The Ultimate Harry Potter Fan Gift Guide

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The ultimate Harry Potter fan gift guide for those magical Potter-heads in your life.


If you’ve never swished a wand in the air while muttering an incantation and had something magically comply…well, for one you’re not a true Harry Potter fan; But more specifically, you’ve never been to Harry Potter world at Universal Studios. (I still maintain their butterbeers are the most delicious buttery frozen beverage to ever grace this Earth–except for wine at the witching hour at my house. Pun intended, *snicker*.)

For those of you that are mere muggles (ie–NON-Harry Potter fans), you should be ashamed of yourself. Just kidding. In all seriousness, it can be very hard to find the perfect gifts. But if you’re buying for a Harry Potter fan, this Harry Potter fan gift guide should cover all your bases depending on the person you’re searching for!


harry potter fan gift guide


HP + Cooking


Got a Potter-head that also loves to cook/bake? Not only are there MANY a HP Cookbook to choose from, but there are also a good amount of cookie cutter sets that–quite honestly–could double as an awesome mini-pancake mold, too.


Wooden Spoons



Keeping Warm Harry Potter Style


Few things are more snuggly than good thick socks and a baby-fleece blanket with “Platform 9 3/4” all over it. Check out these options for warm HP socks or HP blankets!

I especially like this blanket that has sleeves and looks like a robe!:

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Got a Potter-head that lives for mischief?


Then anything with the Marauder’s Map will make their day! Seriously– map replica (the one below is super cool–the footprints appear and disappear!); socks; tees, blanket….





Hearts All Things HP. And Coffee.


These gifts are perfect for the fan that also can’t function without coffee first!

Defense Against the Dark Arts Espresso:


Color Morphing Mugs:


Or any one of these adorable/hilarious stirring spoons:

“Accio Coffee”


“Espresso Patronum”


“After all this time.” and “Always.”



The Feminine Fan


There are really a whole plethora of HP jewelry nowadays, so no Harry Potter fan gift guide would be complete without them. And most of them are made from cheaper metals. Regardless, here are some awesome options for rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings! (And I found several that are at minimum silver-plated!)



(See the whole assortment hereSee the whole assortment here)


Silver Plated HP Glasses Pendant


Silver Plated Deathly Hallows Charm


Sterling Silver + Gold-Plated Golden Snitch necklace


Multi-Pack of HP Charms/Necklace (not precious metal) 



(See the whole assortment here)


Lightening bolt ring


Deathly Hallows Ring


Owl Post ring



(See the whole assortment here)


Expecto Patronum Silver Bracelet


I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good Cuff Bracelet


Deathly Hallows Gold Tone Bracelet


Golden Snitch Bracelet



(See the whole assortment here)


Silver Plated Assortment

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I Solemnly Swear/Mischief Managed Earrings


Deathly Hallow Gold Earrings


Owl and Post Gold-Plated Earrings





The 21 + HP Fan


Polyjuice Potion Flask


I solemnly swear that I am up to no good–Flask


Accio Beer bottle opener


Obliviate shot glass


I Don’t Give a Slythersh*t wine glass tumbler-choose your color


Etched Pint Glasses


HP Wine glass charms



The Harry Potter Lovebirds


Handtowels: He’s a keeper, She’s a catch


Mug Set


His/Hers Bands


After All this Time/Always his/her bracelets



The HP Family/at Home


Alohomora key hooks


Golden snitch table lamp


Ministry of Magic toilet decal


In This House… sign


So there ya go! A Harry Potter fan gift guide that provides for many a different type of fan! Let me know if I missed a good one in the comments below!

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Got a Harry Potter fan that you don't know what to buy for? Here are over 44 ideas for clever, funny, and really the best, gifts for the true Harry Potter fan! Including couples, over 21, and family/home ideas! #harrypotter #giftguides #gifts

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