How I Meal Plan at Home with 16+ Food Allergies Between 3 People

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The meal plan service I use to do meal planning with 16+ allergies and cook the same meal for 5 people, in any combination of dietary style.


Meal planning is known to be a super stressful thing for moms on a daily basis. I’ve been through the paper method of meal planning (which I revert back to periodically), and the electronic method (which I use when I feel like I already have enough recipes to suffice). But the meal plan service that I love more than any I’ve tried (and I’ve tried many) is called Real Plans.


The meal planning service I use to meal plan and cook with over 16 food allergies. + get a free health pantry makeover packet


Here’s the thing–this is a big deal. Because there are 3 of us in this household with food allergies. And it’s no easy feat to cook for everybody! Here’s our current list of allergies:

Myself: wheat, dairy, avocado, almonds, oats, moldy cheese, egg

8YO: wheat, dairy, apples, rice, moldy cheese, egg, soy, chocolate

10YO: celiac (so no gluten, period), peanuts, (just now got out of corn allergy)

I’d feel faint just looking at this list knowing I had to cook for everybody, except that Real Plans is the meal plan service that has saved my life.

**AND JUST KNOW–this meal plan service would STILL be saving my life even if we didn’t have food allergies!! The customization in this program is amaze-balls!! Think: picky eaters. Yep.

And I’ve made a video to walk you through setting up an account. It shows how easy it is to navigate, make it personal, and use this service to make your life a million times easier at meal planning time, dinner-time, and shopping time!

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Watch how easy it is to set this up the Real Plans meal plan service and use it for endless opportunities meal planning!



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