Ready to improve your life in every area--holistically--

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The Design the Life You Love planner is a creative, emotion-centered framework

 to help you recognize life lessons from the past while mapping out the future

 to a life you absolutely love living.

Ditch basic goal setting templates.

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So...why THE DESIGN THE LIFE YOU LOVE Planner instead of my regular annual goal setting session?

Hi, I'm Laura!

I'm a mom, business owner, and serial planning addict, and I've helped hundreds of other women take a deep dive into regular ole' goal planning so that they can work through their ish and finally have the tools and motivation to make their dream life happen.

And I created the Design the Life You Love Planner to finally get all the details of planning a life you love wrapped up into an organized, easy to use planner that was versatile enough to embrace + take a deep dive into all the emotional aspects of goal planning while still covering the less glamorous part that includes all the details + scheduling.

The Design the Life You Love Planner walks you through the steps of designing your dream life in a way you've never done before.

Traditional goal setting doesn't take your past into account, it doesn't allow you to take a deep dive into your emotional baggage, and it certainly doesn't guide you through flipping your script to use that baggage as opportunities to succeed from now on. 

"what does the Design the life you love Planner include?"

Inside this planner, you'll find:

⭐ 3 different versions of the Life Wheel to customize it to YOUR life

⭐ Your initial life design session that follows the ROPE Method of life design

⭐ Weekly Check-In

⭐ Monthly Review

⭐ Quarterly Review

⭐Annual Review + Reset

⭐Goal Setting Matrix

⭐Habit Tracker

⭐Fears + Obstacles Worksheets

⭐ Progress Trackers for Your Goal Sessions

⭐Progress Trackers for Your Goals

...Completely printable PDF files that can be reproduced as many times as needed and organized as needed to make this an easy, eye-opening, and awakening step by step process for you!

Grab the Design the life you love Planner today! ...


 Now only $27!!

Lock in this low price today! The price will be going up soon!



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Only $27!

Grab it at this low price today! The price will be going up soon!

What others are saying about the DESIGN THE LIFE YOU LOVE Planner:

Ellen, digital media attorney -->

"This planner is SO much better than what I always thought goal setting was. I've never even considered how my past was affecting my present and future. Now I've got a template for designing a future I'll love by thinking through my past."

"I absolutely love having all the reviews! I'm 100% certain this is where I've been getting hung up on my goals in the past. Never re-thinking where I got stuck, and never coming up with a plan B. Now I've got these fun and pretty reviews to check myself weekly, monthly, quarterly, and then do a whole reset at the end of the year. Never going back to boring old goal setting from the past again!"

<-- Janeanne, digital beauty consultant + blogger

Brianne, equine trainer -->

"I'll definitely never do goal planning the same way again. So glad I purchased this planner. Not only am I mapping out my future by learning from my past, but I'm working through the fears my mind has created from years of guilt of mistakes, and tracking every bit of progress. That lights my heart on fire!"

"As someone who sits and sets goals every single year, I've gotta say-- I can't believe I never thought to set goals for myself and my life in this way. Like I know things from my past affect everything, but I didn't want to face some of those things. This planner helps you do that for the sole purpose of making yourself better. Truly designing a life you love living because you're not letting the past mistakes and lessons go to waste."

<-- Naomi, travel agent

FAQ's about the Live the Life You Love Planner:

Do I get updates on the Planner?

Absolutely! Any time an update happens, you'll have full access to additions to the planner, or redesigned pages.

Can I print this out over and over?

Yes, please do! The Planner is designed for your initial life design session + reviews throughout the year. But it was created with the understanding that not everyone will do reviews at the same time, sometimes we need to scrap something and just start over (cause we like things to look pretty, right?) and why make duplicates of digitals when you can simply print out the quantity you need. Assemble it to make it perfect for YOU! 😍

Does this follow the ROPE METHOD?

This planner follows the ROPE METHOD framework, but is more like a super-charged add-on. The ROPE METHOD is the entire methodology for designing a life you love, kinda like having a guide for deeper explanation and exploration for each separate step along the way.

The Design the Life You Love Planner is an awesome compliment to it, and I do recommend purchasing them together because the Planner also includes reviews for the rest of your year, as well as several options for Life Wheels. (Neither are dependent on each other, though!)

If you'd like to purchase them as a package, you can get a discounted rate

right here --> the ROPE METHOD BUNDLE

Grab the Design the Life You Love Planner today!


Now only $27!

Grab it at this low price today! The price will be going up soon!

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