4 Fantastic Ways for Making Time for Exercise as a Busy Mom

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4 Fantastic Ways to Squeeze in an Exhilarating Workout Today.

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In the days long ago, ya know–before kids–I, like many of us who dream of times and lands past, used to have all the time in the world to work out. Go to the gym? Heck yeah! Ride my bike for 5 miles? Sure! Go for a run? Why not!

When you’re fit and basically don’t have kids, usually nothing will get in the way of your workouts and making time for exercise. 

However, that all quickly changes once you have a baby. Your newborn–and older kids–demand a lot of time and attention, and it can feel like an act of congress to find even twenty minutes to head out for a run. But even though you now have munchkins that take most of your time and attention, it’s even more important to not give up on your fitness. 

See, part of us finding balance for ourselves is in honing in on our health to make sure we’re feeling awesome. But the other part to that is that when we feel good physically, we’re able to mentally handle things more smoothly. We’re releasing stress, we’re doing something super healthy for our bodies, and also–we’re modeling to our kids that being physical every day is just what you do! The challenge is usually just finding that time or making the time.

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making time for exercise as a busy mom


1.Start In Your Own Home


If you’re really restricted with your time, you may not be able to get to the gym. That shouldn’t matter, though. For example this post has plenty of great workout tips for new moms, and one of those is to utilize what you have in your own home and to buy some other pieces of equipment that allow you to work out in your own home. This is a fantastic way to exercise at home without having to take your eyes off your kids.


Take inventory of what equipment you have at home. Make a list, then Google workouts for that equipment. Bookmark those, and put in times on your calendar to actually do the workouts in small time slots you have when you’re home! Remember–you’re training yourself to either continually quit a habit, or to finally KEEP good habits and commitments to yourself!


2. Get Your Partner To Help


I’m not gonna lie–it’s infinitely easier to work out when you don’t have to worry about entertaining a baby or small kids. (Or really even big kids–My 11 YO seems to be just as needy as the 5 YO lately.) This being said, you’ll probably need to enlist your partner/hubby to help out with the baby or kids. After all, they are the other parent, so it’s only fair that you both share the responsibility! You could even ask your partner to look after the baby for a little longer than usual to give you more chance of escaping for a workout. 


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Plan a time to sit down with your husband/partner and talk about time for him to take over with the kids. It’s honestly a needed mental break for you to be able to work out and focus on yourself without constantly having the responsibility for another human hanging over you.


3. Finding that elusive time


It’s important to understand that 60–or even 30–minutes of exercise doesn’t have to happen all at once every day. If you’re ok with not getting it all done at the same time, there are always ‘pocket’ of time you can use to fit in your workout ‘parts’. Maybe you walk for 20 minutes at lunch, then do a 10-15 minute HIIT workout at home. Whatever the way you want to break it up, it’s still just as effective! Don’t use the excuse, ‘well I don’t have a spare 30-45 minutes (or hour) to work out.’ You can find 10 minute chunks throughout the day to fit in broken up parts!


1-Make a list of time pockets you can think of through your day: ex, while coffee is brewing, while you’re sitting in the car rider line at school, waiting kids at home (basically waiting on ANYTHING!), while watching TV or during commercials, at lunch time, or even brushing teeth! 2-Then figure out which types of exercises you can easily do during those times! 3-And lastly–prep and DO THEM!


4. MAKE time: cut out yet another unneeded ‘to-do’


If you’re truly serious about working out once you’ve set a goal for yourself, you’re gonna have to learn how to MAKE time if you feel like you can’t find it anywhere. Once of the best ways to find more time to work out is to say NO to some other things. I know as a mom it can be super easy to either volunteer for things at school/church/work, or get roped into it by a friend or pushy event coordinator. But one of the best things you can do for yourself is start learning to say NO. Gracefully, but firmly.

1-Look at your calendar and figure out what things can be cut from your schedule. 2-Notify the person necessary and let them know you’ve over-booked yourself. No further explanation is necessary. 3-And from now on–be SUPER picky about who you let have your workout time. Think of it in those terms: Is this thing I’m being asked to volunteer for MORE important than my workout that I do for my health and my holy sanity? (Hint: it’s usually not.)


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