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Whenever new parents have their very first baby, they often worry about their little one and fret that any sniffle and runny nose is a sign of an underlying health condition. But once they get used to their new family life and looking after a baby, they start to become a lot more comfortable when it comes to caring for their child’s health. By the time a baby has grown into a toddler, some parents take their child’s health for granted.


It’s important that you encourage some healthy lifestyle choices with toddlers, though, as they are a lot more aware of the world and will start to pick up some of your own habits. So, your own healthy choices will promote a healthy lifestyle with your toddler. Here are some tips that will ensure your toddler is healthy and happy.


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Encourage Healthy Eating


One of the best ways to ensure a healthy lifestyle for your toddler is to make sure that they follow a healthy diet. They should have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis so that they get all of the vitamins and minerals that their body needs. As well as all these healthy nutrients, they need plenty of protein so that they can grow up big and strong. Carbohydrates are also an essential part of a healthy diet as they will provide them with plenty of energy.


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Get Into Good Routines


Very young children thrive when in good routines. So, it’s worth trying to establish a few different routines into your day to day schedule. One of the most important ones is a bedtime routine. You need to spend an hour or so helping them relax to get their mind and body ready for sleep. A good morning routine will ensure you are never late for playgroup and you will find that routines around mealtime will prevent your child growing up as a fussy eater.


Seek Medical Help When In Doubt


Parents have a bit of a reputation for panicking whenever they think their toddler is ill. But this shouldn’t be something that worries you. In fact, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So, make sure you know where your nearest facility to visit after hour pediatrics services. That way, you can get the right medical attention for your child no matter what time they need it.


Promote Physical Activity


It’s also essential that your toddler gets plenty of physical activity so that they benefit from plenty of exercise. This will ensure that they maintain a healthy weight and grow up nice and fit. The exercise doesn’t have to be too strenuous – simply running around and playing in the garden should be sufficient.


Offer Plenty of Water


Make sure that your toddler doesn’t drink too many fizzy and sugary drinks. These can cause tooth decay and will also increase the risk of them gaining excess weight. Ideally, they will need four to five glasses of water each day to stay fully hydrated.


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Remember that a healthy toddler is a happy toddler!


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