4 Little Known Ways to Make Money With Your Hobbies

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4 Little known ways to make money with your hobbies.

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Hobbies are perfect for meeting new people, letting off steam, and getting the right balance between work and life. Everyone needs an outlet, and a pastime is the way forward. Some people like to go to the gym and exercise whereas others love to cook and follow new recipes. Your agenda is a little sneakier, though – you want to make money. And make money with hobbies. There is nothing wrong with earning extra on the side. In fact, it’s encouraged because money doesn’t grow on trees. With that in mind, below are four examples of hobbies that can be lucrative.


Get the resignation letters at the ready; you may never need to work again.


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Playing Video Games


PlayStations and Xboxes are synonymous with the modern household. And, it isn’t only kids who love them because adults are addicted too. You can deny it all you want but the idea of whiling away the hours on COD is intoxicating. Well, it can be financially viable also if you attract enough followers on YouTube. Yep, there is a craze where people watch gamers play and laugh at their antics. PewDiePie is just one example of a normal guy who is a millionaire according to Forbes. Once the subscribers jump on the bandwagon, the sponsorship will roll in too.


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Coin Collecting


Of course collecting coins is lucrative; they’re worth money for a start. Okay, well that is true but it isn’t the reason they are a nest egg. Like all currencies, they fluctuate depending on the rate of inflation. If the rate is high then the value of the coins will be low, lower than when you first added it to your collection. Austrian gold is another matter completely. Gold does rise and fall to, yet it tends to keep its value steady historically. The same goes for silver and platinum. The Austrian Mint use all three in their coins, which is why it’s the best investment money-wise.




Writing for a living used to be a special trade, one only the professionals could do. Nowadays, citizen journalists are everywhere and the trend doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon. Regardless of where you fall on the topic, it’s a surefire way to make money. Sure, there are zero guarantees but you can game the system by finding a niche topic and writing with flair. Add in engaging and interactive content and the sponsors will take notice. Think of Nomadic Matt, the traveler who built a website from the ground upward.




It doesn’t get broader than the term crafting. What does it mean? Well, it basically suggests that you make something out of nothing with your hands. Sounds basic, right, and it is to an extent but we do live in the age of thriftiness. Plus, homemade items have a warmth and personality which are hard to replicate. Thanks to eBay (of course) and Etsy, there are plenty of places to advertise and sell units. Which makes crafting an awesome way to make money with hobbies. Craft me a winner!


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Can you use your hobby to make a million dollars? Why not?


What other ways do you know of to make money with hobbies? Let me know in the comments below!


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