Getting the Full Asking Price When Selling Your Home

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So, it’s time to put your house on the market! You have had several valuations, you have researched comparable properties, taken a look at the local and national housing market, and you are happy with the asking price you have decided on! But, instead of simply sitting back and hoping, here are some top tips for ensuring you get full asking price on your home when selling…


get full asking price when selling your home


Essential Basic Strategies


  • Sweeten the deal – Homebuyers want to feel like they are getting a great deal. Entice them with something that is going to make your deal hard to refuse. There are many incentives you could offer – if your home is situated in an exclusive neighborhood, how about a year’s membership to a luxury club? Or, try the more practical approach with a transferable home warranty.
  • Fix anything that needs to be repaired – You can’t paper over the cracks when putting your property on the market. Buyers today aren’t stupid. Plus, you can rest assured any issues will come out during the survey, and this gives the buyer leverage to demand a lower price. Whether it’s residential AC repair or filling a few cracks around the home, make sure you do it.
  • Stage your home – Home staging can ensure you get the asking price you have decided on! This all revolves around setting up your home to increase its value and chances of selling. You need to declutter, increase space, clean thoroughly, tend to necessary repairs and repaint your home in neutral shades.
  • Have brochures printed – A high-quality brochure can go a long way! A lot of real estate agents are scrapping this idea because they don’t want the costs associated with it, but don’t let your agent skimp! Brochures give a luxurious aspect to your home and are an exceptional way of showcasing everything your house and neighborhood have to offer.


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The best price is the right price


Have you lost confidence in your asking price? Or, maybe you are considering overpricing your property just to see how it goes for a few months? Neither strategy is advised. The best price is the right price, and here’s why…


  • Overpricing – A lot of people think it is a good idea to set their property at a price higher than what it is worth. Why? Well, some do it because they know a lot of buyers end up offering below the asking price, while others just want to push their luck. If you price your property too high you will be on the market for a longer time and you will miss out on opportunities.
  • Lowering your asking price – If you have had your house on the market for a little while now and don’t seem to be getting any interest it can be extremely tempting to lower your asking price. But, you shouldn’t! It will make buyers think that there is something wrong with your property.


Do your research on comparable properties – those that have sold, those that haven’t, and those that are still on the market – and you need to couple this information with valuations from several real estate agents to come up with your asking price. By doing this, you know you have the price right, and you should be confident in what you are asking for!


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Selling your home can be so stressful--especially when you're worried about getting full selling price. Here are some of the best strategies and tips for making sure you get your full asking price when selling. #home #homestagingtips #homesellingtips

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