Fitbit Charge 2: All the Fun + Awesome Features

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8 Reasons Why I’m In Love With My Fitbit Charge 2 + the Minor Cons


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Two years ago, since the fitness trackers were all the rage, I went ahead and bit the bullet and bought one myself. My first purchase was the Fitbit Charge, but the earlier model. It tells the time, how many steps you take, and you can set alarms through the app. And I really loved it except for a minor few things. I wanted more. What I’m really excited about is the Fitbit Charge 2. And I think you may fall in love with all the benefits of it just as much as I have!


review of fitbit charge 2


So the Fitbit quest started when I read the articles about how sitting is the new smoking. The predictions of those researchers was awful and pretty darn scary for such a seemingly harmless thing. I mean, people all over the world work in offices 8+ hours a day, right? But it made perfect sense, and made me really take stock of how I spent my time every day.


When I was pregnant with my second daughter, I had a lot of issues with swelling and puffiness. My doc told me to walk. So I did. Every day a coworker and I would walk circles around the building. But even when I was in the office and sitting, I’d have to take breaks where I either pushed my chair back and propped my feet up on the desk, or laid on the floor and propped my legs up. That’s what sitting was doing to me. Making my legs like stuffed sausages.


So now that I’m done having babies, and even though the immediate damage isn’t so obvious, I know that even blogging can be just as dangerous. Because I sit for very long periods of time writing posts, editing, creating images, and even doing trainings to improve the site and blog. (And don’t even mention social media–that could literally keep me at the desk for hours at a time.)


So in addition to knowing I needed to get off my butt regularly and walk (which the Fitbit helped tremendously with), I knew I also needed to really commit to some strength, and a bit more challenging cardio, like HIIT, a few times a week.


But I’m an efficiency girl. I like things to take as little time as possible with the same or better results. So I started to research what your heart rate has to do with burning calories. (I swear, it feels like I always have just that *last* 5-10 lbs to get rid of, sigh.)


I came across information by a new gym chain that’s opening tons of locations right now. It’s called OrangeTheory. And while there wasn’t and OrangeTheory gym near me, I was able to read up on their system and why it works. Basically you have to keep your heart rate within a certain range for a minimum number of minutes during your workout to burn calories. (They have a big scoreboard type thing that shows you where you are your whole workout, and it turns orange when you’re in it.)


Anywho-I have a tread-climber at home, and thought–hey, I can do this myself! So I tried tracking my heart-rate on the tread-climbers hand rails. Now admittedly, I don’t have the darn instruction booklet but I absolutely could not figure out how to make it work. But I had bought a Fitbit Charge 2, which shows your heart rate, so I decided to just wear that and keep track that way.

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I was happily surprised to see that–without any input from me–the Fitbit Charge 2 actually synced via bluetooth to the machine and started showing my heart rate on the screen! But that’s not the only benefit of this Fitbit! Read on to see the things I absolutely LOVE about my fitness tracker!



Fitbit LOVE #1: Band options


First and foremost, nearly no woman wants to wear a black rubber fitness band every day. This is one reason I love this model of Fitbit. You choose which rubber band it comes with initially, but you can buy a ton of options for switchouts on Amazon for like, $12 each. I have a snakeskin one, a silver mesh bracelet one, a silver leather one, and a gold mesh bracelet one. And mine came with a teal rubber band, which I purposely chose because I have a lot of clothes with that color.



woman wrist fitness tracker teal band


Check out the super affordable and huge selection of bands on Amazon! What types of outfits do you want to match your band to?


Fitbit LOVE #2:Tracks heart rate.


Which you need to know if you’re really getting serious about tracking calories burned. There’s a formula for finding your target heart rate, so once you know this, you can keep watch on your Fitbit and see if you need to take it up a notch, or slow it down some. (Psst! It’s 220-your age = your max heart rate.)


What’s your max heart rate? What’s your ideal range for fat loss? Calculate these out! The Fitbit Charge 2 shows you your heart rate so you can stay in that fat-burning zone!


Fitbit LOVE #3: Shows steps for the day


Duh. BUT–when you download the app you can set a goal for each day (it doesn’t have to be the 10K everyone says.) For me, that’s pretty motivational, because it lets me know how much I’ve been slacking for the day. Also, it reminds me that I haven’t worked out yet for the day either.


Do you have any clue how many steps you take each day? The average American takes 2300-3000. But if you do the recommended 10k per day, it’s said to be as effective as a 30 minute workout–even if you don’t do any other workouts that day!

woman wearing fitness tracker fitbit silver band


Fitbit LOVE #4: The app


The app has SO much more than I thought it would!! You can set your step goal for the day, but it can also track you via gps if you’re walking/running/jogging and will allow music in the background while it’s running. (Your playlist, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon music, whatever!) It also asks for your info like weight, height, age, etc to help you determine a fitness plan for yourself.

I think one of my favorite features of the app, though, is that it syncs with other Fitbit products (like the target heart rate–which I also have and love!), but also every major app that deals with fitness tracking and food. So Myfitnesspal is my go-to. I’ve used it since before it was acquired by Under Armour. It has tons of info on nearly any type of food you throw at it. So if you want to sync your calorie intake + calorie burn for each day, these two apps will work together to give you all that information!

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Think about all the features you’d like in a fitness tracker. Make a list! Do any of the features of the Fitbit Charge 2 and app resonate with your needs?


Need to get your fitness goals back on track?


Fitbit LOVE #5: Tracks sleep


Guess what–the band + app also TRACKS YOUR SLEEP! Yes! If you wear the Fitbit while you’re asleep you’ll get a full timeline map of your sleep so you can see how well you’ve been sleeping, which is HUGE for your health! (It feels a little weird the first few times you get in bed with it on, but after that you get used to it.)

The reason I’m obsessed with the sleep feature is because of how crazy important and intertwined sleep is with our health. So I’m always checking to make sure my sleep is going the way I feel like it is when I wake up. That way I know whether or not I need to improve anything to get optimal rest every night.


How’s your sleep quality? Do you currently have a method of tracking your sleep?


Fitbit LOVE #6: Reminders


Again–when I get focused on something, I don’t notice anything else in the world around me. So if I’ve gone long enough with no movement, the Fitbit will buzz a reminder to get up and walk. I need those reminders! (And you can set these on the app to either work or not, so they’re not mandatory if you don’t like being interrupted.)


How long are your ‘still’ periods during the day? What types of things would you do to get moving with periodic reminders? Walk around the office? The building? The house? Do a few sets of squats?



woman wearing fitness tracker silver band

Fitbit LOVE #7: Alarms


You can actually set alarms in the app to go off whenever, and it will buzz your arm. I like this feature especially if I’m wearing it to track sleep because that way my alarm on my phone doesn’t wake my husband up.


Do you wake up a different time than your husband/partner? Would the alarm feature help him not get up so early? (Or your baby in the room? Or pets nearby?)



Fitbit LOVE #8: Calls and texts


I wasn’t sure about this when I first got the band, but I actually really love it. So, if you have a call come in, it buzzes your arm and will show you the caller ID. I can decide from that point if I’m gonna bother digging my phone from my purse or not.


Same with text. It buzzes, and the first line of the text scrolls on the screen, so I can decide if I need to dig my phone out of my purse, or if it can wait. This feature is especially great to me, because if I’m in a movie (which I go to a lot), or we’re in church, if I get a text that something’s wrong with my kid, I’m not bothering anybody with my phone. (Feels like I have to strategically place it so that if someone is trying to get ahold of me, I’ll notice if the screen lights up. Which is super distracting in church. Or a movie. Which is part of the mom-curse. Always worrying.)

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And again–you can turn these features off if you want through the app.


Do you screen calls? What about text? If you have the phone-in-the-black-hole-purse problem, too, would this feature help? What about during meetings or during work? Is it frowned upon for you to check your phone constantly?



woman wrist fitness tracker fitbit charge 2 snakeskin band



Fitbit LOVE #9: Smaller than an Apple watch


Although the Apple watch is all the rage right now, but I’m still not convinced on the size of it. I know it does all the fitness tracking, too, but I really like the affordability of the Fitbit and the smaller size. It feels more sleek, like it will actually go nicely with a more polished outfit without being a giant square on my wrist. Plus it does all the communication I need.


And TBH, the Apple watch scares me with the version you can actually call with. Isn’t that the big deal about keeping your phone on you–with the electrical waves? There’s actually a section in your iphone, if you care to look, that STATES you are supposed to keep your phone a certain distance from your body. I can’t figure out why that wouldn’t apply to a watch that is essentially another phone….


If you’re comparing to Apple Watch, determine your budget and if you’re ok with what the Apple watch looks like with all outfits. I personally found the Fitbit Charge to go with more styles, especially more dressed-up options.


Fitbit Cons:


Honestly there are only 2 things I haven’t loved about the Fitbit Charge 2. One is that every once in a while if the battery goes completely dead it doesn’t auto sync. That makes the time off plus the number of steps. This is easily solved by just going in the app and touching the ‘sync’ option.


The other thing is just the charger. It’s like a clip-on thing and every *once* in a while it doesn’t line up correctly. You have to make sure the clippy thing is totally contacted. (Which you can see on the screen because it’ll show the battery symbol.)


Other than those minor things, I absolutely LOVE the Fitbit Charge 2!!


So those are the 9 big reasons I LOVE my Fitbit Charge 2! If you’d like to check these out on Amazon, click below. {Affil links, which don’t cost you anything. 🙂 }


Fitbit Charge 2


Fitbit Aria Scale

(Connects to your wifi and updates your weight in your Fitbit account automatically!)


Have you been thinking of getting a fitness tracker? Do you already have one? Let me know in the comments!


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