Family Fun in the Garden: Simple Crafts and Easy Plants to Grow

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4 Easy Ways to Have Family Fun in the Garden

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Encouraging our children to enjoy the outdoors and grow things in the garden can be such a good tool for them. Not only does it make them more conscious about the world around them, but it makes them more aware of food and just how much is required for plants and shrubs to grow into something edible. So with spring on the way, having some family fun in the garden is the perfect time to teach them. Here are some of the best things to plant, as well as some crafts that you can do to get them involved outside.


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Make a Bug Hotel


Giving bugs a home can not only be fascinating for little ones, but it can do some good, especially if bees make a home out of it, as bee numbers around the world are dwindling. Using an old box or shadow box frame, you can fill it with sticks of bamboo and finished toilet roll tubes to create a space for the insects. When the children are involved, it makes them more likely to want to be outdoors to check on the bugs and if any of them have made a home.


Add Edible Plants


Planting shrubs or flowers that are edible can make a fun change for the children in the garden. Especially since they can just nibble on them when they are playing out there. Rosemary is an easy herb to plant and it grows and grows and grows, as well as chives and basil. You could also think about planting flowers like marigolds as they are an edible flower; certainly something new for the children to try.


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Plant Low-Maintenance Fruit and Veggies


If you want to grow some of your own fruit and veggies,  choose some that are pretty low-maintenance. They’ll be more likely to grow and then children will see the ‘fruits’ of their labor sooner rather than later. Something like olive trees is more low-maintenance than you might think, as they can actually survive in cold weather; they just need a bit of pruning. Scallions, carrots, strawberries, zucchini, tomatoes, and cucumbers are other options, as they can pretty much be left to it. Things like lettuce can be more difficult as they are a big attraction for slugs.


Design Crop Protectors


Although some fruit and veggies are fairly simple to grow, they can all do with some help using crop protectors. Instead of just using a mesh met over the top, think about making some of your own with the children. They could be large butterflies with the wings made of net to stop birds pecking at the fruit, or decorating stones that can stop slugs from getting into a vegetable patch. There are plenty of options, but it is just a good way to get the children involved. It also makes them more conscious of the world around them.


Have you got a favorite thing that you like to do with your children in the yard? Let me know in the comments below!



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