8 Household Chores to Put on Autopilot to Save 14 Hours a Week

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As a crazy busy mom, part of our Self Care has to include things like time savers to keep our sanity intact. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve wasted in my life on things that can now–thanks to technology–be done with an app or on a website. Here are my top 8 household chores on autopilot to save you loads of time each week and month!

save 14 hours a week when you put these household chores on autopilot

1.Meal Planning


Oh…the dreaded mealtime conundrum. Listen, I’ve been through every type of meal planning you can think of. And one thing I’ve learned is that when you find a system that works–stick with it! The most important of the household chores on autopilot is dinners for us. That’s why on a normal basis I now use Real Plans for my dinners. It accommodates for all our food allergies–which I can change anytime in my account–and then gives me an organized shopping list. It also allows for specific dietary types–so no thinking about whether or not that recipe that looks amazing on Pinterest is Paleo or not. Just use the Paleo option in your settings.

Or, if you’re not into even dealing with the meal planning part, opt instead of meal delivery services like Home Chef. All the ingredients are delivered with the recipes ready for you to cook on a weekly basis (or however you set it up in your account!)


2.Grocery Shopping


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aw, girl! The best thing since sliced bread really is here, and it’s CURB-SIDE Pickup!!! Yes–some stores do charge around $5 for this, but I can tell you, it saves me a minimum of an hour and a half by using this service! And money, too! Have you heard how you save money by meal planning and then buying only from your list? Yeah, well, I still end up grabbing tons of things that weren’t on the list. With curbside pickup, you get what you ordered. Period. This method of household chores on autopilot still involves driving to the store–but you don’t actually have to roam the aisles.

If you’re using a meal planning service, like Real Plans, just use their shopping list to order your items.

3. Ordering staples


Dear God, if I could vocalize how much I used to haaaaaaate buying ginormous boxes of diapers and TP and…well, any basic household paper goods, etc. No more, I tell ya! I did really love ordering from Amazon for this type of thing, but Target’s subscription service has proven to be more valuable to me since you can order the Target brand paper goods (cheaper), and also–it’s guaranteed to be in stock and the same price! (Which is the problem I frequently run into with Amazon.)


4. House cleaning


I used to think that Moms with a home cleaning service were uppity and maybe a bit lazy. That was before I had kids. Obviously. I now forego a few eating out trips a month to be able to afford a house cleaner every two weeks. She texts me to confirm the day before, shows up, and cleans like clockwork!

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5. Touch up cleanings


These are cleanings in between the cleaning service. Especially during the summer, my kids track in so much grass and dirt it’s ridiculous. Plus bathrooms get pretty grimy in between. So I do one of two things:

1-Use the Roomba (this thing can be set to automatically vacuum on specific days/times, or I just place it in the room that needs cleaning)

2-Hire a kid to do it. Because they’re now relegated to buying their own useless toys if they want them. So they always ask for money. And I always ask for cleaning. It’s a win-win. (As long as they clean it worth a darn.) Because they’re learning 2 life-skills (money management/saving through work + how to clean whatever they’re cleaning)!


6. Laundry


If you’re not one for laundry service, you might try paying a little extra for your cleaning service to do a few loads of laundry while they’re there. Otherwise, I enlist my kids to help with laundry (they don’t get paid for this–this is a required chore.)

And the loads I still do myself, I use the tech that comes with the washer/dryer to my advantage: Washer has a timer up to 13 hours, so I can set a load at night to go off first thing in the morning!

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7. Gifts


If you regularly give standard gifts like gift cards or flowers, check out services that just import your birthdays, holidays, and addresses and do it for you. If you’d still like to manage it, seriously, just use Amazon and have it shipped!! They’ll even gift-wrap it, include a message, and eliminate the receipt!

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8. Subscription boxes


I already mentioned the food box subscription, but there are LOADS of subscription boxes available for everything under the sun these days. I’ll do a recommendation post listing as many as I can one of these days. But for now, know that you can order your date nights in a box, self care, even activities to keep kids busy (and they’re educational!)


What household chores on autopilot do you have to save time?


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My life now has at least 14 extra hours per week thanks to these household chores that I put on autopilot! Whether you have a schedule, list, worksheet, or chart for all your chores, these tips will help you get your house cleaning done in waaaay less time! #cleaning #organized #productive


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