5 Ways to Create That Feeling of Home Sweet Home

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5 insights into creating the home sweet home sensation for your family to feel at home.

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There’s a huge difference between walking into a house and walking into a “home”.  Indeed, we all want to create a feeling of home, for ourselves and our loved ones. But just because we buy a nice house doesn’t mean we will necessarily feel at home there.


See, our sense of home transcends the value of the bricks and mortar that make up your property; and goes beyond the aesthetic beauty of your interior design… it’s a feeling.  Home is a feeling, and people have many different ways to feel at home. And one thing’s for sure if you don’t feel at home in your living environment: you’re going to feel drained, depleted, and maybe even depressed.


For some people, the sense of home comes from having a dog welcome you at the end of each day to welcome you home from work.  For others it’s having freshly cut flowers in the property, cozy soft furnishings, a few bottles of nice wine lying around for a special night in, warm lighting, incense, or even watching a film by candlelight.


These are, however, merely triggers to associate the state of feeling at home. But if you don’t take care of certain things behind the scenes, such as keeping up with maintenance and repair tasks or simply paying the bills on time, the feeling of home seeps out our house like heat through a drafty window.


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This article therefore looks at how to ensure a consistent feeling of “home sweet home” by taking care of some of the less glamorous aspects of creating a happy home life, beyond the standard interior design and self-care tips.





Keeping up with household bills can be stressful if money is tight.  With the increased energy consumption associated with extreme weather (i.e. the need for heat in winter and need for cold air in winter) comes a significant increase in your energy bill.  


You may want to consider paying in equal monthly installments. This will cover the average energy consumption, throughout the year. This avoids a rather big hike in winter or summer as this is more manageable for most people.  


The thing is, you want your home to be your castle not your prison; a sanctuary free from stress – not a situation where each time you go the mailbox, you dread seeing a bill, or even worse, living in fear of having debt collectors knocking on your door.




There’s nothing worse than having to face the horrors of a cold shower in winter or a baking hot house in the middle of summer, due to your air conditioning not working.  


Whilst many people try their hand at DIY, this often ends up in frustration and a lot of wasted time.  Sometimes, it’s better to call in a professional company such as ABC Home & Commercial that can take care of such matters with ease and efficiency.

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Coming home each day to an overgrown garden and paint peeling off fences may not seem like a big deal. But subconsciously your brain will notice, and it will niggle at you. For it creates a feeling of chaos and things being out of control.  


A garden that feels “well kept” will help you feel calm and like your life is in order.  This tip is very much aligned with the psychological phenomenon of tidy house tidy mind, and this certainly extends to our garden, in fact, our cars too.




No matter how hard you try, you’re not going to get on with everyone.  However, you don’t need to become best friends with your neighbors. You can instead keep things at the level of socially polite. In doing so you’ll create a sense of warmth and community between you which will pay dividends in terms of facilitating the feeling of “home sweet home” you crave. This is particularly true when you consider the alternative, which is to bicker with your neighbors.




Keeping your home clean and tidy sounds simple enough. But often, when you don’t get a hold on this it gets a hold on you. And an untidy house can snowball out of control when left for a few days, becoming such a chaotic mess, that you don’t know where to begin.  It can feel so overwhelming that you never get started.

The trick here, is to either employ a cleaner that undertakes a moderately deep clean, each week, or for you to do it yourself… with the mantra of little and often.


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I hope these tips help you to instill a deeper feeling of home for you and your family!


How do you instill that feeling of home? Let me know in the comments below!


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