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3 reasons for your home not selling as quickly as you think it should.

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When you have a family and you are attempting to make a move, you want it to be as quick and painless as possible. It’s important to do this to ensure that your children don’t have to suffer from stress and anxiety when moving. Ultimately, you need to make sure that they are settled into the new location rapidly, find a school and make new friends. This can be tricky when your home isn’t selling because it can leave you in a state of limbo for months.


For instance, you might be moving due to career reasons. This could lead to a long commute to your old home until that’s sold and frees up some money to buy property closer to your new work. You might be starting to see the issues here. That’s why it’s important to address why your family home won’t sell and what can be done to fix this issue.


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No Curb Appeal


It could be a simple matter of your house not being particularly attractive. Do looks matter? You’ll find they certainly come into play when you’re trying to sell a property. Young couples are often the main buyers of family homes and they have a very specific idea of the type of property they want to buy. They’re looking for a home with the beautiful stepping stones leading up to the front door or the perfectly painted garden fence.


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So, what do you do if you have an ugly home? Well, the good news is that there are plenty of companies interested in buying an ugly house and that means that you can quickly get cash for your sale. Alternatively, you can work to improve the curb appeal, adding some color and unique features to ensure that it starts to look a little brighter or more beautiful.


A Mess More Than They Can Bare


Alternatively, you might not have cleaned up your home. Cleaning up a home before a sale is always recommended. People who fail to do this are typically under the impression that buyers are simply interested in the area and space a property can provide. This isn’t true and buyers will often see a messy home as a sign it hasn’t been properly cared for or looked after. If that’s the case, then you do need to work on giving it a good spring clean. Clear out the clutter and this will also add to the perception that your home is large, perfect for a growing family.


An Issue With The Neighborhood


Finally, it’s possible that you’re moving because of an issue with your street or neighbors. We’re not all blessed with friendly, warm, neighbors. It’s no surprise then that buyers won’t be interested in a home where they can look forward to confrontations with the people living next door. That’s why it’s worth trying to get your neighbors on your side before you sell. Wine them, dine them, send them gifts and just ask politely whether they would mind warmly greeting anyone who comes to view your property. If buyers love your neighbors, they’ll be far more likely to make an offer.

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Trying to sell your home with no luck? Check out these 3 reasons for your home not selling and tips to help improve your odds.