How to Get Your Kids Back on a Sleep Schedule

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Tips and Tricks to Get Your Kids Sleep Schedule Back on Track.


My kids sleep schedule isn’t just on a to-do list.

It’s a necessity.

Sleep is soooo crazy important for us busy Mamas, of course, but did you know how important it is to those little precious monsters you birthed? Aw, Girl–So. Important.

When kids sleep, it helps them grow, it lets their brains rest and reset, and it promotes the development that’s in overdrive for those little monkeys. That’s why a kids sleep schedule is just that much more important.


How to get your kids sleep schedule back on track + free printable kids sleep log


So what’s the best way to just bite the bullet and get your kids sleep schedule back on track? Well, since every kid is different, we’ve tried a few different tactics. But here are the basics:


A Few Minutes at a Time


My very first recommendation is to move bedtimes a few minutes at a time every night until you get to the right place. Kids can usually handle those little time changes no problem. And in case they’re not moving with you at that rate, move it a few minutes back or forward, keep that time for a couple days, then move again until you get to the correct bed time.


A Little Supplemental Help


We’ve had luck using the kid-doses of melatonin when needed (and don’t do this just because I’m suggesting it–talk to your doc before giving your kid any supplements or meds.) It gives just a teeny amount of sleepy to get kids ready for bed if their internal clocks still aren’t adjusting. The smallest dose I’ve found is 3mg, and you can actually find it in the quick-dissolve tablets.

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Make Sure Your Kids Bed Time Routine is Solid


A good kids sleep schedule usually is preceded by a bedtime routine. You probably started this when your kids were babies, and many people just continue these even when kids are older. It’s a really good idea to keep doing it, though. Because even as adults we need a wind-down routine to get more calmed and settled before bed. Keep at the routine, but add in a few extra things if it feels like the change in time is still messing with them.


Get Rid of the Blue Lights


This is really recommended whether or not you’re trying to readjust your kids sleep schedule. Blue lights in screens has been shown to interfere with the natural circadian rhythm, thereby altering sleep. For the worse, that is. The blue lights are in tablets, phones, computer monitors, and even tv screens. So make sure you’re cutting off electronics at dinnertime to help with that. If you have a kid that’s got to do homework after dinner regularly, maybe think about investing in glasses that block blue lights.


Plan for Sleep Cycles


Something I hadn’t considered regarding bedtimes came about when I started studying my own sleep habits.

About two years ago I noticed that I was waking up at crazy hours and couldn’t go back to sleep. I also had trouble falling asleep (which has NEVER in my life happened. Ask my husband, it makes him super annoyed that I can fall asleep in five minutes flat.) One tool I used  was my Fitbit and the app to track my sleep. I also did some digging on sleep cycles, because there are a few apps that claim they can wake you at optimal times before your alarm goes off so you don’t feel groggy.

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What I found is that each full sleep cycle is about an hour and a half. And that the average person needs 5-6 sleep cycles a night to be fully rested and at their best. I’m still not certain why teens seem to need like 12 sleep cycles a day. But I suspect it has something to do with the secret screen times that happen from their hidden (unbeknownst-to-parents) devices till all hours of the night. (And don’t think your kid’s not doing it!! Our seemingly innocent and well-behaved teen was caught doing this with an old iphone that she found–those things still can use wi-fi even if they’re not active with phone service!) Anyhoo– 5-6 sleep cycles a night.

The older a child gets, the less sleep cycles they may need. My kids were always good sleepers as babies and would actually do 12-hour nights. The older they got, the shorter the time in bed. Our 9 year old (who always slept longer than the younger two) can still go 12 hours. But the 8 and 4 year old do maybe 9-10 max. The point is that all kids are different, just like all of us adults are different.

What I have found helpful is this site that has a sleep calculator. It factors in time it takes to go to sleep plus times for sleep cycles to find the best bedtime for your kid. Go HERE to check it out. What we do, and I recommend, is to also keep a log of bedtimes and how your kid feels in the morning with that amount of sleep.

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You can get the printable log page to print out as many copies as you need for FREE. Just click the image below to get it!


Quit wondering how many hours of sleep for kids you need, or how to get them back on a sleep schedule. This sleep schedule log has tips and ideas will walk you through bedtime and night routines for you awesome Moms! #sleep #kids #bed



What strategies have you used to get back into the sleep schedule for school? Do you have any tips or tricks to share? Let me know in the comments!


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If summer, or the holidays, or the time change, or even being sick have left your kids' sleep schedule completely out of sync, these tips will help them get back to their night time bed time! + get your FREE kids sleep log and find out how many hours sleep they REALLY need! #kids #sleep #backtoschool #school #schooltime



  • Nicole Anderson | Camping for Women

    July 31, 2017 at 10:43 pm Reply
    Agree that it can be a challenge to adjust new bedtimes when school commences. It's a good idea to do this in the way you suggest - a few minutes earlier each night, progressively as you head toward school start date as you suggest - rather than an earlier bedtime right on the night before which some parents do. Good info and tips and nice touch with the kids sleep schedule log. Thanks.
    • Laura

      August 2, 2017 at 8:05 am Reply
      Thanks so much, Nicole! Honestly, I've found it's more trouble than it's worth to try the 'cold turkey' schedule thing--I'll just end up super irritated because they're not tired and will be up 75 times to go to the bathroom, get some water, etc.... Just a few minutes at a time really seems to make a big difference for us! Thanks so much for stopping by!
  • Minakshi bajpai

    July 31, 2017 at 11:49 pm Reply
    After vacations its always a problem for kids to go back to their normal routine of sleep. And moms also do many tactics with kids for sleeping on time. Your article is quite informative regarding this issue.
    • Laura

      August 2, 2017 at 8:03 am Reply
      Yes, ours have the same issue after vacation as well. The excitement of it all keeps them from sleeping well, which is unfortunate because then they tend to act out more. Hopefully this can help with that issue, too! Thanks so much for stopping by!
  • Bethany | Biracial Bookworms

    August 1, 2017 at 5:02 pm Reply
    My poor rising first grader.. she has had less than stellar routines as we have tried to get her 5 month old sister in a sleeping routine.. so much easier with only one!:)
    • Laura

      August 2, 2017 at 8:02 am Reply
      Oh, I remember those days, lol! Yes, it is easier with only one--and it does get easier the older they get for sure! Keep at it, you'll get there! ;)
  • Lana

    August 1, 2017 at 9:40 pm Reply
    My daughter has no problem with her schedule as I am outing her on bed everyday at the same time since shes was 4 months old. If something happen to let her super excited and avoiding sleep I also, give her chamomile tea to help her to relax. She loves it!
    • Laura

      August 2, 2017 at 8:01 am Reply
      Ooh, that's a good option, too! My kids will occasionally drink that as well!
  • Maria H.

    August 3, 2017 at 6:16 pm Reply
    Sleep schedule is such a tricky thing, with the way your child works, to the things happening it can always make sleeping a bit of a struggle. With summer here, bed time is a bit later--which means, wake-up is later. I was supposed to have started August with sleeping early, since my eldest returns to school this september, and I usually have to tow the two younger ones with me. It's definitely a struggle, but you're right with doing it earlier and earlier until you find one that suit the child. Now if I can figure that out for all three, without considering the time expectations from studies on when they should sleep. LOL Maria |
    • Laura

      August 8, 2017 at 1:17 pm Reply
      Isn't that the worst--trying to get them all on the same schedule?? lol! Good luck, school's right around the corner!!

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