

How to get the most out of Ebates:


As simple as it is to just click that button when you’re shopping on any site they partner with, there are tactics to get even MORE savings out of your shopping! Here are some tactics I use:

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  1. Pay for the purchase with a rewards credit/debit card. This can be a card issued by your bank, the Upromise card, an airline rewards credit card–whatever. We have 2 different cards that do this, so I figure out which one will get us the most rewards, then use that one.
  2. Take advantage of store rewards. So, if there’s a choice between buying some from Target vs Walmart, I’ll weigh the Ebates rewards vs the automatic 5% I get back from Target by using their Target Red debit or credit card plus the free shipping through them. They don’t give high Ebates rewards, but if what they do give plus that 5% and free shipping is better than the Walmart Ebates reward, I’m choosing Target.
  3. Take advantage of their Double cash back times. These vary throughout the year and for which store they apply, but when you sign up for your account, you should start getting emails from them that will remind you when there are double cash back promotions.

Sound awesome??!

Of course it does!!

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Save money and earn cash back with ebates


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