How to Create an Amazing Fall Bucket List Adventure for Your Family

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When I was younger, I really had no feelings about Fall and Autumn except…’Blah, school’s in again’. I hated the end of summer and the (sort of ) freedom it held. But mostly I wanted it to stay hot all the time. Now that I’m older, I actually relish the thought of fall. Partly because it’s so blazing hot (and humid) here around Houston. But also because there are so many fun things to do in the fall with the kids! And my most favorite tradition we started a couple years ago is making a Fall Bucket List!


How to create an epic Fall Bucket List Adventure for your family with this template!


Making a Fall Bucket List is one of those things that I personally have crazy expectations of (well, any bucket list really) because of the endless boards on Pinterest with all the amazing eye-candy of activities to do in the beautiful fall weather! But in reality, when we sit down to make our lists, it’s like the kids go all ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ with it. “Uhhhhh……..maybe……um……swim in some leaves….?” Notsomuch.

My solution to that has been to assign each kid a number of things they can request, and then leave them to scour Pinterest themselves. Then we go through and eliminate any repeats and make one MASTER list.

I try to make the final presentation really fun, and we’ll post it on the wall so we see it all the time.

The husband and I add things on as well that kids may initially not be too super excited about, but they eventually get over it. (I mean, we do pay the bills around here, don’t we get some say-so in this??)

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What’s so great about bucket lists is that they can be really big things, like a trip somewhere, or really small things, like having dinner outside on the patio. Last year I bought a little fire-pit off Amazon and we’ve roasted marshmallows through the fall and winter + just lit the fire to sit around it at night. Sometimes the hubby and I sit out there with a drink after the kids go to bed (and sometimes while they just watch a movie.)


But bucket lists can also be based on certain criteria (think the Christmas gift rule: 1 thing they want, 1 thing they need, 1 thing to wear, and 1 thing to read.)(Did I say that right??)

This year our bucket list will include these categories:


  • 1 big trip somewhere (which may be to see family…)
  • Local adventures (think-visiting pumpkin patches or corn-maze)
  • Culinary adventures (try new restaurants and maybe even more cooking lessons)
  • Camping (backyard and maybe in a camper somewhere)
  • Outdoor Living (like watching football on back patio, dinners outside, etc)
  • Outdoor adventures (like maybe riding the 4-wheeler in the National Forest–which is just down the road for us)


What you’ll notice, though, is that each year the kids will find absolute favorites. Then they’ll request those the next year. But–they’ll also start getting a feel of the whole point of the adventure.

Once they understand the concept of a bucket list, they’ll have it in mind when it rolls around next season or year (however often you make these for your family.) Kids start getting excited about just the aspect of going on more family adventures together. They don’t know you’re making awesome family memories yet. 😉

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Wanna create your own Fall Bucket List? Click the image below!


Create an epic Fall bucket list adventure with your family with this FREE template!

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So how has your list-creation gone? Do you feel overwhelmed? Or are you super pumped to do all these crazy fun things with your kids? Let me know in the comments below!!


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How to create an epic Fall Bucket List Adventure for your family!