How to Tell Your Kids Learning Style So They Can Learn Faster

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As parents, we obviously want our children to succeed. We want them to grow up much smarter and more responsible than us, and if they do, we know we’ve done the job just right! But learning can be hard, and sometimes we receive absolutely no support for the kids learning style we have, especially when we’re young.

Learning is something everyone does in their own time and in their own way – there’s no benefit of trying to force one of your kids into a setting that they just won’t thrive in! But to make sure they have the best schooling years possible, you’re going to need to find out the best ways your kids learn.

Trust me, my undergrad is in Elementary Education. And in the years I’ve taught, plus my experience with my own kids, I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter how many times you write something on a whiteboard; if the child isn’t being presented and stimulated with ‘their style’ of learning, you’re wasting your dry-erase pens.

Children learn in all sorts of ways. So the first step is to find out how your child retains information and encourage it! 


how to tell your kids learning style so they can learn faster


Is Your Child a Visual Learner?


Being a visual learner means you like to see what’s going on, and you like having something to watch or simply look at as you do it. Reading may not be so effective for you, and neither is just listening to someone give a lecture or talk on a subject. And seeing as children are quite often fidgety, and have imaginations the size of the universe itself, there’s a good chance your child is a visual learner.

And thankfully, the use of computers and TVs more than ever means there’s more visual learners than others out there! Considering educational authorities like to put their courses on the internet with online portals for anything from supply chain management online programs to hobby courses, it’s clear this is an easily encouraged method of learning.

We personally have used (not an affiliate, just loved it!) and the Epic! books app. {Read here about why I love Epic! so much, and why it’s called the Netflix of kids reading apps!}


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Is Your Child a Kinesthetic Learner?


Kids with learning difficulties especially will be in this group. If you have a dyslexia or an ADHD diagnosis in your family, make sure you’re working with this rather than against it. There’s no point in trying to get your child to sit down and focus; their brains literally will not allow them to, so why not let them move around as they learn? It’ll help get some of the energy out at least.

But if your child is an kinesthetic learner, make sure you fit in plenty of day trips and quite a few physical activities for them to get stuck into. Learning by doing is something most adults tend to place stock in, so it won’t be too much of a shift for you to implement at home or ask for within your child’s school.

Basically keep in mind any way you can bring in the touch sense to a lesson.


Is Your Child an Auditory Learner?


Do your kids pay attention to sound better than what’s in front of them? This type of learner will prefer music and lectures to learn best. Sometimes you can even incorporate different sounds to add ‘texture’ to visual presentations.

This type of learner also does really well with reading apps, so you may want to invest in an Audible account!


Is Your Child a Verbal Learner?


Verbal learners are what some teachers call the ‘talkers of the class.’ But the good news is that as long as you allow presentations or answering questions, you’re checking the boxes off on this one.

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My kiddo with ADHD (unmedicated at the moment–on purpose), has trouble with math. But one day her teacher told me they had a breakthrough. It was when she talked through the math problem as she did it! Like magic!

It’s probably not feasible to have a noise proof room for them to make racket in (ie. sing or talk to themselves), but sometimes even putting them outside the classroom for a few minutes to talk out their lessons helps. (Or in another room if you home school.)

Just keep in mind that other kids can actually be sensitive to sounds (believe me, we have one of those…) So if they can still be heard, maybe invest in some sound-proof headphones for the sensitive kid.


Other styles of Learning


There are 3 other types of kids learning style mentioned in educational programs. But they’re not related, per se, to sensory learning like the previous 4:

 * Solitary learners do better when they don’t have pressures of working on a team or with another person. They like to be alone, and do much better that way.

 *Social learners are probably destined to be the social butterfly of whatever group they’re in. They like to communicate, and work extremely well with within a group setting or with a partner.

 *Logical learners use logic and reason to work out their problems, and they usually are really good with patterns.


Bottom line is that if you know how your kids like to learn, you’ve got the best ammunition on your side for encouraging them to do well in school. As long as they’re comfortable with the way they absorb content, and they’re never feeling bad about dragging behind their peers, you’re doing a great job!


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