Planning for Unexpected Home Disasters

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4 unexpected home disasters, and how to plan for them.

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There comes a time in home ownership where things will go wrong that you haven’t expected or planned for. It might be that you’ve taken out repairs on something but the job wasn’t good enough. It could be bad weather that causes unforeseen damage, someone taking advantage and destroying your home, a fire, a water leak, anything. The thing is, we have no idea when disaster will strike in our home. So I thought I would share some common scenarios with you and a few tips on planning for unexpected home disasters.


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Issues with ongoing repairs


One of the first things you may find that you have to deal with is issues with ongoing repairs. Maybe you had something that needed to be fixed already, such as a roof after damage had been caused. You organised for it to be fixed and then it became apparent that it wasn’t fixed as well as it should have been. This is when you may need to think about a how to correctly file a roof replacement insurance claim to ensure you get some compensation and that the job can finally be done correctly. A damaged roof can cause other issues in your home. It might have been other things such as damaged walls, problems with heating systems, etc. But if they are not fixed right first time you don’t need to accept what has happened.


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Bad weather causing damage


There is also the possibility of the damage occurring in the first place and this can be quite an issue to overcome. Bad weather especially can be a huge problem to your home. A lot of rainfall, storms, even more horrendous natural disasters like tornadoes or hurricanes can all cause severe damage to our homes and cause us to need emergency repairs to put them right. Weather disasters can also strike when we are not expecting it, or with very little warning to try and protect our homes as best we can. If you live in an area that is prone to certain types of weather it may be advisable to invest in some sort of weather proofing as an added extra measure.




It can be quite devastating to come home to find that someone else has been in it, damaged the place and stolen some of your loved belongings. It really isn’t a nice experience to ever have to go through. Damage can be caused to all aspects of your home including doors, windows being smashed, and damage to the inside. While you can never predict this disaster striking, you can do what you can to better secure your home. That might be a new alarm system, fitted security cameras and ensuring that the boundaries and gates are in good condition.


Pests taking over your home


Finally, pests can be a real pain if not dealt with quickly. Rats, mice, cockroaches and termites, to name a few, can take over your home and can even cause damage. If you think there is an infestation in your home, act fast. The sooner you get professionals to handle it, the better. They will then seal up any entry point to help avoid it happening again.


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I hope that these tips help you overcome issues if disaster strikes in your home.



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