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5 Fantastic ways to include your significant other so that you can get healthier as a couple.

Guest post by Mianna Korben.


Do you tell yourself you’ll start working out on Monday? Or that you’ll have just one more bag of chips before you start eating healthy? If so, we’ve all been there, and we know how difficult it can be to break bad habits. This is why you should not do it alone, but team up with your partner and start sweating together. Whether you’re going to get a joint membership at the gym or start dieting together having someone to support you and go through the same struggle with you, will make the road to a healthier lifestyle much more fun.


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1.Go on outdoor dates


A five-course meal at a restaurant and a movie later definitely sound nice, but if you have those types of dates too often, your body won’t be very happy. So, think about skipping a few dinner dates, and enjoy the outdoors instead. A picnic at the park can be a great idea. Bring a ball or a Frisbee and stay active while also enjoying healthy food. Prepare fruit salad, bring some berries and Greek yogurt, and maybe some yummy veggies and even nuts to keep your daily fibre intake sufficient. Also, think about going for long walks in the evening, instead of laying in front of a TV with a big bag of chips.


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2. Eat healthy


Sometimes, giving up chocolate, your favorite salty snacks, and sugary drinks can be a pain in the neck, but it’s very good for you. However, doing it with someone else will make the process much easier, so start cutting back on those sodas and chocolate bars, and replace them with fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. Do your best to buy whole foods and fresh ingredients whenever you can, because the fresher the food is the more nutritious it is. Grapes, avocados, apples, and vegetables like carrots and cucumbers are a much better choice than any greasy snack or processed food. Cooking together can also be a great idea. It’ll allow you to spend more time together, and experiment in the kitchen while improving your cooking skills and preparing healthy food.


3. Workout together


They say that the couple that sweats together, stays together, so put on those running shoes and start breaking some sweat. One of the activities that will be great for your body and your health is riding a bicycle. Whether you decide to ride it around the city, or maybe go a bit extreme and go mountain biking, as long as you’re together, you’ll have a lot of fun. If you need a sturdy and reliable bike, Bicycles Online offers a variety of great bicycles that will provide you with an amazing ride on every road. If a gym is your go-to option, think about having a joint membership and save a lot of money aside from taking care of your fitness. Working out at home is another good idea, so consider having weekend training, or even take some time every evening to do a bit of cardio, stretching or even a more intense workout if you have enough space.

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4. Work on breaking bad habits together


If one or maybe both of you smoke, or maybe have some other bad habit, breaking it together as a couple will be a much better option than facing the problem alone. Therefore, talk about the issue that’s bothering you, and start working on it together. Analyze the problem, and let them know that you’re willing to go through it all with your partner because you care deeply about them. Remember to always stay positive, and include as much physical activity, healthy habits, and communication into the process, to make it as efficient as possible.  


5. Communicate openly


Keeping your mind healthy is as important as keeping your body fit and healthy. That’s why you should always speak your mind, but also listen to what your partner has to say. Don’t keep your emotions bottled up, because it can have negative effects on your mental and emotional health. Express yourself and try to work on all the problems together.

Sleeping problems, eating disorders, and depression are just some of the health issues you may end up with unless you speak openly with your partner about anything that’s been bothering you. So, meditating and doing yoga together will be a good way to spend time together and keep your mind calm as well. This will all increase your self-confidence and your energy levels, making you both look and feel better.


Final thoughts


Working on your physical, mental and emotional health is much easier if you’re not doing it alone. Breaking bad habits can be tedious, but if you’ have your partner to support you, everything will be much easier. Therefore, start your healthy lifestyle together with your partner, because a couple that takes care for their health together, stays together.


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