How and Why Healthy Moms do a Mid-Year Fitness Goal Review

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Why doing a mid-year fitness goal review (or wellness goal review!) is SO important + how to do it RIGHT!


Hanging out on the patio while the grill is tending our turkey burgers on warm June evenings is one of my most favorite things in the world. Getting a bit of relief from the sweltering sun while the light puffs from grilled meat wafts around and I nurse my chilled cocktail is near perfection.

But that near perfection also means it’s swimsuit season! And you know what that means: A frantic push to get our healthy eating and fitness goals (or weight loss goals?) back on track that we slowly let run awry oh…back in April? And February before that?

No worries, though, Mama! Even when we aren’t keeping our goals going full throttle for consecutive months, it’s super helpful to be able to sit back and re-evaluate. Sometimes my re-evaluations are centered around whether wine in the evenings is a better choice than a vodka cocktail. But I’m always re-evaluating nonetheless! ??

I’d first like to introduce you to my friend, though, called SMART goal setting. If you don’t currently use this method for your goals–whether health goals, wellness goals, fitness goals, weight loss goals, or ANY other area of your life– I highly recommend you do! It’s a surefire way to map out a workable plan to reach those good goals you dream of for yourself. Those goals that YOU DESERVE!

Now you can get on with reviewing your fitness goals and wellness goals, and figure out your obstacles for when and why you got derailed. And then figure out some real solutions to get back on track!

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So something I’d like to point out first though: The most successful people know that EVEN when you think you’re totally on track for your goals, you STILL need to do a periodic goal review! It’s always in your best interest to make sure your targets are still the same, your means are still the same, and your efforts and resources are still the same.

Think it’s no big deal money-wise because you changed jobs and make the same amount (or more?) Not necessarily–you may have more wellness benefits that can help you get to your goal more efficiently if you re-evaluate.

Think you’re doing great with your eating because you’ve been sticking to it like crazy-glue for 6 months straight? What if you’re not getting the right nutrients and your hormones are starting to do weird things?

My point is that even if you think you’re a golden arrow headed to the target with no interruptions, it’s always worth it to do a review!

So here’s your step-by-step plan for doing a mid-year fitness goal review whether you think you’ve fallen off the rails or not!


1.Get Your Stuff Ready


Find all your reviews from the past 6 months, all your Life Wheels from the past 6 months, and your goal lists from the past 6 months. You want to have all this out and ready so you don’t have to stop in the middle to go searching for anything. Put everything in order, by month.

Then, make sure you have a good hour or two to really dive into this uninterrupted. Turn off your phone, close out all windows on your computer (especially email!) if your goals and reviews are on your computer, and make sure your family understands this is YOUR time to work. (Setting a timer to stay focused can be helpful as well.)

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2. Take a Hard Look Back


Go back through all your reviews, etc from the last six months to really understand where you started, and how far you’ve come. Start a list, or use the FREE workbook for your Mid-Year Fitness Goal Review {which you can download by clicking the image below} to jot down all this stuff.

Include how it’s made you feel to get organized, or get your goals really defined, or just simply to complete a task list. So much of goal setting is emotion-based–especially for us working moms! We do this stuff for our family, but also for our own sanity! And many of us need to really see the progress in black and white.



3. Re-evaluate


Determine by your notes and lists if you’re heading in the direction you intended. Did you expect to be this far? Or did you expect to be farther? Maybe something huge came up that’s thrown some things completely off-course. What things did you do that worked? What didn’t work? What do you need to do more of? Less of?

Think about the obstacles you encountered. Were they expected? Did you have a plan in place for them–and if so, did it work? Or do you need to figure out a new plan for those obstacles?

And lastly–what lessons have you learned? Re-evaluate those goal lists and see if you need to keep on your current charted course, or chart a new or different one.


4. Set Your New Intentions


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Now you’re ready to set your new goals and intentions for the second half of the year. Use the SMART Goal Setting Method if you’d like to completely redefine your goals. Otherwise, update your task lists, and your benchmark lists. Get things put in your calendar for the next month. Set up your rewards for those more difficult tasks. Determine any obstacles that may come up. How will you handle them? If you need more help dealing with obstacles, check out this post.


5. Execute


You’ll undoubtedly hear me say frequently that there’s no point setting the goals and doing the planning part if you’re not gonna execute. DOing the work is the most important part of goal-setting. Your review should’ve addressed whether or not you’re really getting your tasks done or not. So this part should stand out more boldly in your mind. If you’ve been on a good track, continue! If not, get going, Mama!! These tasks aren’t gonna do themselves!

So how has your mid-year review gone? Are you happy with yourself? Disappointed? Let me know, I love hearing from you!

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