How to Know if Your Kids Are Really Happy

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How do you know if your kids are truly happy? All kids have tantrums from time to time and can seem to get upset over minute things. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are unhappy in general. Making sure your kids are happy is key to ensuring they grow up into happy adults. Your child will carry a lot of patterns and behaviors with them as they grow up, so if you don’t teach them how to do things like manage stress now, they might struggle to do it in the future. Here are some pointers!


how to know if your kids are really happy

Here are a few signs that can indicate you have happy children:


They Function Normally


Your kids should function normally, especially in terms of sleeping and eating. Lots of kids fight sleep, but if your child is up and down all night and even suffers from things like night terrors, something could be wrong.  


They Can Connect With People


Kids can seem closed off and withdrawn when they can’t connect with people. This usually means they have a fear of being judged. You must teach your kids that it’s ok to express themselves and that they will still be loved and accepted.


You’re Happy


How you’re feeling each day can be a key indicator of how your kids are feeling. If you’re stressed and unhappy, there’s a huge chance your kids will pick this up from you. Work on your own happiness and self care and set an example.


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They Know Making A Mistake Isn’t The End Of The World


Your kids need to know that getting something wrong is not the end of the world. Making mistakes is good for them!


How To Raise Happier Kids


So, how can you start to raise happier kids? Here are some pointers:


Take Control Of Your Own Happiness


Make sure you’re taking control of your own happiness. Be a role model for your kids. Work hard, take care of your body with good food and exercise, and have your own hobbies. Practice stress relief exercises and they’ll benefit more than you know.


Allow Kids To De-stress


Kids can get stressed too, so allow them to de-stress. Practice deep breathing and meditation together, and even let them play up to 60 minutes of a video game each day. Video games have proven benefits when played for 30 minutes to an hour. You could make this even more exciting by saying be the hero of your own adventure in Final Fantasy XV – they could become a hero of their own adventure in every day life this way, too.


Praise Their Effort


Praise kids for their effort, not for their achievements or intelligence all the time. They need to know that it’s effort that counts.


Teach Them To Be Optimistic


Teach kids to look on the bright side of life!


Make Sure They Are Living A Healthy Lifestyle


Get into happiness habits with your kids and ensure they are living a healthy lifestyle with nutritious food, plenty of sleep, and spending time outdoors.


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All moms wonder this: are my kids really happy? It's a curse of mom guilt! Here's how to know if you have happy kids!

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