4 Ways Getting Organized Can Reduce Stress for Busy Moms

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How getting organized can reduce stress for busy moms, and 4 ways to do it.

Guest post by Jennifer Kitson.


It’s popular belief that moms, even working moms, often take on more of the organization, cleaning, and childcare than their partners. But do you realize how much of that stress falls on your shoulders? A 2016 national study found that on a typical day, in households with children under six-years-old, women spent 1.1 hours dealing with physical child care, for example feeding children and giving them baths. In contrast, men in those same homes spent only *26 minutes* providing physical care for the children.

When it came to house cleaning and organization, 21 percent of men did the housework, compared to 50 percent of women.


How getting organized can reduce stress and 4 ways to do it


Why Getting Organized Is Important for a Busy Mom


Clutter and disorganization have real effects on our mental health and stress levels. Not only does it consume more of your time when you have to search for something, but it can be emotionally draining to be surrounded by mess. Disorganization can cause negative feelings of embarrassment, anxiety, and signals to our brain that “work is never done.” Moreover, it makes it easier to forget activities scheduled for both yourself and your kids or accidentally double schedule. For those reasons, getting organized can reduce stress a ton for busy moms!


1.Take a Picture for Perspective on Organization


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Ever observe how much more you notice things in pictures, whether you like what you see or not? (Think of the last photo of you and how easy it was to focus on the flaws.) To start, take a picture of your rooms or specific areas like corners or closets. Our eyes adapt to seeing our surroundings so much we don’t realize how much clutter is around us. Viewing a photograph can bring to light unnecessary messes and the reality of what our surroundings look like more objectively.


2. When You Realize Where You Need to Organize, Use a Three-Part Rule


Minimalist and organization expert Marie Kondo has a plethora of tips for decluttering. However, one of the easiest for busy moms is utilizing a simple three-part rule of getting rid of unnecessary things.

· If you haven’t used it in the past six months or know you won’t use it in the next year, donate or sell it.

· If it does not hold strong sentimental value, donate or sell it.

· Lastly, if it does not bring you joy when you hold it or look at it, donate or sell it.

If you can’t bring yourself to part with an object because of nostalgia, but need more space in your rooms, find the proper storage for it. Organized storage in well-labeled containers or shelves will feel like a weight off your shoulders.


3. Delegating To Save Time


Try to save yourself chunks of time each week by delegating some household tasks to others. If you’re able to afford a cleaner, or ironing service then this is a fantastic way to reduce stress and ensure that key jobs are taken care of each week without you needing to worry. Similarly, you can order regular deliveries of food or groceries to arrive each week or fortnight, which will save you a trip to the store.

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4. Don’t Forget to Organize Your Technology


Keep in mind that disorganization does not just mean your home. Getting tech organized can reduce stress majorly! In our tech-obsessed society , trying to find an app on your phone or a file on your laptop can result in unnecessary search time and unneeded frustration. Organize devices like your phone with easy-to-navigate folders. Because we spend hours every day on these devices, it’s a worthwhile task to do. Unlike laundry, organizing your devices only needs to be done once and then updated infrequently.

Hopefully, you realize the importance of organizing your busy life as a mom. There are too many factors to juggle with family schedules, activities, finding soccer shoes, doing laundry, and so forth. Try with one corner of your home. Take a picture, look at the mess, and organize that one spot. You’ll see how restored you feel. Better yet, delegate some tasks to your mate, especially if you’re a working mom. You might be Superwoman, but even Superwoman needs a break.



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How getting organized can reduce stress and 4 ways to do it

How getting organized can reduce stress and 4 ways to do it

How getting organized can reduce stress and 4 ways to do it


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