5 Steps to Make Your More Organized + Functional Kitchen

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5 Changes to creating your personalized functional kitchen to handle parenting and life.

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With so many of us running a home full time and working either from home or at work – again full time (even freelance requires the hours) it can feel like a total burden to have those high traffic home areas needing our attention. The truth is though that most of us could simply be more organised, and therefore required to spend less time cleaning and tidying. A well-organized home always looks neater and is much easier to pick up. And an organized + functional kitchen will reduce stress levels more than almost any other area. So, here are some tips that will get you started.


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Declutter that kitchen.


Kitchens are always in use, from people getting drinks, meal times, cooking, sometimes working and when we have visitors. Due to that, there are toys, homework, paperwork, bags and that is just the surplus. The kitchen itself will have appliances we aren’t using, odd cutlery and mismatched dinner sets, old spices, half empty condiments from a year ago. So, take a bag, set aside some time and clear it all out. Once you do this, it will be easier to keep on top of afterwards and will be the first step in a more functional kitchen.


Upgrade your appliances.


This is for two reasons. First, it will always save you money in the longer term to have low energy appliance package. Secondly, the newer they are, the more good stuff they have. What do we mean by good stuff? Well, better spaces shelving, better cooler boxes, inner door storage that actually stays cold. Upgrade and don’t look back. This is one of the biggest musts for a functional kitchen.


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Rolling Pantries


Rolling pantries are the best thing ever.They utilize smaller spaces and free up cabinet space all at the same time. We all have those awkward spaces that we aren’t sure what to do with, and rather than let them sit gathering dust; we can use them to store plenty of things.


Use some logic.


When you are next preparing, cooking and cleaning down after a meal. Watch how you move around the kitchen. Do you have everything in the easiest to reach space? Could you have your pots and pans in a better area, are you baking trays easy to get to? When chopping your veggies, how often did you need to move across the room to a bin? Do this a few times and then rearrange your kitchen to suit your style. Many of us place things in standard areas because our parents did it that way, but we don’t always use the kitchen in the same way – so adapt it to suit you.


Purchase a bulk amount of clear containers.


Use this to arrange your cupboard. Any dry good, cereals or flours can go in them. Label them once and use the same containers for the same food items. It’s easy to get what you are looking for and looks a lot better than mismatches food packaging.


In the end, you need a clean and functional kitchen that’s easy to navigate for busy parents who need to prep healthy delicious food, while handling homework, stories of the day, and checking incoming work emails. The better the space is organized, the easier all of those tasks will be.


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These 5 tips have helped us so much(!) in getting back to a truly functioning--and organized--kitchen! Yes, organizing and cleaning your home, pantry, and kitchen are important, but if it's not functional, it's just chaos! #organization #kitchen #organize #organized #kitchendesign #kitchenproducts