3 Ways to Increase Child Confidence

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One of the most important things you can do for a child, other than keeping them nourished, protected and educated, is to help increase child confidence. Not enough children are afforded this. Mostly, they are expected to figure it out by themselves. You may have had a similar childhood. However, as a parent, it really does benefit us to help train our little ones into who they’ll be in the future through life lessons and caring processes that help them prepare for adulthood, but also lose nothing of their childhood.


They might watch horror movies as they move into adulthood. But you wouldn’t show them those when they’re still kids in order to illustrate how to be strong in the face of fear. Instead,  you’d show them that the monsters in their closet aren’t real. And even if they were, they would be stronger than them. There is always a better method of parenting, especially when it comes to trying to increase child confidence. But what are they? Consider our three tips for a potential answer:


increase child confidence




A child’s bedroom is their own personal space to gather their thinks, to retire at night, and to relax and feel their most imaginative self. This means that when they come of age, perhaps around the ages of eight, nine or ten, you should ask them to tidy and clean their bedroom (under your supervision of course.) They might not have to grapple with a vacuum, or to use dusting polish, but asking them to organize their toys, or keep their bed made, or many other small considerations like this can help them feel a sense of autonomy and agency over their bedroom, which only helps increase child confidence. It will also helps them feel more connected to their bedroom than ever, and that can never hurt.

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A little challenge here or there can be very rewarding for a child. Taking them to a new hobby class to help them socialize might feel scary for them at first. But as they begin to socialize and realize there’s nothing to worry about, they’ll often enjoy the process deeply. You might decide to help them with their spelling at home, or perhaps ask them a slightly harder math question from the grade above to help them get the cogs churning when it comes to home-time. A little challenge never hurt a child, be that academically, physically or socially. And instead it could help them test their limits, and teach you where they are.




An allowance can help a child feel respected, and can help them begin to learn the slow stages of money matters from week to week. This sense of financial appreciation and good habits in saving built early can help them develop healthier monetary perspectives later on, especially when fused with a bank account for kids and a personal means of tracking their savings. A good piggy bank is always worthwhile, too.


With these three methods to increase your child’s confidence, they’re sure to blossom well.


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