My 7 Cheap + Favorite Home Workout Equipment Options

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My most favorite 7 pieces of low cost home workout equipment, how I use them, and why I love them.


7 most favorite + low cost home workout equipment


In all honesty, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t work out. I mean, from the time I was a teen until now, I’ve always known that keeping active was a really important way to stay toned and strong and healthy. But also to keep extra weight off.

Admittedly that’s way harder once you have kids. But the bottom line is to stay moving for your health, whether it’s walking, cardio, or strength training. That’s what True Self Care is about–keeping your health strong so you can run your household well. And be a great wife and mom. Which can be time consuming. That’s why I love these 7 pieces of low cost home workout equipment. They’re cheap, easy, and stay right here at home sweet home.

Which is where I tend to enjoy working out the most!


My 7 most favorite low cost home workout equipment



Until about 8 months ago I was scared of these things. I seem to remember seeing cross-fitters slinging these things around with determined fury on their faces while they dripped with sweat. And all I could imagine was an impending head trauma if their sweaty palms caused it to go flying across the room.

They’re actually pretty awesome, though. Kettlebells give you the extra weight that you need when doing a ton of squats and other work on your legs and butt to help build muscle. Plus if you can keep a grip on them, the swinging exercises are actually kinda fun.

One other way I use them is adding extra weight if I’m doing bridges or anything else standing to help stabilize and work my core more.

There are options for these where you can add and subtract weights, but those can get pretty pricey. I actually went into the store and picked up the kettlebells to see what weight felt comfortable for me. But if you’d rather order online, Amazon has some fantastic options for kettlebellsย that come as a set of different weights.

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Schedule in a trip to Walmart or Target or sporting goods store and see which weight you should start with. You want easy enough to lift (obviously) but with a bit of a challenge. Then check pricing and purchase! Heck, get the next heavier weight one if you’re feeling super ambitious!


2.Free Weights


Ok, yeah, these are teeny little free-weights. BUT–I use them for extra core stabilization, etc when doing standing arm work. I’m telling you, you don’t need a ton of weight for doing that kinda work! A friend of ours got a Pelaton bike and said it comes with tiny ones like that, and he scoffed at it. Until he used them and thought he was gonna die. And this is a big dude.

I originally used free weights back in the day when I did Cindy Crawford workouts at home. (Dear God, how old am I?) Anyway, even the smaller ones help with endurance when you’re doing a lot of reps, and are a really good place to start for low cost at home workout equipment.


Check out small free weights online or while you’re checking out kettlebells. See what feels comfortable and get yours! (And if your budget allows, maybe get the set that includes several weights and the stand, or even the option where you can add and subtract weights.)


3.Mini Foam Roller


TBH, I actually found this little gem at Target. In the dollar spot. So no doubt you’ll never be able to find one again so cheap. However, they do have mini foam rollers at Amazon as well.

These things are used for deep tissue massage. Many people are using at least one day a week now as their rest/recoop day, and this is one of the things recommended to do. Roll out your soreness. I’m not gonna lie–if you’re really sore, you may consider this thing Level 10 torture. But even when I’m not sore, I still roll my muscles on it because it feels sooooo good!


Check out rollers online or in the store, and find your fave color and size. Then check out Youtube for instructions on using it! There are really a million different ways to roll the soreness or stiffness out!


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4.Mini Loop Resistance Bands


These little cuties will usually come in an assortment of colors to help you tell which is which. Each color means a different thickness of the band. The thicker the band, the more resistance it’ll give you.

My favorite thing to use these for is doing lunges. You just put one around your thighs and do lunges–it’ll make you work twice as hard!

There are a lot of other workouts available online to show you how to use them for working all other muscle groups. But if we’re traveling, this is absolutely what I pack because they’re literally flat. They’re honestly the most travel-friendly of the low cost home workout equipment.


Make a list of exercises you can do using resistance bands, and order your set! Make sure to put a copy of the list inside the bands storage bag. Then when you travel, it’s right there! When you’re not traveling, keep these close to the TV–great way to get in strength while you binge your fave shows!


5.Ab Roller


I really don’t know any other exercise that’s so hard for me to do than use this working all other muscle groups. Basically you get on your knees and grab the handles, and slowly roll it forward to get as close as you can to your chest and stomach touching the floor. Without falling on your face, that is.

Then stop, and pull back up to the knee-sitting position.

Then repeat until your abs are gonna fall off.


This one I definitely recommend to try before you buy. Or buy on Amazon Prime w/the free returns option. That way you can send back if this is a ‘no-go’ for you. Before you give up, though, I want to give a gentle reminder that if it was easy everyone would do it! You have to start somewhere, and this thing is crazy good for rebuilding that core after babies have stretched it to kingdom come and back. *Check with your doc if you have diastis recti first, though!


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6.Yoga Mat


I know this one looks obvious, and yes-I do actually do yoga with it. But I also do workouts on the Tone It Up app, and they use a yoga mat a lot of times as a thin cover to sit on if you’re outside. They also use it to sort of delineate a space to work in on certain exercises. So it serves several purposes.

I haven’t owned a lot of yoga mats, so I can’t recommend a certain brand based on quality. And anyway, I’d probably just choose whatever color I liked best anyhow. ๐Ÿ™‚


This one’s easy: Just pick a color you love and just order the darn thing! ๐Ÿ™‚


7. Extra-Thick Yoga Mat


This, my friends, is what will save your knees and elbows and wrists and ankles when you’re actually doing yoga. Normally yoga classes are done on a hard floor surface, and I don’t have padding on my knees. I’m always in pain. And it makes the class not worth it. And then I’m just frustrated because that was my designated ‘me-time’ and I didn’t fully enjoy it.

So I discovered there are super thick yoga mats. They range from 1/2″ thickness to 1″ thickness. And I’m telling ya, if you have pain on all those joints when trying to do poses on your knees, this is what you need!

I just put mine under my regular yoga mat and I’m good to go! (Also, when the 4 year old wants to do yoga with Mommy she takes the pretty pink one and I get the thick black one.)


Try out some poses on your hands and knees with your regular yoga mat on a hard surface floor. If you’re dying, go ahead and find one of these 1/2″ to 1″ super thick mats! They’re lifesavers!

What’s your favorite low cost home workout equipment? Let me know in the comments!


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