9 Newborn Essentials Every New Mom Needs

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When it comes to newborns and pregnancy, you can be the most prepared person in the world and still forget something. Growing a baby is such a stressful thing to do that even the simplest of things can slip your mind, especially when it comes to buying newborn essentials for the arrival of your little one.


From diapers to breast pumps, the list of things you need seems like it is ever growing, right?


Well, to help put you at ease we’ve put together a list of 9 things every new mom absolutely needs (even if they were to buy nothing else at all).


newborn essentials



1.A Handy Diaper Caddy



When you’re trying to juggle a newborn, diapers, baby wipes and absolutely everything else – an accident is bound to happen. A diaper caddy, however, helps you organize everything you need into one handy (portable) box that is easy to carry when you’re holding a baby. Not only is it easy to carry, but it means everything stays in one place and is less likely to get lost around the house.



2. A Good Quality Baby Carrier, Stroller, and Car Seat



Okay, this may be three things but in a lot of cases these can all be purchased together, or as a 3-in-1. Carrying your little bundle of joy around with you may be tempting to start, but when it comes to both your health and your baby’s safety it’s much better for them to be in either a baby carrier, stroller, or a car seat.


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To find out more about purchasing a 3-in-1 car seat or to find out which option is best for you, you can visit this handy guide here.



3. A Stock Pile Of Diapers (Of All Sizes)



If you’ve never had kids before then you will probably be surprised by the number of diapers you end up getting through on a daily basis. For this exact reason, you should definitely try and stock up on as many as you can before your bundle of joy arrives – meaning you always have some on hand.


Another great thing to do is to make sure you stock up in a variety of different sizes, as you never know when you’re going to need to start moving up to a bigger size. Once you find a brand you trust, this will be much easier to judge.



4….And Wipes



Whilst we’re on the topic of stocking up, you can never ever ever have enough baby wipes. Even once baby is out of diapers, you’ll still use wipes for years to come for messes at home and on the go. Seriously–can never have too much.



5. A Breast Pump



If you’re going to be breastfeeding then it may be worthwhile to invest in a breast pump to make things that little bit easier. If you’ve never breastfed before (or if you used a surrogate), breastfeeding is definitely not the easy option. Regardless of that, the benefits have been proven and it’s a great way for baby and mom to bond in the early months – whether you use a breast pump or not.

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For more information on surrogacy, you can visit this link here: https://www.conceiveabilities.com/about/surrogacy-egg-donor-locations/egg-donor-denver-colorado



6. A Co-sleeper



During the first few months of your baby being born, having them sleep by your bedside is extremely beneficial. While they can’t sleep in the bed with you, you can purchase a co-sleeper that has only 3 sides and attaches to the side of your bed. This way, they’re at your side but still safely in their own space.


Not only does a co-sleeper give you peace of mind, but it means you’re right there if anything was to happen in the middle of the night.



7. Lots And Lots Of Baby Clothes



If you’re a first-time mom then you will probably be unaware of how many baby clothes you will actually go through. Often, you need several outfits a day and by the time it comes around to wearing them again, they’ve already grown out of them!


As you don’t get much wear out of each outfit, it’s often better to go for the more affordable places so you get much more for your money and can easily stock up.



8.… And Tons Of Muslin Cloths!



Muslin cloths can be used for absolutely anything, and you never know when you may need one! Keeping your house, car and baby bag stocked up with clean Muslin Cloths at all times means you’ll definitely need to stock up.



9. Patience, Patience and More Patience


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Whilst having a baby is the greatest thing you can do, it definitely requires lots and lots of patience.


It’s 100% worth it though.


Are you a new mom? Let us know if we missed anything off the list in the comment section below!


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