4 No-Fail Gift Ideas for Kids

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4 No-fail ideas for Christmas gifts for kids, or even birthdays, they’re sure to love!

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Whether it’s a birthday or Christmas, kids can be pretty hard to buy for. These days it seems like parents can swing from being very minimalist, to allowing an average amount of toys, all the way to being pushovers in the toy department. And this is regardless of whether the kiddos are boys or girls. Here are 4 ideas that can help whether for boys or girls, and whether for a birthday, Christmas, or even a pushover-Aunt’s pick-me-up!


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A Kid’s Kitchen


Kids kitchens are one of the most loved and popular types of role-playing toys. This is probably to do with the fact that children see their mothers or fathers cooking every night, and it is something which looks exciting and intriguing to them.

A kid’s kitchen is a great idea for what to buy your child this year. It is a toy which is loved by both boys and girls and it is something that is assured to put a big bright smile on their face on Christmas day.

Nevertheless, deciding what kitchen to buy your child is not an easy challenge. There are so many different makes and models available off of the Internet and in toy stores today.

You can choose between a whole host of different factors, such as; size, colour, features, age range, how many children can play, accessory sets, electronics, design etc. The choices available to you are quite simply endless.


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Portable Movies and Books


Keep your child busy while you are on the go with a portable DVD player. If you take long journeys, or you are planning to in the future, this is definitely a good option to go for. Especially when you either don’t have wi-fi, or don’t want your kiddo tethering to your hotspot on your phone signal.



If you’re fine with them connecting via your phone, why not consider digital movies through the VUDU app? It currently syncs with your Ultraviolet movies as well as Disney Goanywhere movies, so if you’ve go other digital products, you can pull them all into one account.

Don’t like the idea of incessant movies? Give the Epic! Books app a try! They work like ‘Netflix for kids’ books’, but also have a ton of educational activities, plus videos that are education and craft-based! My kids absolutely love this, plus you get a ‘summary’ email of what they’ve been up to on their account weekly.


Barbie Jeep


When it comes to battery powered toys and car-based toys, the market tends to cater to mostly boys. There are Thomas the Tank engine toys, dark blue cars, and Ben 10 products, to name but a few. So, if you are buying for a boy, you won’t have any trouble there.

But it’s not often we see such toys for little girls. Thankfully, Barbie is here to put this right! The vibrant and exciting Barbie Jeep is definitely a gift that any young girl and Barbie fan will get excited about. If your little girl is not a fan of Barbie, you should be able to find some variations if you do a bit of digging online.


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Exploration Gifts


Another idea is to get your child a gift that gives them the ability to go outside and explore. There are many different nature and wildlife sets that enable them to do this.



Another option is to buy a kids metal detector. You can be your bottom dollar that your child will have plenty of fun outside hunting for treasure. You will be able to keep them busy for hours on end.


So there you have it: four great gift suggestions if you are struggling to know what to buy your child this Christmas. Hopefully, you have found something that is going to appeal to your little one, or as a gift idea!


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Gift ideas for kids can be few and far between, or you can be inundated with too many choices. Here are some tips and tricks for finding no-fail gifts whether for boys or girls, or birthdays or Christmas! Number 2 is usually my go-to! #giftideas #giftsforgirls #giftsforboys #giftsforkids #giftguide #kidsgiftguide

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