How to Use Your Phone Wallpaper as Your Daily To Do List

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It’s no secret that I constantly look for ways to be more efficient. Especially since I can’t focus a lot of the time. This means a lot of lists surround (and threaten to smother) me, and post it notes freaking everywhere. But for a while now I’ve been using a daily and weekly planner (which will be available soon on the Resources page.) That giant paper does me no good, though, if I’m out running errands, picking up kids, etc. I don’t haul it around with me everywhere I go. What I have discovered, though, is that I check my phone’s home screen constantly because I have reminders and notifications buzzing all day long.

Now, I am a big supporter of changing bad habits to good ones, but every once in a while, you have to sort of…structure things around habits that are already there that aren’t necessarily bad. For example, the husband used to nag till blue in the face to the kids about leaving their shoes by the back door. He also loses it if they have to keep going upstairs to get shoes before school. So instead of trying to change the habit (them leaving shoes by the back door–and him making them take them upstairs to their room every day), I bought a shelf and baskets. Each kid gets a basket by the garage door (where we come in the house every day), and by the back door. Problem solved.

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So my newest brilliant idea is filling out the ‘Day Planner’ sheet I’ve created, and snapping a pic of it, then setting it as my ‘lock screen’. That way any time I push the home button, it comes up and I can see everything I need to do today. So it looks like this:

free download using lock screen on phone as to do list and reminders free download using lock screen on phone as to do list and reminders

The first pic is the option where you print the sheet every day, fill it out, and snap a pic of it before setting as your lock screen. The second option is where you just fill in the info on your computer (it’s an editable Word doc), and then zoom out and snap a pic of your computer screen, then set the pic as your lock screen.

Pretty awesome, right??! It’s working great so far, and helps me remember things even when I’m out of the house and on the run! And yes, my appointments are all in my calendar, but every once in a while when I set the appointment, the reminder for it doesn’t get set correctly. (Boooooo!!!)

So here’s what ya do:

1. Get whichever file you’d rather use by clicking the appropriate image below:



2. Either edit in Word (possibly can do this in Google docs, too), or

3. Print it out for each day

4. Fill in info

5. Snap a pic

6. Set as ‘lock screen’


Anybody else tried this? Let me know how it goes for ya in the comments below!!

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