6 Sweet and Spooky + Surprisingly Savory Healthy Halloween Snacks —

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Your kids are begging to stuff their faces with candy for 4 straight weeks. You want a healthy alternative that’s just as fun as 18 new colors of candy corn. So strike up a candy compromise with some healthy Halloween snacks leading UP to the big night and days after that the candy actually survives the daily rabid parental raid. 😬

This is an awesome way to spend some quality time with the kiddos–creating fun healthy Halloween snacks that’ll hold off the sugar coma a little longer! Hey, you may even want to add this to your Fall Bucket List next year!

So here are 3 spookily sweet and 3 surprisingly savory Halloween treats to help hold off on truck loads of candy at least a little longer!


healthy halloween snacks




Banana Ghosts

Ingredients: You need bananas and mini chocolate chips

1.Cut bananas to desired height

2. Push in mini chocolate chips for eyes and mouth

3. Assemble on plates, then enjoy!


banana ghosts healthy halloween treats snacks

Bonus–dip banana ghosts in yogurt or coconut flakes for extra flavor!


Strawberry Ghosts


strawberries, cereal, chocolate chips in bowls in a kitchen

Ingredients: Strawberries (medium to large size), white chocolate melts, mini chocolate chips, cheerios



1.Melt white chocolate melts until like liquid

2. Dip each strawberry in white chocolate and then turn upside down on plate to cool

3. Push chocolate chips in for eyes, and a cheerio for the mouth before the white chocolate cools too much

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4. Put in fridge to firm up white chocolate


Spooky Cutout PB + J Sandwiches


halloween sandwiches on white plate

bread, jelly, peanut butter, halloween cookie cutters


Ingredients: Whole grain white bread, cookie cutters (I found these at Hobby Lobby and can’t locate the same brand on Amazon, but I’ll keep looking), strawberry jelly or spread, peanut/almond/nut butter



1.Use the cookie cutter to cut out the shapes of the skeleton head on 2 pieces of bread

2. Flip the cutter over and use the other side, lined up on the bread, to cut out the eyes and mouth pieces on only once piece of bread

3. On the piece you didn’t cut eyes out of, spread your peanut/almond/nut/seed butter and then spread the strawberry jelly on top of that

4. Place the piece on top with the eyes cut out


And then marvel at your yummy, but creepy, creations!




Spider Crackers



Ingredients: Round crackers (we used gluten free ranch flavored), square sliced cheese (we used Colby jack), pretzel sticks (again–gluten free), cream cheese, black olives that are sliced (or slice your own)

Tools: cutting board, round cookie cutter about the same size as your cracker, serrated knife

1.Cut circles out of cheese slices (as many as you need–1 or more per spider)

2. Spread a dallop of cream cheese on bottom of cheese circle to stick to cracker, then stick them together

3. Spread another dallop of cream cheese on top of cheese circle

4. Cut pretzel sticks in half to have 8 ‘legs’, then place them around the top of the crack and cheese so that the ends of the legs are stuck in the cream cheese (it’ll hold them in place

5. Put another dallop of cream cheese on one side of another cracker, and place that cracker–cream cheese down–on top of the spiders legs, and gently push it down so they’re all stuck together

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6. Use cream cheese on one side of each of 2 black olive slices to stick the olives to the top of the top cracker for the spider’s eyes


making a cracker spider halloween healthy snack


Candy Corn Pizza


girl kid eating slice of pizza



Ingredients: Pre-made pizza crust (or make your own dough–we did because we needed gluten free), tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella, shredded orange cheddar, shredded mixed cheese (like a Mexican blend so when it melts it comes out more yellow



1.Spread sauce lightly on your pizza dough

2. Spread the mixed cheese in a ring around the outside of the dough

3. Spread the orange cheddar in a ring, touching the mixed cheese but leaving a circle in the middle

4. Spread the mozzarella in a circle in the middle of the pizza dough (the general pattern will look like a target)

5. Bake as directed from your dough package or recipe



6. Slice into pie-shaped wedges


cheese pizza and sauce


Marvel at your pizza that actually looks like candy corn! (SUPER easy dinner idea, you guys!)


Eyeball Tomato Soup


eyeball tomato soup halloween


olives, mozzarella, tomato sauce


Ingredients: Tomato soup (plain or with herbs that float around), mozzarella balls (the super tiny kind–sometimes have to look in the fancy deli/cheese section at the grocery store), green olives that are sliced (or slice your own)



1.Place one sliced olive per mozzarella ‘eyeball’–stack them and try to push together to make them stick

2. Gently place in hot tomato soup

3. Serve!


eyeball tomato soup halloween



Bonus: This eyeball soup is especially good with crackers to dip, OR–pair with the candy corn pizza and dip your pizza in!

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