15 Perfect Halloween Flicks for Movie Night this October

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You know what’s sadder than not being able to trick or treat because of rain on Halloween? Probably Halloween being in the middle of the week. Meaning: no grown-up parties ON Halloween!! (I’m assuming said grownups have to work the next day…) But whether or not you’re Halloween is on the perfect day during the perfect weather, your family can totally have an appropriately spooky movie night with these 15 family Halloween movies!

I so love doing this, because the weather (usually) has cooled down a little–sometimes enough to even build a fire in our fire-pit, which is on our Fall Bucket List! And we just pop some popcorn, get out our Halloween goodies we’ve been making, and snuggle in for some super cute Halloween fun flicks! Here are 15 that are way fun for the littles (and grownups!)


15 perfect halloween movies for kids and families


1.It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Honestly, this classic should be watched every single year no matter what.



2.Harry Potter (like all of them, obviously)



3. Frankenweenie

This is a Tim Burton flick about a boy whose kinda nerdy at school, and then his best friend–his weenie dog–dies. He decides to bring him back to life. It’s a bit Pet Cemetery but without the horror movie.


4. The Addams Family


Ahh, the orginal freak show family, lol! This was also a series, so if your kids are super into it, you may be able to stream it as well.

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5. Hocus Pocus


The new kid in town (Salem, MA), his sister, and new friend accidentally unleash 3 evil witches that are trying to become immortal.  The kids and their magic cat have to stop them. (Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler in the early days! 😂)


6. Ghost Busters –the orginal(s) + the latest with the fab females!

I was surprised at how much my kids liked the original of this–and then again surprised at how much I liked the new female version! (Maybe had something to do with Hemsworth in in….hmmm…😂)



7. Toy Story of Terror

Such an adorable spin-off of Toy Story–especially for those of us that just can’t get enough of 1, 2, and 3!


8. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

I honestly don’t know why this show/movie didn’t get more press–it’s pretty dang funny!



9. Coraline

This movie isn’t ‘specifically’ Halloween themed, but it’s dark enough to pass–complete with black cat. Plus the kids love it!


10. Halloweentown

Another story about finding out you’re really a witch. And so is your family. Ha! This one is super cute, though.



Casper and his family live in a haunted mansion, but when a scientist and his daughter arrive to communicate, he falls in love with the daughter. You know, Romeo/Juliet kinda stuff.


12. Hotel Transylvania (1, 2, and 3!)


Drac owns a hotel where only monsters stay, until a human shows up one day. And his daughter falls in love. And the next movies continue the story–which is hilarious!

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13. Nightmare Before Christmas


Jack Skellington is the king of Halloweentown, but he wants to bring Christmas there, too. So he makes a trip to the North Pole to see Santa. (Another Tim Burton classic)


14. Corpse Bride


The main characters have an arranged marriage, but before it can happen, groom-to-be is dragged to the land of the dead by an ex-admirer whose dead. (I swear no more Tim Burton ones. His stuff is so creeppppyyyy though!)



15. Coco


This movie is less spooky and more family–but in Dia de los Muertos style–which means brilliant colors, Disney family values, and the sweetest grandma/grandson relationship on the entire planet!



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Looking for Halloween movies for family movie night? Look no further! These 15 are spooky enough without causing any nightmares for kids! Perfect for a Halloween weekend movie night! #halloween #halloweenfun #kidsactivities

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